Eminem Sues Facebook For Their Use Of A Song Thought To Be Produced By Dr. Dre

posted Tuesday May 21 ,2013 at 05:20PM CDT | 91 comments

Eminem Sues Facebook For Their Use Of A Song Thought To Be Produced By Dr. Dre

Eminem and Eight Mile Style LLC are suing Facebook due to what they believe was the social networking site's unlawful use of the Eminem and D12 record "Under The Influence."

The popular social networking site Facebook has been hit with a lawsuit from Eminem and his publishing company Eight Mile Style LLC due to what is believed to be the unlawful use of the Detroit rapper and D12’s collaboration “Under The Influence.”

According to AllHipHop.com, the lawsuit states that Facebook posted a Wieden + Kennedy ad, which promoted their new Facebook Home app and in the ad the music used is believed to be “Under The Influence.” An altered version of the ad was then released, but according to the lawsuit the edit was then taken as Facebook’s acknowledgement of the unapproved use of Eminem and D12’s song.

“The alteration of the Airplane advertisement was an admission that Facebook knew it had infringed on the Eminem/D12 Composition,” states the lawsuit.

Ironically, Eminem’s lawsuit states that Facebook and Wieden + Kennedy’s response to the cease and desist order, which was initially placed, called out Dr. Dre although the mega-producer did not produce or have any involvement with “Under The Influence.”

“Counsel falsely and wrongfully alleged that Andre Young, professionally known as Dr. Dre, composed ‘Under the Influence,’” read the lawsuit. “Yet, a simple Internet search of the Eminem/D12 Composition would have revealed that ‘Under the Influence’ was composed by Marshall Mathers, III, and members of D12, including Denaun Porter, Von Carlisle, Ondre Moore, R. Arthur Johnson, and DeShaun Holton. Dr. Dre likewise did not produce ‘Under the Influence.’”

At this time, Eminem and Eight Mile Style LLC are suing Facebook and the company that created the ad for $150,000 per infringement.

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  • Anonymous
    what a puss bitch who the fuck cares you have enough money as it is have a cry cause facebook used your song...
  • Anonymous
    Eminem so confident in his new music sales he sues facebook.... facebook has all the money in the world good luck!@
  • Anonymous
    eminem just bad because yelawolf flopped and he going broke
  • micheal myers 666
  • KatherineFuller
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  • Money May
    Ughhh wtf with this stupid shit...is this gonna push back his mysterious new album even more?!!? where the fuck is that shit they said this year not even a single or info about a first one yet.
  • Anonymous
    its not eminem its his publishing...eminem aint trolling online seeing who he can sue
  • SMFH
    just get your finger out of your ass AND DROP YOUR NEW ALBUM
  • Drake the best rapper alive
    eminem has to sue people to make himself feel better about the fact that drake took over the crown of rap.
    • NdyD
      Go outside and play kid... keep on dreaming
    • idiot
      lol lol lol lol lol SAY NO TO CRACK BITCH
    • whocaresidont
      I'm not even a fan of Eminem, but the guy sold 32 million in the U.S. in the 2000s. Plus another 5 million or so since then. Drake is a guy signed under another dude under a rapper under another dude under another company, and he's sold about 5 million total off 3 projects over almost 4 years.
    • Hip Hop Fan
      Em has been in the game since 2000. Drake already has the most number 1's in Rap/Hip Hop and he's been in the game for 4 years, I would say that is pretty impressive.
    • ^
      Still don't mean shit.
  • Anonymous
    marshall mathers lp a classic
    • Anonymous
      a real classic
    • willyking
      thank me later was already better let alone take care & nothing was the same
    • Anonymous
      That goes without saying.
    • @willyking
      Good joke.
    • Anonymous
      Encore jus didn't have the caliber to match it. I guess enough time just ain't passed, yet. A couple more years, that shit'll be illmatic
  • Anonymous
    Haha.. suck my mothafuckin' dick D-12.. Dirty mothafuckin' Dozen Nasty like a stank slut bitch with thirty fuckin husbands Bizarre Kid, Swifty McVay, the Kon Artis The Kuniva, Dirty Harry and Slim Shady - eminem ... what to the real em
  • Anonymous
    that song is dopee
  • P
    Fact of the matter is Marshall personally isnt suing fb, his publishing is.....idiots
  • StarFox64
    eminem's label is so fucked up that they gotta sue everybody the could..
    • Anonymous
      It's called intellectual property rights ...Google it and gain some knowledge
    • P
      Hoop another dick.
    • Anonymous
      there label sucks hot lineup shit albums
    • Anonymous
      stat quo better than yelawolf
    ja rule killed ems career.
    • Ja FOOL
      I think you have it all wrong , its the other way around EM along with D-12 ,50 , DMX , and Obie Trice Oh even Busta on that hail mary diss to Ja they shut him down he couldn't even say nothing back
  • Anonymous
    Anyone who sues Facebook is alright in my book - they're just an information farm now as far as I'm concerned.
    • Big D
      Exactly it's just a marketing tool ..They monetize all your information to the highest bidders
  • wouzi
    wtf is wrong with em? all he likes to do is to sue people... he's just like fif
    • DUH
  • GBtha G
    Nice 1 Slim Shadey!!!! sue those facebook muthafuckaz.
    • Anonymous
      his next album could be some next level shit eminem said he wished he never put recovery out
  • Anonymous
    Good fuck facebook
    • GBtha G
      yeah yeah. fuck bitch facebook.very useless.
  • Anonymous
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    • Anonymous
      fo real ?? that would be dope as fuck...album of the year right thre