Trick Daddy Willing To Sit Down With Lil Wayne Following Strip Club Incident

posted Monday May 06 ,2013 at 09:00AM CDT | 32 comments

Trick Daddy Willing To Sit Down With Lil Wayne Following Strip Club Incident

Trick Daddy not opposed to making amends with Lil Wayne, but says "he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure" if he really wanted issues with the rapper.

Miami rapper Trick Daddy may be willing to hash out his differences with fellow artist Lil Wayne following their April incident at King Of Diamonds, but the rapper didn’t have the most pleasant of words for Wayne during a recent chat with TMZ.

"If I [wanted to start shit with Lil Wayne] he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure," Trick Daddy revealed to TMZ while speaking on a possible sit-down.

Trick Daddy’s willingness for a sit-down, one that Birdman suggested, with the Young Money rapper comes as a result of a mid-April incident that resulted in a member from Trick Daddy’s camp allegedly throwing a lit cigarette into Lil Wayne’s hair as the rapper attempted to leave Miami’s King Of Diamonds. Security was quick to diffuse the situation before both camps engaged in anything physical.

Trick Daddy was also one of several South Florida-based artists to criticize Lil Wayne following ill remarks the rapper made in regards to the Miami Heat.

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Comments 32 Posts

  • Anonymous
    trick trick punked that bitch
    • Negro Please
      Wayne is far from a legend. When he is done he will not be considered as one of the best. Trick has a following that will alwasy follow him. Trick is well respected in the game more than Wayne is. Why do you think Wayne bow down to this dude. Wayne dont want anything with Trick
  • Anonymous
    Hopefully they sit down over a table of food. Trick looks like he hasn't eaten in years.
  • weezy ain't no gangsta and never was
    you know you ain't no gangsta when they throwin' lit cigarette at ya hair.
  • Anonymous
    It trips me out when people fight over shit that don't belong to them, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and shouldn't have to sensor it just for the likes of those who reside in that area, stick to music and making money, damn
  • Anonymous
  • 87g78g7ygbyub
    the hellraiser is in your house rite now
  • Foot Johnson
    For all the latest and greatest 4374 Music, Videos, News & more, visit
  • foreal
    thats what happens if you are a big star who disses a city. each major city has its own gangsters. wayne should be more careful with his mouth.
  • Anonymous
    trick daddy got all of dade county on his back so lil wayne, best be on his best behaviours, if he still wants a good repuation in dade. trick daddy rep all mi-niggas in dade, gold fronts and all.
    how nice 16 candels haaa how about u and your boy friend stay after school nex week the week after and the week after that haaaa,but first im gonna have some BREAK fast
  • TucK
    Just like idiots, fighting over land we dont own like a turf war. No trick daddy you dont own Miami due to the fact 100 rappers proclaim to be mayor of Miami.
  • IMho
    wait, this started cuz wayne got a cigg thrown in his hair?.. and trick daddys the one pushin beef, if anything you'd wayna would be tight ready to push up n trick would be offering peace
  • whatisitthough
    What is the reason for this behavior? Sounds like it's over nothing. Like y'all have nothing better to do??? Wtf.
  • Anonymous
    Lil Wayne has some nerve hanging out in Miami. Why would he jump straight back into a club after getting released from the hospital?
    • Anonymous
      Cause he's Lil Wayne, and the show must go on.
  • SuperNigga
    Didn't Plies beat up Trick a couple of years ago?
    • Cage
      ^^ The same dude that hides out in the bathroom? Hilarious.
    • Big Dan
      Doesn't dude have some serious disease that he announced a while Tupac said about Havoc, don't one of you mother#&# have sickle cell or something? Not a lil Wayne fan too much garbage that he is poisoning the youth with, but I really can't stand this nonsense beefs over nothing. And I hate it worse when the instigator is some washed up troll. It just makes it look like you are looking for attention. Trick, I am sure you have kids Weezy's age. Stop it.
    • ???
      Big dan you realize there is only a six or seven year difference between the 2 right?!? Are you confused cause one acts like a grown man and the other acts like a child?
  • sam snead
    In related news lil wayne has just signed detroit rapper trick trick
  • Chris Etrata
    The Lil Seizure Pizza venture doesn't really fit Lil Wayne well. Im thinking he should open a Lil Seizures club.
    • Anonymous
      Ross is a partner though and he wants to stay in the food industry
    • Chris Etrata
      I just find the Seizures club to make more sense.
    • Anonymous
      Your jokes are seizing up there.
    • Anonymous
      yeah pretty shakey
    • Anonymous
      you guys are really seizing the moment.
  • hahaha
    washed up rappers trying to get some spotlight. Naw thats to big maybe a LED keychain light lol.
    • Anonymous
      He may be washed up but Trick Daddy runs that WHOLE Miami club scene just like Uncle Luke. Wayne doesn't want any problems.
  • Chris
    Trick riding on him lol. It ain't that serious tho. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too