50 Cent Explains "Mistake" With G-Unit & Discusses Animated Show On FOX

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50 Cent Explains

50 Cent says he helped G-Unit gain more popularity than D-12 and St. Lunatics. He also claims he helped them with their projects and that they weren't always grateful for the assistance. Furthermore, 50 explains how his animated series on FOX came to be.

While reflecting on his past, 50 Cent recently spoke about his experiences with G-Unit. In the process, he explained a bit more about his animated series on FOX. 

Regarding his new series, 50 Cent said the show came to be as a result of his recent book about bullying. 

"A lot of the times, my childhood experiences help me with projects that I create now," 50 told HardknockTV. "Like, I created 'Playground.' It was a book based on bullying. My son was was telling me a story about something someone next to him was experiencing at school. I found myself explaining it from a perspective where I realized I was the bully. I was like, 'Damn. How you gonna teach him and you're tellin' him...' So,  I wanted to create a book where I made the audience like the bully before I made them realize that his own actions was comin' from something internal that had nothing to do with those situations...That book was a successful book. And now it has been picked up to become an animated television show on FOX. So, you'll see it soon." 

During the interview, Fif also expressed his take on what went wrong with G-Unit. 

"A lot of people here may not know every member of D-12 by name or every member of the St. Lunatics," he continued. "But chances are, they recognize who was a part of G-Unit. It's because I was so conscious of the people around me that, after the first record took off - and Interscope Records really didn't want - Why do you want a G-Unit record when you can have a 50 Cent record when that one is the largest debuting Hip Hop album? You want another 50 Cent record. So I was adamant about positioning them properly because those crews, D-12 and St. Lunatics, had people that spearheaded them like Eminem and Nelly that had so much success, those projects would take two years before they would finish. They would come out and be such a huge success that they're traveling and touring with so much going on that their crew would be there and they would turn into those guys that are just in the background...I didn't want that to happen so I made the G-Unit project at that point and it offered them different things." 

"[I got] to the point where I was writing the music," 50 added. "Helping them with their albums, putting the right choruses and production around them so they could make the album right. I think that there are certain things you do where you enable people and they feel like you are supposed to do that. This is how we do it, versus they appreciate you actually doing it. So, I made that mistake also."

More from the interview can be viewed below. 

In 2011, 50 spoke on his book, Playground. The emcee then shared similar sentiments. "Because my son is 15 years old, right now, it's a relevant issue for me." he said. "I had more experiences where I was part of the problem. To now have an adult's [perspective], I can [look back] and say 'that's wrong.'"

50 Cent's relationship with G-Unit has gone through ups and down. The group released their debut album, Beg for Mercy, in 2003. Since then, they have only released one other full length album, 2008's Terminate On Sight. The group later disbanded over a series of issues. Among these issues, 50 once said he "disabled" some of the group members. He also shared that communication was lost between him and Lloyd Banks. Also, a feud boiled between 50 and former member Young Buck. Similarly, 50 and former G-Unit member Game have been at odds for years. Beyond this, there have been times where Fif has been open to reuniting with members of the original squad. But there have also been times where he's said a reunion would be unlikely

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      just like Ross LOL
  • Anonymous
    Unless you were by Ross's side for those years in between getting a deal you have no clue what he did or didn't do.
    • Anonymous
      his baby momma exposed his ass he was being supported by his rich mother
  • Anonymous
    "So what? Do you think it would have been better if he was dead? Point is 50 got dealt with, yet in song talks all this nonsense about what he's gonna do to Ja Rule. If 50 tried that in 2013, his credibility would have taken a hit like Ross's has.
    • Anonymous
      LOL no ones credibility will ever compare to the non existent cred that Rick Ross never had to lose in the first place
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  • Anonymous
    50 Cent is nothing but a genius. Learn from him.
    • Anonymous
      Learn how to make millions without being relevant.
  • Diddy
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    people are quick to call 50 irrelevant but still look at and comment on every post. people hate to see someone winning consistently, he doesn't even need to rap with all his other business ventures.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Swiftyy,proof,kuniva >>> anyone in g unit. Ever. All are also ten times as real as fifty.
    • Solomon Grundy
      That wasn't the point. He was saying about how famous he made them. My friends that listen to mainly pop music know who Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck are but couldn't name the D12 members.
  • I'm At Work And Bored
    Man... I miss G-unit. Return of The Body Snatchers and T.O.S. is my sh*t
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  • Anonymous
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  • Jason
    I'm gone ask you low lifes one question how can a dude sitting on hundreds of millions lose and all the so called people you say are responsible for it are struggling? Let me remind some of these lames of the facts. Ja rule: Just recently was released from prison for gun possesion/tax evasion that he couldn't pay off and might I add he hasn't released an album since like 2005 no tours or anything fact!! Officer ricky:Scared straight by the GD's,had to cancel a whole tour because he was spooked, just lost an endorsement deal with reebok, and gets no respect from the real Rick Ross or any of the other OG's fact!! Game:every chance he gets he's begging 50 and g-unit for a reunion saying how sorry he is, his label BWS never got off the ground and now he's on his way to being under another label probably ymcb,or mmg as just another artist fact!! Meanwhile 50 has ownership of all his companies that are doing big things and is still raking in over 100 million a year fact!! Now you tell me who won I'll wait..
    • kuku
      who cares dude. fact is they're all rich, and as a black man i'm very proud of them. But it really doesn't matter sir
    • Nick T
      LOL, Jason is a GROUPIE!! counting another mans money, how does 50 having money make him a good rapper?
    • Anonymous
      He has stakes in these companies, retard. He doesn't own them. People lose endorsement deals all the time. Ross still got paid, and will get another album out before 50's Street Slop ever sees the light of day. Plus, I wouldn't feel bad about Game. He's making reality TV money, and has released two recent albums. What has Curtis done? Oh that's right, that flop STV flick with Forest Whitaker lol
  • YEBO
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    • Anonymous
      been hearing this for years but never seen any proof. truth is 50 is only of the only real niggas left in the rap game
  • 50 cent aka THE SNITCH
    Fif been beat up, stabbed, shot up, sold out Prime and snitched on Chris and Irv. He has yet to have done anything to anybody outside of make diss tracks but he his the realist nigga out... sorry but I can't buy that. I respect his hustle but the path he chose to get where he is deserves no respect. Yea he has a gazillion dollars and gained enough power to shut people out of the music industry. People should at least admit he got smashed on the streets. Again... who has he shot or stabbed???
    • Anonymous
      Exactly. Even if Ja Rule never does another thing at least he can say he dealt with 50 and won. 50 got smacked up, had a collapsed lung, then got popped 9 times.
    • Anonymous
      at the end of the day the nigga with the most money and toys wins
    • Anonymous
      how did 50 snitch on Chris and Irv? 50 worked with Supreme moron not Murder Inc. Unless u know something we didnt know
    • 50 cent aka THE SNITCH
      Ghetto quran-> 50 admits to being a SNITCH
    • Anonymous
      that song goes harder than any ja rule song ever released and everything he said in that song was public knowledge.
  • Dentaldamboy
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    • Ugi
      So what? Do you think it would have been better if he was dead?