Mister Cee Arrested, Charged With Patronizing Prostitute

posted Saturday May 04 ,2013 at 12:43PM CDT | 78 comments

Mister Cee Arrested, Charged With Patronizing Prostitute

Legendary deejay and "Ready To Die" co-executive producer Mister Cee was cuffed for his second sexual offense in three years, after allegedly trying to buy sex from an undercover cop this week.

Police information released today in the New York Daily News reports that the legendary deejay, radio personality and longtime Big Daddy Kane affiliate Mister Cee was arrested in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday. The HOT 97 deejay was picked up for patronizing sex from an undercover male police officer, pretending to be a prostitute.

This is not a first offense for Cee (born Calvin LeBrun). In 2011, the early mentor of The Notorious B.I.G. and co-executive producer of Ready To Die was arrested in New York City for lewd conduct, when he was cuffed for receiving sexual favors from a man in a parked car. Mister Cee would later plead guilty to those charges.

Neither Mister Cee not HOT 97 have released a statement.

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Comments 78 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Just because some no credibility having website headlines something doesnt make it true people. The epitomy of what is wrong with society today. #nohope
  • room2roam
    if ur gay then be gay (and clearly he is). to each his own BUT isnt he married? dont b fukn no dudes and then takin that shyt back home to your wife . thats some foul shyt
    • .......
  • Megadon
    He got a bad rep for buying sex but what sad is majority of your favorite rappers in the industry buy high class escorts aswell strippers for there enjoyment and they dont get ridiculed for it
    • Anonymous
      LOL idiot, thats cus they get females not little boys hahahaha
  • Kavabunga
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  • Basic Thuganomics
    Where did it say that the poilice officer was a nigga? I'm I not reading it right?
    • Learn 2 read
      The word male means it was a man
  • me no like fags
    Fucking faggots.
  • Anonymous
    whats the problem you favorite rapper lil wayne kisses men (Birdman). Kanye west wears a skirt and then you not mad.
    • Lboy
      Sahn im tired of niggas acting like Kanye wearing a kilt is equivalent to lil wayne kissing a nigga in the mouth for an extended period of time. I dont even like the new 2chainz fuckin wit, Givenchy wearin, I gotta change the beat for every verse I have on a song Kanye but its not cool to judge another man based off how he dresses. Thats some lame shit to me. lil wayne wears leggings but I dont give a fuck and would never speak on that cus at the end of the day, it doesnt affect my life at ALLLL. The only thing I care about is the music these rappers release. All yall hiphop fans so invested in the personal lives of these niggas down to what their wearing are focusing on some irrelevant shit.
    • G
      We been known that kanye and lil wayne r gay by the way they act, sing, n dress but BIGs DJ come on now who saw that. 1 coming
  • Fagmaster Flex
    TURN THAT BOMB OFF!!! Understand, the rumors that you hear about my man mister Cee are untrue! HIT THAT BOMB!!!
  • Mister Cee
    everyone just shut up. None of you were there when i needed a nigga to cum on my face. Flex is gonna be soooo angry now, hes gonna rape my booty. Only real niggas on this site are SO ICY BOI and YESSIR, both them bois love my dick in they azz.
  • Anonymous
    frank ocean should give him aids.
  • Anonymous
    yo this shit makes me wonder how often this fucker goes looking for male hookers to suck him off lol. i wonder how many times he's done it recently and how many times he did two years ago before he finally got caught
    • rizo
      Put it this way, he dam sure didn't get caught the first time he did it. If he got arrested 3 or 4 times in his life that means hes done this shit a hundred times. He didn't just wake up one day and say.. you know what..today i think i wanna fuck with a dude. He's been doing this shit for years.
  • Duncan
    i wonder is rumored-to-be-gay niggas like Diddy and Russell Simmons have ever gotten caught but were powerful enough to keep it from reaching the media
    • Anonymous
      They dont have to cruise the streets for it they bring in dudes and have them sign non-disclosure agreements. This dudes broke so he has to cruise the streets lol
  • Bobyahed2dis
    I always knew biggie had gay tendencies, i knew it wasnt right when he was always was rapping about fucking kids in the ass, thats why his sucessor Rozay stays winnin!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      This isn't Biggie, you dumbass. This is Mister Cee. Ross isn't anyone's successor and he's not winning anything.
  • Shameful_
    Listen Bro, C'mon son you way too careless! Every year he gets caught up. Its gotta be true, I doubt if hes even denying these rumors to Flex and his other people. This is what the world has come to DJ's, Rappers, Athletes are Booty Bandits. Thats not even the sad part, niggaz are actally co-signing two men who give head and sodomize each other, WOW!!!
  • Anonymous posters are all gay
    Funny that Method Man and Redman swing both ways but you praise them like Jesus. Anyone who's name is Anonymous on here also supports Lil Wayne who French kisses baby. If you choose to name yourself anonymous to hide yourself, come out of the closet already.
    • Say what?
      Put down the crack pipe bruh
  • Anonymous
    lol Again? Just come out of the closet...
  • In Flex We Lust
    Wonder how Funk Master Flex is going to defend this one...in a flex voice "Let me be Clear" Whatever!
    • Funk Flex
      TURN THAT BOMB OFF!!! I know everything that moves in that building... HIT THAT BOMB!!!
    • Anonymous
      lol i remember that shit. mista cee staight up homo
  • Black
    Mister C is sloppy punk ass doodoo chaser and probably the receiver. I guess Jason Collins will see him at the Gay Pride parade this year....lol
  • Anonymous
    ctthagod will have fun with this
  • N/A
    With all the fine ass Women in the World you want a Man Mr Cee really B? #GTFOHWTB Wow!!!! Cmon Son
    • Anonymous
      You ever seen any pictures of him? One eye looking straight ahead, the other rolling around like a marble. I don't think any woman would want to sleep with that.
  • Burmy
    Weren't the sodomy laws ruled unconstitutional years ago?
    • itdoesntmatter
      Yeah, but it's the solicitation. Man, woman, head/sex, doesn't matter. Of course, they can use that to get around it if they are just targeting a certain type.
  • Anonymous
    I can kill anyone in a fight
    • Anonymous
      no u cant
    • NYC
      Can you kill yourself? Because that would be the ultimate test.
  • Anonymous
    Jason Collins ass mf'er
  • mar500
  • Anon
    The Cee stands for "Cocklover"
  • bolddebauchery
    he has problems bruh. male prostitute fetish lol smh, damn, he does look gay as shit in that picture. put this man on suicide watch. he will kill himself over this
  • bolddebauchery
    lmfao goddamn !!! lmmaoooooooooo this nigga aint right
  • Anonymous
    What a fuckin disgrace. BIG is rollin in his grave.
  • Anonymous
    They got this nigga on entrapment! In Brooklyn no less! Free Mister Cee! Where he's going is like the Bunny Ranch for gay dudes so he's gonna get it one way or the other