No Malice "Hear Ye Him" Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

posted Tuesday July 30 ,2013 at 10:13AM CDT | 70 comments

No Malice

UPDATE #3: Pusha T and Ab-Liva from the Re-Up Gang appear on No Malice's solo debut "Hear Ye Him," along with Star Trak alum Fam-Lay.

Virginia rapper No Malice didn’t skimp on the details when speaking with Hip Hop Since 1987 this week about his upcoming studio album, Hear Ye Him. The Clipse member promised to gift fans with his “best work ever” once the project is released and also spoke on how relatable Hear Ye Him is shaping up to be.

According to No Malice, he feels that a number of people will be able to relate to the experiences and feelings he’ll present on the album.

“The album is entitled Hear Ye Him. One time I was listening to all my tracks and I got this rush of chills all over my body. This is by far my best work ever. It’s inspirational. It makes for great music,” No Malice explained. “And not only that, when that record goes off it’s gonna leave you with a lot to think about. What I’ve come to find is that when a lot of people hear my story and hear this new direction, it really breaks the ice. And a lot of people can identify. And then sometimes we just need that person to be the first to break the ice. And then you’ll see that a lot of people actually have experienced a lot of the same things and feel the same way.”

No Malice also addressed the Christian rapper label being thrown around in regards to his music, and although he stated that he’s unsure what genre his current music falls under, he’d be more than willing to join the Christian Rap world if they’d be willing to have him.

“I don’t shun any of those titles,” said the rapper. “I haven’t titled it myself cause I don’t know what this music is. And honestly, it’s a truth music. It’s a feeling. I don’t want to pigeon hole myself. I respect Christian Rap. I respect gospel. I don’t know what you call this. If Christian Rap will have me, I’m happy to be there. What I’m hearing a lot about my music though is that it has that feel of the Hip Hop that you know and love The Clipse for. I don’t feel like I lost a beat.”

There’s no word yet on when Hear Ye Him will be released.

(May 4)

UPDATE: In a new album trailer, No Malice reveals that his solo debut, Hear Ye Him will release July 2.

(May 21)

UPDATE #2: According to latest album trailer, No Malice's solo debut, Hear Ye Him will release on August 18.

(July 18)

UPDATE #3: No Malice has released the cover art and tracklist to his solo debut, Hear Ye Him, as reported by

1. Illusions (Interlude)
2. Smoke & Mirrors f. Ab-Liva
3. Blasphemy f. Fam-Lay
4. Ain't Beggin' (Interlude)
5. Hear Ye Him
6. Unforgettable f. Life Dutchee
7. Cheap Dolla (Interlude)
8. Bow Down No Mo'
9. Refiner's Fire (Interlude)
10. Shame The Devil f. Pusha T
11. Bury That f. Jon Bibbs
12. June f. Eric David
13. Separate (Interlude)
14. Still Got Love f. Ishod
15. Different f. PK Oneday & Bri
16. Goin' There (Interlude)
17. No Time f. Jaeson Ma

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    LOL he got a release date before Pusha
    • Anonymous
      I'd be surprised if Pusha T even releases an album this year. I don't see it.
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  • Anonymous
    That's funny. His label is called Double Copper Records.
  • Anonymous
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  • Fuck Virginia
    Fuck this nigga talking about he a Christian and shit as far as I'm concerned Christian niggas don't sell coke or rap about it
    • Daniel
      Well he did and he found a different path. I still fuck with him cause unlike most Christian rappers dude can still spit.
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  • j to the mwah
    Malice always been one my fav mc's spits that real selling coke but torn between making money and doing right by the bible tortured hustler rap really dope mc
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    Bone Crusha > Bow Wow > lecrae > no malice > Nas
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  • John Blaze
    As A Fan Of The Clipse And Even Their Solo Work So Far, I'm Starting To Really See That The Further No Malice Goes In This Direction The More It Weakens The Brand Of Music Pusha T Wants To Present....I Know I'm Not The Only One That Sees This Evolution Of Malice Into "No" Malice And Look At Push Like, "Why You Still Spitting That Same Ol Coke Shit?" Not Sayin Push Gotta Go This Way But Damn That Nigga He Gotta Get A New Direction Or Something....
    • WhiteBoy
      Shit, that must have taken you fucking ages to start each word with a capital letter!
    • John Blaze
      Nah Just Seconds.....I Do It Out Of Habit At This Point....Guess I Spent Too Much Time On Tinychat A While Back.....
    • Daniel
      I see what you are saying but I still like Pusha's flow and his subject matter has evolved from start up dope bouyto boss dope boy. It kind of reminds me of Jay-Z's rise.
  • zxxz9000a
  • Anonymous
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      It looks like Javonte has caught feelings.
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  • Javontae
    Dis nigga look like pusha t LOL
    • Anonymous
      they are brothers douchebag.....
  • Sco
    the interviewer is crazy ugly...
  • Sco
    Its alot of real niggas that never make this stage in the game/process/life because they either fall the fuck off, die, or get a dumb heavy sentence. I feel spirituality and recognition of a greater good comes to each individual at a time which varies from person to person, but every individual experiences it at some point in their life, even if its not until they are on thieir deathbed. Whether the person listens to/accepts/and acts on that message varies from person to person. I feel Malice is one of the few who sold weight/got away with it/experienced the awakening/and was not afraid to relay this change in life to others. I have potnas like this but you gotta pick their brain to get their true opinion on the game. Same with this rap shit, niggas really don't tell you what it is, cause the powers that be won't support them if they do. Salute Soldier *notice have I never mentioned any specific religion or God...Thats how real it is..
  • Anonymous
    This shit will flop harder than Excuse My French.
    • Anonymous
      dickhead, how can an independent album flop with no promotion, or mainstream radio play????
  • 009cccez
  • IMhO
    im gonna have to peep a few songs before i give my opinion on this ..i fuck w clipse tho