Trinidad James: "I'm Used To Winning"

posted Wednesday May 08 ,2013 at 02:45PM CDT | 27 comments

Trinidad James:

The "All Gold Everything" rapper says he likes gold because "it's a first-place mentality."

Trinidad James has more precious metal to add to his stash. The Gold Gang leader's "All Gold Everything" single was just certified gold

But gold is more than jewelry or a certification to Trinidad James. It represents something bigger. "It's a first-place mentality," he said in an interview with HIPHOPSINCE1987TV. "A gold medal just means first place. Gold to me just means first place."

The Atlanta-based rapper says that even though he's new to rapping (he just started rapping in November 2011) and even though "All Gold Everything" was different than most songs, he had a reason to belive he'd be a successful artist. "I'm used to winning," he said in the video clip, which was conducted in Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. "I'm used to doing things that I do well. Music was something new for me, but I did it the right way in my eyes. It might not be the way that people usually do it.

"It's about believing in yourself, man," he also added. "It's about waking up with a first-place mentality, even losing with a first-place mentality. That's what Gold Gang is all about."

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Comments 27 Posts

  • killah_casp
    trash ass rapper gimmick shit doesnt deserve to go gold how the fuck can anyone relate to these shitty lyrics i could freestyle better than trinidad james whole album this dude is wack and if you support this shit ur either straight up stupid or still in school
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    Another rapper letting one success go to his head. The rest of his music is trash and he's gonna start losing a whole lot if he doesn't put out something better.
  • IMhO
    hope he dont mind wearin copper soon bec he wont spawn another hit like AGE its over for this simple simon
  • IMhO
    ontop of that i think his album went like quadruple plastic
  • Roots
    You should be used to being a slave azz monkey shining baffoon.
  • bevis n butt head
  • Anonymous
    Trinidad James changed my life! If you hatin' on Trinidad James then you're just a very evil person.
    • Vann
      I pray your a troll.
  • 490717
    Trinidad James=COINTELPRO
    • 614grind
      Straight up Hoover Music. Word to Public Enemy.
  • Anonymous
    Nope, it's called Def Jam Recordings's money. That's it, James. 2Chainz is the ultimate proof that you can make a Gold selling rap star from basically anybody just by putting him on the right places. The key is access to these resources, which is - being a powerful major label - obviously not a problem for Def Jam.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, but 2 Chainz still had to grind for what he got. Trinidad Lame won't last.
    • Anonymous
    Cyne - First Person
    Meth and Red - Cheka
    cunninlynguists - Fukinwichu
  • Anonymous
    This nigga acting like he's Jay-Z. He has one single that went gold, that's it. He ain't gonna get bigger.
  • Anonymous
    gonna be the last and only gold record he ever gets
  • Lboy
    I think this guy is wack as fuck as a rapper, but aside from that he actually seems like a cool dude.
  • ton
    "Used to winning"? Bitch, you ain't no Charlie Sheen!
  • dentaldamboy
    Trinidad James doesn't know shit about winning. Lil Wayne is a born winner. Wayne was a top street deal by the age of 10 and then was on platinum records by the age of 12. He's been in charge of the rap game ever since. Dude has is own clothing line, own record label, own headphone line.
    • Anonymous
      just LOST that mountain dew deal though
    • Anonymous
      Wayne wasn't in no streets and he wasn't on any platinum records until the Hot Boys blew up. He wasn't shit until 2008. After that, he fell off. Every business he has except for the label imprint are failures.
    • dentaldamboy
      He aint shit without YMCMB!! If he signs to YMCMB, he will go 3X plantimum and keep 80% of the sales.
    • Anonymous
      Trinidad ain't shit, period. If he goes to YMCMB, he'll go triple wood and won't make any money.