Killer Mike Says "New White Rappers" Brought "Self-Pity" To Hip Hop

posted Thursday May 09 ,2013 at 08:00PM CDT | 346 comments

Killer Mike Says

Killer Mike also explains why he has equal love and respect for Talib Kweli, Gunplay, Trinidad Jame$ and Ol' Dirty Bastard.

While speaking about White rappers and emotion in Hip Hop, Killer Mike explained his take on the subject. Mike explained that he feels "White people brought self-pity" to the genre. 

During an interview with The Combat Jack Show, Mike sat with El-P as the duo, Run The Jewels, and he explained his stance when asked about "White rappers tending to be more honest about their angst and their shortcomings." Mike disagreed and later explained why.  

"I think what White people brought was self-pity," he shared. "Not you in that [talking to El-P] but a lot of the new White rappers just brought that. I'm sorry. It's no disrespect. Complaining about a parent and shit is cool but I'm from a community where mothafuckas lost both of their parents to crack. Mothafuckas didn't even know their... Like, my grandmother raised me. I never knew my mom and dad. So I feel that. And I think that, as a Black audience, we appreciated it because it was something different but that don't make you more in touch with your feelings than me." 

He went on to add that suffering does not make one special. 

"I'm not saying that experience isn't worthy. I'm not saying it isn't valuable. I'm just saying that it's not special because every human being experiences love, pain and letdown. Your thing is no more special. A lot of times, as Americans and in this country, we feel like our suffering makes us special. You're special because you're a human being. How you deal with your suffering can make you extraordinary. Are you going to use it for self-pity or are you going to use it to help others?" 

He went on to add that he respects every emcee who stands behind any microphone. 

"I love and respect Gunplay as much as I love and respect Talib Kweli. I love and respect Trinidad James the same way I loved and respected [Ol' Dirty Bastard]. [That's] because, for me, any artist, when you get on stage, no matter how many clothes you get on, when you get on stage and you got that mic, are butt-fucking-naked." 

