Lil Scrappy Released From Drug Rehab, To Begin Mentoring Teens

posted Monday July 01 ,2013 at 10:53AM CDT | 58 comments

Lil Scrappy Released From Drug Rehab, To Begin Mentoring Teens

UPDATE #2: Lil Jon's former protege Lil Scrappy has kept his system clean of drugs for over 30 days, and now begins community service.

Lil Scrappy confirmed on Wednesday (May 29th) that he is headed to rehab.

After failing a court-ordered drug test a number of weeks ago, the Atlanta rapper addressed his hopes for the experience, and looking at the situation in a positive light.

"It is my hope that my time away from my family and especially my little girl, my daughter, will make me a better man," said Scrappy, according to

The rapper, who stars in "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," was arrested for felony gun and marijuana possession in 2008, and received a three-year probation. He failed the drug test in March, refusing to provide another sample.

Initial reports stated that the urine Scrappy provided was deemed "questionable" because it was "cold to the touch." Scrappy later turned himself in to the police.

(May 29)

UPDATE: Lil Scrappy voluntarily entered an Atlanta-area rehab facility May 30 and the rapper's lawyer says the artist will be there until at least June 16, the date of his next hearing, according to Scrappy's routine while in rehab includes a 6:30 am wake-up, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, no cell phone or laptop usage and a 10 pm curfew. He reportedly will not be allowed to have visitors for the first two weeks of his stay, either. 

Scrappy's attorney also said that the rapper will be assisted by a mentor while in rehab, according to

(June 2)

UPDATE #2: Over the past weekend, reports that Lil Scrappy was released from court-ordered drug rehabilitation, where he has lived since late May. Scrappy's lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis said, "Scrappy has had time to reflect, read, and write. He is now drug and alcohol free," after reporting that the former DTP/Def Jam Records artist was 30-days clean.

The report adds that Scrappy is going to begin mentoring teens next week.

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  • MikeWilson
    When youre struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation seems. Change is possible with the right treatment and support, and by addressing the root cause of your addiction.And this is what little Scrappy did.He realized hat he had to get out of the mess,even if it was for his little daughter.weak moments are always there,where there are chances of cheating or doing wrong deeds but he overcame all that and was able to free himself of drug and alcohol.So you need the grit,the determination and a positive reason to sail through the period of drug rehab.
  • Anonymous
    you stupid
  • Anonymous
    Scrappy needs a hug from Ja Rule.
  • SouthernRapisForKidsandDumbpeople
    Rob, steal, kill, rape, be a total savage...then go to rehab for 30 days and you're ready to be a fuckin' mentor for children. How about making him pick up trash on the side of the road, and leave the child mentoring for people who actually have some fuckin' sense. They send renown writers and doctors to talk to kids in the burbs, they send rappers and crackheads 30 days clean to talk to kids in the hood. "Yo kids...listen up youknowwhatimsayin' shouldnt do drugs and should study yo' arithmetics and all dat shit...I mean..I dropped out of school to sell crack to my own people and now Im a rich superstar dats on da TV...but yall cant be like me cuz'm Lil' Scrappy and you not..youknowwhatimsayin'...before I go I just wanna let yall know that my abum is droppin next month, it's called "Murder, Money, Mollys, and Maybachs"...youknowhatimsayin...peace.
    • Anonymous
      "you don't want no problems" lol
  • xx004
  • Anonymous
    nigga went to rehab for smoking weed for a month and came out looking like the black pillsbury douhboy
    • Higger Nater
      You forgot the G in "doughboy" you illiterate fuck
  • Mr. Mackey
    Drugs are bad mmkay.
  • zzzzs9
  • kalikush
    The pee was cold to the touch?
    • my urine was cold too
      Yeah on the side of the piss containers they have a temperature gauge...if its below like 94 degrees they know that you had someone else piss in a bottle and brought it with u to try and beat the system since if it just came out of your body, it would be right around body temperature...I didn't know that when I was 14 and failed because of it . stupid shit this grown ass nigga shoulda known better
  • watcg2
  • ooo0s4
  • 000z9
  • ooos4
  • oo0sss9
  • 000x9
  • zzzs9
  • Anonymous
    It's sad that this nigga is more now more famous for being a reality star, dating diamond at one point and other shit like this than he is his actual music.
    • Anonymous
      maybe to young dumb peeps.. he was never the cream of the crop, but from 03-07 he was droppin some dope ass shit...
  • ssssx4
  • Bob Saget
    This cat is lame weed aint no real drug! You ever sucked dick for coke???? I used to suck dick for coke and this boy in rehab over some marijuana?
    • Anonymous
      rehab or jail.. he chose rehab.. any halfway smart person would...
    • Art Brooks
      Ha ha, rehab for weed. Yeah, he going to rehab B4 his court date as a preemptive strike.
    • Anonymous
      lol he scared to jail like keef i wonder if he gonna cry in front of the judge??????
  • Anonymous
    Scrappy a mess. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too
  • Anonymous
    I thought Lil Scrappy had "No problems."
    • Anonymous
      He has 99 Problems.
  • Anonymous
    the real king of the south
  • Anonymous
    So what?? He's only relevant to the ratchet hoes that stay sucking VH1's titties.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Fuck Lil Crappy! Another wack mc with no skillz.
  • Anonymous
    free my nigga scrappy
  • Lacy V. Hocking
    I accept that my sister was like actualy earning money part time on their apple labtop.. there aunts neighbour had bean doing this 4 only about 9 months and a short time ago repaid the mortgage on there cottage and purchased a new BMW 5-series. this is where I went,
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule has an addiction to going diamond.
  • JayB
    so if it was "cold to the touch" that means it was a sample they made him do that they collected straight after him dispatching the sample which means he must of had some clean piss on him lol
    • Anonymous
      cold to the touch=sample wasn't his refused follow up=he was dirty you're confusing people, be clear
  • Anonymous
    meth loves the white man
  • Anonymous
    nah he sniff and smoke
  • Yolo
    This nigga a straight lame...
  • Tracy T. Johnson
    what Gloria replied Im amazed that anyone able to make $5865 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site..
  • The Anti-Fiend
    what a junkie...
    • Anonymous
      That's no way to talk about Macklemore.
  • Anonymous
    if a bitch left me for soulja boy i would just end it all right there. gunshot to the dome.
  • blukush
    For weed?
      that shit is foolish, what is the world coming too? that shit aint addictive.
    • Think
      what's foolish is that he allowed any drugs in his system to fuck up his probation.
    • Anonymous
      even dumber he thought cold urine would work hahaha.. not hard to pass drug tests. just have to have a little common sense.