50 Cent Uses Nas' "I Gave You Power" To Address Evolution In Hip Hop

posted Monday May 13 ,2013 at 11:40AM CDT | 110 comments

50 Cent Uses Nas'

50 Cent credits Nas as being "one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop," says "The Baltimore Love Thing" was his favorite record on "The Massacre."

In the second part of SXSW’s candid interview series with 50 Cent, the Jamaica, Queens lyricist touched on evolution in Hip Hop and spoke on the genre recycling itself every few years or so.

Fifty referenced one song in particular as he spoke on the evolution of Hip Hop and how various elements of the genre can be used in different ways. The song he used to prove his point was Nas’ heavily metaphorical, It Was Written record “I Gave You Power.”

“I think music recycles itself like fashion,” 50 Cent revealed. “So, a lot of the content, the things that we’re utilizing has been done in a different fashion. I’ll try and give an example. I think it was It Was Written, Nas’ second album, he had a song where he was the gun. And it was one of those things that had a strong impression on Hip Hop culture at that point because it was a song that was like ‘wow.’ It had good metaphors, it was strong, and it gave you a visual. And he’s one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop music culture.”

The G-Unit rapper even brought up a personal favorite, The Massacre’s “The Baltimore Love Thing,” when speaking on the use of metaphors in Hip Hop and how the technique is a heavily recycled one.

“My favorite song on the record was ‘The Baltimore Love Thing.’ And it was a metaphor and an actual song where I used a relationship between an addict, a female addict and the drug heroine…Because she keeps listening to people saying ‘You should change your life’ or ‘Get yourself together,’ it drags her deeper into addiction. And it’s one of my favorite records because of the depth to the story itself,” said 50 Cent.

The full interview with 50 Cent can be found below.

