Kanye West Premieres "Black Skinheads" & "New Slaves" On "SNL"

posted Sunday May 19 ,2013 at 10:00AM CDT | 299 comments

Kanye West Premieres

Kanye West brings new songs "Black Skinheads" and "New Slaves" for his performance on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live."

As the musical guest on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live," Kanye West performed two new songs, "Black Skinheads" and "New Slaves." 

West premiered "Black Skinheads" on "SNL" only hours after debuting "New Slaves" on streets. "New Slaves" was first revealed in a video that was projected on 66 buildings around the globe

The "SNL" performances of both songs can be viewed below, as found on DDOTOMEN

No official word has been made about whether these songs are part of Kanye's next studio album. However, it appears the tracks will be featured on the disc, now thought to be titled Yeezus by several outlets. The album is also scheduled to be released June 18, according to various reports. 

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    it's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends.. ___ we dont want you as a friend lmao.. go on the block find a rapper whos takes his name from a gangster and pretneds hes a big drug dealer when hes not..im sure thats who youd call a friend..a fake nig
  • white v black rappers
    black rappers- pretend to be gangsters, rob their names from real thugs, sell a nice and rap about pushin kilos white rappers- real life issues that influence their everyday life. no made up gangster names, no pretending to be this or that. thats why black ppl r mad--white ppl are better in their own cultural music than they are lmao
    • Anonymous
      ^ no .... this is black people are mad. White people like u!
  • Kizman
    What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex. They're very self righteous and think they're somehow "above" the things a lot of 'black people' choose to rap about. "How dare they talk about the struggles they had to deal with at the hands of white people, how dare they rap from the perspective a person from a white created ghetto, how dare they rap about having a better life after being deprived of anything and everything their whole lives. They should act like hipsters or pick up a dictionary and use big words to impress us. We control this shit and we should dictate what they do, even though they invented and we're just guests" lol That's what you guys sound like to me. White people have forgotten that they're just guests in our house. They have gotten WAAYYYY to bold and comfortable with this shit, look at these comments. They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, or accepting it... They actually think they can control it. They feel entitled to our music, as if it's the natural order of the world for them to take what we have. It's kind of unbelievable to me. It's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends..
    • Anonymous
      You're a racist dick head who claims ignorant comments supposedly made by white people represent the consensus. Go fuck yourself - white guy
      Not all white people are ignorant ass racist asswipes JUST 99.9% of them trolling this site are !
      Kizman ..You white NAUGHTY ,NAUGHTY,NAUGHTY ....Lady's and Gentleman welcome to the competitive sport of race baiting were only the sad and lonely in mom's basement survive
    • Anonymous
      how are we guest in oyur house ? Also would your fucking country of the USA be so rich if you dididn't invade Iraq and stole all the oil from Mexcio ? Fucking american nigger, weather you are black or white ever been to WSHH.com and see how many black people write cracker or honkey ?
    • thats funny
      coming from a race that always talk shit about every other race. go check out scarface interview. go check killer mike comments
    • thats funny
      whites run rap now..just accept that white people make realer music than black ppl..its the first step
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  • lildog
    Top 5 Rappers all time 1. Ja Rule 2. Ja Rule 3. Ja Rule 4. Ja Rule 5. MF DOOM
  • blitzlegga
    once again kanye is about to shatter all the boundaries around this thing that we call hip hop and send niggaz back to the lab to catch up with his shit. kanye is light years ahead of the game . i think he may be hip hop's musical genius.....
    • hiphop360
      i agree kid
  • Mike
    I'll admit, Kanye is a creative artist. But I will NEVER buy this cry baby's album. I predict this album to flop hence the lack of publicity. This clown is old news.
    • Nakedape20
      Yeah, remind me the last time Kanye's album flopped?
    • Rozay
      808's was a flop
    • Anonymous
      you white i can tell....
    • Noah
      last album of kanye's that had little publicity was Watch the Throne. If I, or anyone, considered Watch the Throne a flop they'd be thought of as complete idiots.
  • Anonymous
    ja rule invented water
    • me
  • Anonymous
    ja rule has already been to mars
  • Anonymous
    ja rule dont sleep he waits
  • Anonymous
    obviously kanyes a closet homo
  • Kizman
    too much spam on this website, i guess i gotta head off to Allhiphop and XXL
  • Imhotep
    All of the people posting under "anonymous" are nothing but cowardly trolls who are either hired or contracted to troll any website that promotes black empowerment. They are angry that Europeans are loosing their power all around the world and that Africans are learning their true history as the architects of civilization and the original man. Your hatred and ignorance will be the death of you. Leave Hip Hop alone...we got this.....
    • Anonymous
      we're "loosing" power all over the world eh? Maybe the first humans did originate from Africa but that doesn't change the fact that they MOVED from there and EVOLVED. "leave hip hop alone", tell that to the white dude who's the current King of rap. You're inferiority complex is shining bright.
    • Anonymous
      and you're fading entitlement is blatant...the days of you walking in the door with a suit, a smile, & all of the solutions are over...we've experienced the incompetence of that...we have degrees and assets too...businesses...associates and affiliations... fyi...your "king" owes his career to two original men...Dre & Proof...your greed & arrogance is your downfall...it has been written in stones...gospels...testaments...scrolls...texts...the chickens are home to roost...
