"Freeway" Ricky Ross Willing To Fight Rick Ross For Charity

posted Thursday May 23 ,2013 at 11:40AM CDT | 194 comments

"Freeway" Ricky Ross claims to have also seen Diddy and Rick Ross "kiss one time" in a video he came across.

Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross recently revealed that he’d have absolutely nothing to say if he ever came face-to-face with rapper Rick Ross, an artist he’s feuded with for quite some time, but he did share that he’d be willing to fight the rapper if the proceeds would be donated to charity.

While speaking with Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show, Ricky Ross again expressed his distaste for the Maybach Music Group founder and further commented on his willingness do duke it out for charity.

“And you know what, I would take him too if we do it for charity,” said Ricky Ross. “If he wanted to go down, we go in and we donate all the money to some kids. I’d be willing to do that…Yeah, even though he ‘bout 400 pounds bigger than me. That don’t mean nothing. Cause he look like he ‘bout to have a heart attack anyway.”

“Freeway” Ricky Ross also went on to make quite the claim during his interview as he revealed that he once saw Ross and Diddy kiss in a videotape he watched.

"I saw them kiss one time,” he revealed. “Somebody showed me a video of where they kissed. They was on stage and they hugged and put their lips together. I can only imagine what they do in private. Hopefully those tapes never get out because I know they probably film it!"

The feud between “Freeway” Ricky Ross and Rick Ross reached its peak in 2010 when Ricky Ross filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Miami rapper for the use of his name. The lawsuit was dismissed although another trial is reportedly set for August of this year.

The full interview with Freeway Ricky Ross can be found below.