More from this, the third part of the Run The Jewels interview, can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous
    white artist do that allot especially Eminem... i dunno if he counts as white but, i hope logic can show more swag than this new em that we've been seeing...machine gun kelly is a live wire
  • Your Mom's Mom
    What is up with all this whining lately about white artists? Seriously though, hip-hop and more specifically rap has had plenty of whining and self pity far before any white person was truly prominent. If we really want to address something in the hip-hop culture; it should be all this Bull**** music that is being put out. This is independent of color and is what is killing the art. Finally, I find it very interesting that Mike is willing to take money from the vary artists he is complaining about to feature on their albums. KM comes off as whiny himself, and quite the hypocrite.
  • Anon
    Hip Hop would be dead without white people. I hate the teeny bopping suburban kids as much as the rest of you but, how do you think you can afford that royce?? Whos buyin the shit?? Or who WAS buyin it?? White whiney kids with daddys money. Now you got rich. And now you're complaining about the very people who made you rich.
    • thewhat
      Hip-hop would be dead without white people. Thank you white saviors!
  • Anon
    Which white rappers are complaining about their parents?? Its cool to complain about not having parents?? But when you start complaining about how they treat you, and you're white, then its a big deal??
  • Anonymous
    Hip Hop is a business, thus whoever demonstrates the most skill will be put out there. Doesn't matter what their skin color is. It's about talent, not stereotypes.
  • gavin
    As a white person (thats actually older 13) , I just wanna thank everyone in this comment section for making all white people look like crying stupid fucks who just wanna complain when a black rappers has something not completely nice to say about white rappers. He's telling the fuckin truth get over it, at least he was being polite about it. What he SHOULD have said is "white rappers are fuckin WHINEY and their fans are even whinier". I mean, Jesus christ every time i listen to a Atmosphere song i just wanna be like "someone get this guy a box of kleenex"
    • shut up
      your black ..fuck off you aint foolin noone
    • shut up
      ps tellin the truth? ask kid cudi n kayne if thats true. alot of black rappers had pity lyrics before being a rapper whose white was even u clearly dont know much about hiphop anyways. if anything ur the one makin white ppl look like bitchs who just sit there n let black ppl or any race say w.e they want about him.. but again your prob a black boy behnid the screen acting white. (lil wayne?)
    • ritzbitz
      Tupac's "dear Momma" is that not self pity? Tupac was all about talking about his pain and sharing it with others who might have the same issues. Hip hop can be poetry, if you talk about real things like pain, emotions, and love/love lost. Music should tell a story, uplift a person or a community. Listen to Pac, big, Kendrick, Logic, Em if you want real artistry of expression. Better than chief keef or weezy.
  • That Uncut Raw
    That self-pity bullshit is the reason I was NOT feeling Kid Cudi's debut (and stopped listening to him after that); nobody wants to hear about how your dad wasn't home or how you didn't have friends. That makes you special? That makes you "dark"? Ok.
  • killah_casp
    hilarious says white people bought nothing special to the rap game through lyrics then says he respects trinidad james who has lyrics so awful it sounds like a toddler wrote then bs interview absoloute shit
    • gavin
      Your a fuckin retard. You probablly listen to Eminem nonstop
    • no
      your a fuckin retard ^ defending trinidad james? off yourself
  • Andr
    I'm not calling a rascist card because Mike isn't being racist, but if some white rapper said 'black guys brought drugs into the rap game' he'd be slaughtered by every honest black man and every hood rat in the country
  • tigrr82
    bullshit there was self pity in rap before white people came in
  • Strobe iw
    And you benifit from the bullshit racist system you ancestors created
  • Anonymous
    there are some dope white hip hop artists but ever since asher roth, there have been nothing but token white rapppers introduced by the industry every year (action bronson, yelawolf, rittz) but they all don't have that hip hop vibe, more like crazy white guy who just so happens to like hip hop makes music lol but el p is the man, edan, aesop rock, slug, evidence these cats got real talent, fuck color!!
    MY POINT: being that. you got all these people complaining about white people ruining the culture of being real. LOL then u got these fake bloods like weezy, fake drug kingpins who were really C.Os.. and ppl wanna jump on white people bec we actually rap about what happens in our lives and not what u see on the wire.. fuck out here.
  • Anonymous
    The white race is the most violent race on this planet
  • splffst4rr
    And you guys think white people are the most racist? All black people do is complain about white people.
    • Anonymous
      slavery,native American genocide>>>>>>complaining
    • lol
      2013 >>>>>>>>>>>> 1940
    • Anonymous
      lets not go the spliff.
    • Anonymous
      lets not go there spliff.
    • lol
      go where though? i mean you personally never had to get whipped or clean up a house bec u were a slave, you never came her on a slave ship, you never went thru half of the probles ur great great grandmotehres/fathers did you walk aroud with you iphones, jewelery, beats headphones, able to do w.e you want in america. school, job ect ect now tell me your ancestors wouldnt be fuckin ashamed
    • lol
      let me rephrase you never went through ANYTHING your ancestors did lolll you get frisked by cops and call racism for years.. thats your 'racism' you deal with..not real racism.. fucks
    • gavin
      Notice how no one in this comment section or on the video ever said "white people are the most racist" You racist fuckin idiot. thanks for making every white person ever look bad. way to break down those racial barriers, moron
    • lol
      man, sit your ass down n shut the fuck up
  • hollween the 14th
  • Anonymous
    So full of himself
    • Anonymous
      full of food the fat fuck
  • Anonymous
    killer mike, thank you good are one of my favorite rappers, cant wait til r.a.p. music 2 is out..thanks myne
  • Greatest Rapper Never
    Killa Mike is a Blacker; a black dude who wishes he was a white skinned cracker.
  • Anonymous
    " I never knew my mom and dad. So I feel that. And I think that, as a Black audience, we appreciated it because..." Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... :'( I'm sorry your parents sucked or were dead. Not all black people had that story.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ FAGGOT ^^^
  • Anon
    The only differences between white people and black people is cultural... Music, especially hip hop, is about drawing on real life experiences.. There are plenty of white rappers who rap just like black rappers, rapping about the same shit but no one wants to hear that. Then its, "Oh look at these white boys trying to be black, trying rap like them cats." Both sides lose when you try and generalize a whole behavior to a group of peoples skin color. We all know about Carelton. And we all know theres some hood ass white dudes. And quite honestly, Killer Mikes statements are extremely vague, no specifics whatsoever. He just seems salty.
    • Anonymous
      dry? this guy just dropped one of the top 5 albums of the year in 2012, just finished a tour that spanned at least 9 different countries, and is about to release another say his life is anything but dry