PepsiCo To Address Lil Wayne Controversy With Emmett Till's Family

posted Wednesday May 08 ,2013 at 09:05AM CDT | 43 comments

PepsiCo To Address Lil Wayne Controversy With Emmett Till's Family

Al Sharpton says that Emmett Till's family will get a chance to meet with PepsiCo to "learn from these experiences and set a tone that will help everybody."

Following their controversial relationship with Lil Wayne, PepsiCo has decided to meet with Emmett Till's family. This news comes according to Al Sharpton, who released a statement on the matter.

"I have been in conversations over the last several days with leadership at PepsiCo and the family of Emmett Till," he said in the statement, released via National Action Network. "This has been a 'teaching moment' for Lil Wayne, corporate America and the family of Emmett Till yet more than a condemnation of any one artist, it is an affirmation of Emmett Till and a call for more sensitivity about what we say and do in our culture. National Action Network does not want it to end with artists losing contracts but rather with a sensitizing of corporate America so we can learn from these experiences and set a tone that will help everybody."

The meeting is scheduled to take place today (May 8). Till's family began voicing their displeasure with Mountain Dew/PepsiCo for endorsing Lil Wayne after the rapper attempted to make a punchline using Till's death in a song, "Karate Chop (Remix)." Since then, Wayne has apologized to the family and was dropped by PepsiCo

In 2008, Lil Wayne had a message for Al Sharpton. "You're the type that gets off on gettin' on other people," he said. "I'd much rather you talk to me first and see if you can lend an opinion before you make one." He continued, saying he does not respect Sharpton and added that he is "nobody" to him. "You see, you are no MLK. You are no Jesse Jackson. You are nobody, to me. You're just another Don King with a perm, just a little more political. And that just means you're a little unhuman than us humans. And now let me be human by saying fuck Al Sharpton and anyone like him." The above quote comes from Lil Wayne's "Misunderstood" off Tha Carter III.