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Comments 194 Posts

  • Anonymous
    "not everyone can be the ceo of a bunch of bum rappers and dope fiends like ricky rozay" I sense alot of unhealthy sarcasm there.
  • Art Brooks
    That would be the funniest scrap in history: Rick Ross vs. Rick Ross. Either way the Rapper Rick Ross loses though: if he beats up Freeway, then he just beat up some old dude; and if Freeway kicks him in the nuts and kicks his knee cap out and defies physics to win...
  • Anonymous
    "He has a trucking company. He sells clothing. He also has a bunch of rappers signed to his Freeway Music Group label too" That trucking company is making him peanuts. As for that label... Who are these artists and where are their albums?
    • Anonymous
      you gotta start somewhere. not everyone can be the ceo of a bunch of bum rappers and dope fiends like ricky rozay
  • Anonymous
    This just in: I am willing to fight your mom, for charity. Plus, I seen me kiss her one time. Scandalous.
  • Anonymous
    "like what Trayvon did and said before justifies George following and shooting him that night" Unless you were there that night you have no clue what was justified or not. To be clear, what Zimmerman did was irrational, but approaching somebody isn't againsn't the law. Until you realize or accept the part Trayvon played in this situation, you will spend the rest of your pompous life angry at people for reasons you won't be able to explain. None of us can judge either one of them. They made their choices on the spot, and unfortunately Martin can't learn from this. Zimmerman should pay a price, but not because he's some gun toting racist, but because when you shoot somebody, regardless of the reason, you have to accept the time.
  • Anonymous
    "Because you don't understand that people are inspired by entertainment too" Regardless of how someone interprets a movie they watch, it's still just a movie. What they choose to do in REALITY is their call, and has no barring on a fictional piece of work. If anything I think people like to blame entertainment, or cite them as their inspiration simply to avoid the end consequence.
  • Anonymous
    "Freeway Ricky does have convictions, that's why he wants his name back" No. Let's be clear. He wants money. He's tried everything there is to make legit money and it's just not working for him. He sees Rick Ross worth $25 million, and while he amassed alot more money in his heyday, $25 mill is still a big piece of the pie, and it's still growing. If Ricky had access to $25 mill, believe me, he'd tell Rozay to have a nice life. The fact he's hanging around taking shots at him, and constantly speaking his name, tells me, as well as you, that this is about MONEY. Never underestimate the power of greed and opportunity.
    • Anonymous
      "No. Let's be clear. He wants money. He's tried everything there is to make legit money and it's just not working for him." He has a trucking company. He sells clothing. He also has a bunch of rappers signed to his Freeway Music Group label too. Check out M. Pitts
    • james
      Of course its about money. Why do you think that fat ass fake "Rick Ross" took the real Rick Ross's name? FOR PROFIT. Not sure if he deserves money, but fake "Rick Ross" stole someones identity to make his brand and his money. Same with "50 Cent". Stole a criminals identity for his own brand. Rapper "50 Cent" is not the real 50 Cent.
  • Anonymous
    who is this freeway rick ross, some wannabe real rick ross? :D freeway ricky looks like former police officer, but rick ross is real old hustla.. please, do i come to game and change my name "Freeway Eminem" to make headlines
    • Anonymous
      kill yourself dork
    • Anonymous
      None of the shit you just said made sense at all. So keep the hands off the keyboard before I R. Kelly your daughter.
  • Aim80
    Fuck ya, love Freeway Ricky. Fuck that fat fucking fake, wack ass emcee, bitin' ass bitch... he aint shit. Freeway Rick will beat that CO's ASSSS!!! I'd love to see it...
  • Just STOP
    Ross stole the identity of a living man...lmao how low can you go?
    • Anonymous
      then he had dj vlad beat down by his homies for asking him about it, beat up someone for speaking the truth?? pretty low
  • Anonymous
    "dude freeway was wrong and responsible for putting in a lot of 'vice' in miami but he paid over 20 years of his life for it. i still think rick ross is a bitch for not giving the real freeway some check. rapper freeway approached the real freeway asking him 'if he needed anything'you do that out of respect when you borrow someones name and make money off it" ^ but......... you're on a forum sharing this with many that are not of that culture who were taught the code. If they knew of the code because they were from that culture, they would see the difference in 50 Cent going to 50 Cents' family and giving them money for using the name, they would remember the Freeway phone call and commissary exchange, they would see that Nas never used Escobar as a marquee name but just a nickname. The code is how you see the press using Rick Ross and the culture calling him Rozay. And it's funny how people look down on Freeway Ricky destroying hoods, but co-sign someone using the persona and likeness of this very same person who destroyed these hoods.
    • Anonymous
      They are only followers who believe anything the media promotes. They are brainless, spineless people that's why. They are not independent thinkers so they take anything that' giving to them as true. They buy into the propaganda!
    • Anonymous
      The difference is Rick Ross is an entertainer. It's make believe. Freeway Ricky Ross was a real drug lord who ruined millions of lives. If Ricky had any convictions, or learned anything from all this, he would just wish Ross well and move on with his life.
    • Anonymous
      Freeway Ricky does have convictions, that's why he wants his name back, you probably forgot that whole part because you were too busy making up excuses. Still doesn't negate the fact that the life of a real person who did it you hate it because it "ruined millions", but you love it when it's fantasy spewed by a rapper. Because you don't understand that people are inspired by entertainment too. Inventors and scientists were inspired by 'The Jetsons', thieves are inspired by movies like 'The Italian Job', women have been inspired by their soap opera starlets, the WW2 movies were to inspire new recruits, but no one should be inspired by Rozay's lyrics, it's just entertainment. If you cannot see the hypocrisy then you cannot be helped, your programming is too deep. Simple.
    • donnis mac
      You're visible anonymous number 2. The propaganda programming is deep. See the release of information from Zimmerman's lawyers today, like what Trayvon did and said before justifies George following and shooting him that night. But the dad of the 5 year old who bought him a kiddie shotgun is left to mourn and not even questioned as to why he gave a 5 year old a responsibility of owning a loaded shotgun. When 5 year olds are not responsible.
  • DiedreEsposito
    like Lois said I'm blown away that anyone can make $8244 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this web link... up444.com
  • Anonymous
    ok...now this dude is really stretching it.
    • Anonymous
      how you know he stretching it bitch?
  • fiddy
  • Anonymous
    "Ross is definitely the greatest rapper alive." - Big Meech "When it come to lyrics, this nigga go in all the time. Rich gang." - Birdman "When we made songs together, I swear it were some of the best tracks in my career. Free Mason is definitely my best song since American Gangster went out." - Jay-Z "His voice is unforgettable. His delivery is what makes his songs." - Kanye West "He is the new Biggie." - Diddy "I would like collaborate with Rick Ross." - Tupac's last words "The Hottest MC in da Game." - MTV "Tento chalan je velky pan, musis ist s dobou, s amerikou." - Rytmus "Il est le meilleur rappeur vivant." - Booba "Ich mochte mit Rick Ross zusammenarbeiten" - Fler This guy Freeway is straight hypocritical crackhead trying to get into another man's pockets. Fuck him, should I listen to what all these successful and influental people said about William or should I listen to bankrupt drug dealer and no name anonymous people in this comment section? Wake up.
    • Kizman
      LOL, that post was too funny
    • Anonymous
      the only quote on there that is real is diddys and i dont even know if he said it like dat
    • Anonymous
      yea....the so called realest nigga, had to pretend that he wasnt a correctional officer. nothing wrong with that, but he denied....and denied it again, until he fessed up..making him a frontin ass fraud. end of story.
    • Anonymous
      Don't get mad at The Real Rick Ross because he called your favorite fraud rapper a fake and a fag! You must be a faggot yourself! Eat a dick bitch
    • Anonymous
      You lost when you had to list cosigns to validate you listening to a rapper. An adult listens to what music they like, a child waits for guidance to point them in the direction from a parent, teacher, "successful and influental people". You're the one who needs to wake up.
    • p
      LOL@ "successful and influential people" you're lost kid. wake up.
  • gamestwin
    DAMN madd typos this alien og kush got my grammar strung out lol u get my drift though lol
    • Riz
      Hell yea I feel that bro, I been chiefen bubba kush all mornin
  • gamestwin
    staring to this O.G. just shining to shine..free coulda had fat man clipped YEARS AGO..hmmm interesting..west coast stand up.