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  • Rozay
    50 a bitch, everyone knows maybach 4 lyfe its bawse
  • tha1fromthapinez
    You think Curtis still has nightmares about getting stabbed by Irv and his crew? Or maybe he just has nightmares about people seeing that restraining order?
    • Anonymous
      that was a scratch. like 3 stitches he didnt even go to the hospital for 3 days and that was cause his baby momma thought it was gonna get infected
    • Anonymous
      He made a song about it, so I'd say he was scared shitless.
  • Anonymous
    what is nas net worth? after all these years in the game and 50 far richer then he is its a wrap nas go join the bitter old ass rappers club
    • Anonymous
      You should join the retards who counts another man's money while not knowing shit club.
  • joez
    50 a snitch nigga!!
    • Anonymous
      show me the paperwork dawg. yall been screaming snitch for years but no one got any evidence
    • Anonymous
      fuck evidence the person he snitched on never came forward if somebody snitched on me I wouldn't be quiet about it
  • Anonymous
    When niggas hate on anotha nigga that made it out and continues to be successful. Ya'll niggas need a new job! I'm that cat by the bar toasting to the good life You that fagot ass nigga trying to pull me back right? -50Cent
  • Anonymous
    If only 50 worked with the greats like Nas,Kanye,Jada,etc. and challenged his rhymin skills. How relevant he'd be in the game today .Its sad how he compliments dudes he dissed. Stick to your guns "f*** the world" man.
    • Anonymous
      true needs to work with nas again
  • fuck 50
    flop since 2005 i've said it a thousand time
  • flower power
    50 is just mad that he can't rap like Nas. All 50 ever does on wax these days is just talk about how much money he has, how he's able to kill you, and how great he is at sex. BORING! He's still talking about GRODT like it's some classic record (it's not). This idiot just needs to move on and leave rap alone. Why do you think Jimmy won't release his new album? It's gonna be just like his last 4; same old dated topics, same old dated beats, same old dated flow and delivery. Ironically, Nas said it best. He gets rich but dies rhyming.
    • Bobby
      "GRODT" not Classic? Okay. Regroup, please.
  • pope jp
    nas wa alwayas better than you 50 u finished in the hiphop game u lil bitch jumping on collabs with bigger n better rappers trying to get bk in the game,
  • Lil Wayne
    Next week imma drop some new fire on y'all a surprise mixtape!!! Imma bout to shoot a video for"Shake that azz like a seizure" featuring Tevin Campbell,Drake,Adam Lambert,and Mystikal.....fire!!!Produced by Rupaul&Elton John.....fire YMCMB BABAAAAY!!!!
  • Lil Wayne
    Ouch daddy stop it!!! Oh you'll give me 5 mill to kiss you?Heeeeey daddy spank me!!!
  • Lil Wayne
    Since when have gorillas been allowed to make music?My daddy told me that 50 Cent has less money than him so it makes him not a real man.My daddy kisses me and buys me jewelery....my daddy taught me to skate.My daddy popped my butt cherry and my daddy has 300 million dollars.My daddy is a better rapper than Nas because he has more money.My daddy knows talent,my daddy my daddy!!! Smooches!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Your weird son ..I feel troubled after reading that rant
  • Anonymous
    nas & 50!
  • badumdum
    Only in hip hop are there fans who mock the success of people who accomplished things they would give their left nut to experience a fraction of. Whether it's 50 Cent or lesser known rappers who managed to carve out a source of income for themselves in the rap game, hip hop fans ask yourself, who would pay money to see you?
  • Trevor
    50-Cent is garbage but white people seem to worship him, it must be the Emenim connection. No rapper has fell off as hard as this clown from a musical standpoint except maybe Shyne who can't even make a mixtape song. Well at least Dr Dre, Emenim, & Jimmy Iovine got rich off of their monkey.
    • Anonymous
      Emenim.. Eminem's cousin?
    • DJ Adolf Duke
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  • mar500
    trends come from current artists and producers. right now its mike will producing all the singles. next year it will be someone else
  • SDK
  • jus10
    I agree Fif' That was the best song on The Massacre, Position of Power was close with that classy sound.
    http://www.no-buzz.net/2013/05/13/jon-connor-feat-talib-kweli-rise-up/ Jon connor feat. Talib Kweli - Rise up STEP UR BARS UP
  • Anonymous
    its 2013 and its all about the lyrics now new era of authentic rap is coming fuck that lil wayne auto tune sound fuck waka flocka type beats real rap revolution
    50's career is OVER! He's a bitch. My nigga Game destroyed this faggot and he's still tryin to come back! Nigga don't nobody wants to hear ur wack ass music so fall the fuck back 50! Ur career is officially over, you fucking faggot! You bitch ass nigga! FUCK YOU!! GGGGGGG-UNOT!!!
  • Dentaldamboy
    Fif been beat up, stabbed, shot up, sold out Prime and snitched on Chris and Irv. He has yet to have done anything to anybody outside of make diss tracks but he his the realist nigga out... sorry but I can't buy that. I respect his hustle but the path he chose to get where he is deserves no respect. Yea he has a gazillion dollars and gained enough power to shut people out of the music industry. People should at least admit he got smashed on the streets. Again... who has he shot or stabbed??
    • dentaldamboyshouldkillhimselfimmediately
      50 is a lot of things to a lot of people. But he damn sure doesn't have any daddy issues, self inflicted gun shot wounds, or picture evidence of him kissing other grown ass men unlike your idols Lil Wang and 65 year old world's oldest/fakest gangbanger Baby aka Turdman.
    • Anonymous
      you want him to admit to crimes he has committed LOL
    • Drake
      I'll stab you in the poophole with my massive Hebe-rod.Quit acting like you know us hoe!!YMCMB would never support you,you are what we call a "booty groupie" dudes that lick our asses when are on tour.Go get a real life you pre-op shemale.
  • Kizman
    name ONE song 50 has dropped in the last 9 yrs that can beat Life's On The Line (his best song) Just goes to show how much he has fallen off "I can't go commercial, they love me in the streets" - 50
  • Na$ty
    Street Disciple>>>>>>>Illmatic
  • Anonymous
    You idiots slay me. Who goes platinum nowadays besides Eminem, or Jay? Ross isn't breaking records with his sales, but in an age where so called fans steal everything anyway, he's quietly remained consistent. That may not be flashy, but he's obviously doing something right or else he would have been dropped years ago.
    • Anonymous
      Hop off his dick.
  • Nostradamus
    I think we can all agree that Nas is amazing. Every rapper in the game is influenced by him and his contribution to hip-hop
    • Anonymous
      I think we can all agree you need serious help.
  • Anonymous
    Why is it only rap fans pay attention to album sales, the only genre, I dont give a shit if an album sells 20k or 750k if its hot its hot
    • James
      Thank youuuuuu