    • Imhotep
      Yes you are. Europe is in shambles. America is in shambles. Your New World Order is falling apart... Evolved? LMAO. Into what? Psychopaths, mass murderers, conquerors, pedophiles? King of rap? LMAO. There is no "King" of rap. That is a european concept. Hip Hop is a community, we have elders who reflect the people and the culture of hip hop. Inferiority complex? U mean like all the white bigoted ignorant anonymous posters who troll hip hop sites? Ne.
    • Truth
      Yeah and Africa is in much better condition then Europe and America right? You talking about NWO now? Shit then they just succeeded at getting Puppet Obama in to office again.. LOL, We evolved in to the people you try to imitate (see kanye west), All the greatest inventors, musicians, leaders, civilizations and much more have mostly been white. You think a black person invented the technology you're using right now to voice your impotent thoughts? Blacks to this very day are chopping each others limbs off, raping one another, spreading disease like no other place on earth can imagine and not to mention are the ones who originally sold their own kind as slaves to begin with and you have the nerve to say that about white people? Dumb. And how is Em not the king of rap? He would clown the shit out of pretty much all of them including this joke of a rapper. His only competition in terms of sales are Jay and Pac. And no he doesn't "owes his career to Dre and Proof", he owes his career to his undeniable talent which is what got him signed in the first place. Em's album this year will again blow Kanyes, or any others like him, out of the water. Just watch. "your greed & arrogance is your downfall".. Ha.. if that were even true, at least White people know when to be arrogant. Look at 99% of rap videos and songs made by black rappers.. materialistic, arrogant and delusional, not even in a position to be arrogant and they try, Kanye being the PERFECT example.. "I Am god" - dedicated to Kim Kardashian. LOLOL!! Inferiority complex like you black dudes hating on black chicks and only feeling successful if you can find a overweight, unwanted and sloppy white War Pig to be your girl. Yeah.
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    • Anonymous
      so black americans think you're gonna be perfectly fine, no harm will come to you and only caucasian Americans are in trouble when Russia, China, South Africa and India become economically more powerful? Think you guys might be in for a rude awakening
    • Anonymous
      LOLZ @ Truth...You have provided a very weak argument full of racial slurs and hatred . Prove your superior intelligence in conclusion you are saying Puppet president . Obama-Mixed race i.e half white half black is a puppet tell us something we don't know all ready . He is a puppet just like Bush before him when haven't american presidents been puppets to large corporations and special interest groups! Eminem would probably not have made it to the pinnacle he did without the heavy weight backing/help of Dre, and without proof it would have been difficult for a white guy undeniable talent or not, to have broken into the hip hop culture at the time he did mid 90s . White people have enslaved their own people read the history books ..Irish slaves is but one example . You act like it's only black people who have done evil things too people of the same skin colour . In the 30s their was a white European in Germany called Hitler who killed millions of women and children due to some twisted ideology In the early 1990s, in the Balkans millions were killed buy their fellow eastern Europeans . I agree in regards to dumb black people lusting after material bullshit in their music videos but let's not forget those leased cars,chains,girls/models are tax right off's . But let's not forget it's the record labels who dictate what kind of video or agenda is pushed to the non think public And isn't that what Kanye West is saying ? Anyway your argument is clearly just built on hatred,anger and racial stereotypes
    • Anonymous
      Nope black Americans will feel the effects of a shifting economic landscape as well . However the people who will feel the effects the most to their psyche, are those white people who believe they have made it, just because they were born white no matter their ability's or what they have to offer society in general " YOU KNOW THE GUY'S I'M TALKING ABOUT" .
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  • Anonymous
    I don't listen to his music so can someone explain the title "black skinheads" is it supposed to address black people who are known to bald prematurely or something?
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    kanye a weirdo
  • Anonymous
    so having brown skin means your white now? That hoe Kim K is NOT white ya retards.. Wouldnt be suprised if she popped out a white baby though
  • BKNY Kid
    Both songs suck. Sounds like an extension of this nigga's rants over mediocre to below-average beats to me.
      You make a good poinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...YOU STILL THERE DWEEB...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • G-funny
    thought i could check the comments to read what other people thought of it. what a mistake that was.
  • Honestly
    Holy smokes. If kanye is gonna pull the race card he's gonna do it big. Nobody cares he's dating a white chick (see: amber rose) they only care he's dating the media created/supported white chick Kardashian.....He's such a drama queen.
    • Al
      The secret truth about K.K is that she is half white and mother is Middle Eastern/Persian!
  • Disgruntled Negro
    this man will not stand behind any of the words he saying over these stolen musical ideas. accountability folks
    • Anonymous
      Come on disgruntled white man ...even your favourite white rapper Mr Marshall Mathers has used samples in a number of his rap songs ... O I get it if we label it stolen then we can play to the racial stereotype that all brown/black people are thieves YAWN !!!