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  • Anonymous
    "It makes sense since they both suck" Whose better, Macklemore? lol
  • Anonymous
    "Hendrix at least popularized black rock" There is no such thing as black rock. GOOD rock music is just that... Good music.
  • Anonymous
    "Kendrick Lamar has ten times the talent Hendrix ever did" There is nothing true about that lie.
  • Anonymous
    "They are not holding Pepsi responsible for what Wayne said, they are asking why they are supporting Wayne after he made those lyrics" It was supposed to be a business deal. They were paying for Wayne's image. This smoke and mirrors stuff is so played out. The people at Pepsi probably didn't even know who Emmit Till was until they googled him. Then instead of standing behind their "business decision", they crumbled like a cookie to the Till family whose only out for publicity and maybe some good faith money.
    • Anonymous
  • Kno Boddy
    thegrandreport sucks! #first
  • bevis n but head
    uhuhuhuhuhu lil wayne sucks uhuhuhuhuuhh
  • Anonymous
    lil wayne like the britney spears of rap
    • Anonymous
      Is that supposed to be a diss? Spears is one of most rich and famous musicians ever. You must have an ugly heart.
    • Anonymous
      It makes sense since they both suck.
    • Anonymous
      They are not holding Pepsi responsible for what Wayne said, they are asking why they are supporting Wayne after he made those lyrics.
  • Guest
    PepsiCo is just giving Till's family a band-aid. Weezy probably did deserve to get dropped though, lol. 2013: Year of the Hurt Feelings
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  • -
    every one that comments on this site are huge nerds
  • Chris Etrata
    Hiphopdx is the definition of a troll site. They report on stupid shit so that way it would generate heated responses like trolls who justify shit while real hip hop fans counterargue.
    OK While HipHopDX reports on BS, other media outlets are reporting the truth. For example Grammy award-winning singer LAUREN HILL has been ordered by a judge to undergo counseling because of her conspiracy theories. What was her conspiracy theory? That the music industry oppresses people with actual talent in favor of pumping out mindless nonsense.
  • So Icy Boi!
    fuck u haterz! nobody carez at a blogger's opinion. Barack Obama, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Paul McCartney, Eminem, Elton John and Nas said Weezy is da most talented rappers ever. swag
    • John-Boy
      They gave Wayne props in the same way a pimp gives his best looking hoe props. The pimp doesn't give a fuck about the hoe, he just wants to money off of her.
    • Anonymous
      Those niggas did not say that. 2pac and Paul McCartney never said anything about Wayne.
  • Truthspeak
    On the real, Emmet Till's family just needs to shut the fuck up and get over this shit already. The man is dead, been dead and ain't coming back to life any time soon. Sure it was a pretty distasteful punchline that Wayne authored but who gives a fuck. Freedom of speech mothafuckas. Dead people get mocked all the time. Get the fuck over it. No one gives a fuck about Emmit Till out here. Wayne should just apologize, toss a couple grand to the family cause we all know that's what they really fucking want. They don't want to no apoligies, they're broke ass family wants cash or else this wouldn't be dragging on for as long as it has already. I personally don't give two shits about Wayne. He been wack and at this point, unless he releases another project reminiscent of Carter 2 & 3 or brings out the real mixtape Weezy, I ain't fucking with his shit. What he said obviously lacked grace and showed a whole lot of ignorance but rapper's aren't really known for making smart decisions. The Till family should just leave this shit alone and go back to living their life, there is nothing to be accomplished by this bullshit.
    • Yep
      The Judges order that Hill undergo what amounts to brainwashing and re-education simply for publicly proclaiming the fact that the music industry is designed to strangle true talent while promoting amoral, vacuous, mindless, turgid drivel, is part of the increasing trend towards labeling common sense as a mental illness if it goes against the establishment grain in any way.
    • tru story
      they can make racist movies but when a black men talk about the past yall get mad banned those people making racist movies
    • Hope
      I HOPE that your brother or sister gets killed like Emmet Till and then 50 years later some midget homo rapper disgraces his name and family. That's what I hope for you.
    • Anonymous
      Truthspeak, you're a fucking idiot. Nothing you say about the Till family is true. Don't use the freedom of speech bullshit; there's certain lines you can't cross.
  • So Icy Boi!
    it doesnt mater at all. Lil Wayne is still da best rapper selling rapper of all time. 1. Lil Wayne is the first and last rapper who sold 1 mill a week with Tha Ccarter III and Tha Carter IV. 2. Lil Wayne careted a new genre: black rock. and no! Jimi Hendrix was a blues singer. dere is a differente. Rebirt wuz true rock and roll. 3. IANAHB 2 is da best selling album of 2013. 4. Weezy can skate and play on guitar 5. TRUKFIT is da best clothing line rite now. YMCMB all day err day. swag
    • Chris Etrata
      Wayne didn't sell a million with Tha Carter 4, Hendrix created black rock while Wayne created Wack rock, 20/20 experience from Justin Timberlake is the best selling album this year, wayne can't do shit, and Trukfit is flopping. Have you ever listened to real rap like Kendrick or Nas?
    • Anonymous
      hendrix didnt creat black rock either
    • Chris Etrata
      Yes he did, it doesn't matter, Kendrick Lamar has ten times the talent Hendrix ever did.
    • Chris Etrata
      Will someone stop using my name. Hendrix at least popularized black rock while comparing Kendrick is in a different category from hendrix. Both are very good at what they do but they are in different categories.
    • jakefromstatefamr
      Can't any of you see that So Icy boi is a troll?
  • dboi fresh
    Yall niggas act like wayne hurt over this he still caked up and his clothing line trukfit is selling like hot cakes
    • Anonymous
      Basic economics, you dont loss contracts you try to consolidate them, thats how you stay caked up. Capiche?
    • Anonymous
      i have yet to see 1 person wearing trukfit that wasnt on young money
    • Anonymous
      Lmao, truth ^
  • bevis n butt head
    hey look its lil wayne bevis ooo woaa iii yaa ooo shut up bevis uhuhhuhuuhuhhuhuhhuh
  • dentaldamboy
    The real reason why pepsi dropped wayne was because of financial issues at pepsi. Coke is said to be Wayne's sponser.
    • What?
      Dont you have something better to do? LIke, fucking your mother or sumthing..?
    • dentaldamboy
      This is my job in addition to accounting. YMCMB pays me to dispel rumors which are just rumors.
    • Anonymous
      You're not an accountant, you're just a bitch with a keyboard making up bullshit lies.
  • Tony
    I'm sure rappers will watch what they say's not good when you messing up the money. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too