Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything" Certified Gold

posted Friday May 03 ,2013 at 06:38PM CDT | 56 comments

Trinidad James'

Trinidad James' breakthrough single popped a feat; it's sellin'.

Def Jam Records rapper Trinidad James sparked a great deal of buzz last year with his single, "All Gold Everything." The Atlanta, Georgia native has since been signed and released a retail mixtape in Don't Be S.A.F.E., which includes the hit.

The Devon Gallaspy-produced single was announced to be certified gold today, living up to its name. reported the news. T.I., Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz helped bring further attention to the record, when the ATL mainstays hopped on a remix, which later received a video.

James since released a second single from his project, "Females Welcome."

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Comments 56 Posts

  • Anonymous
  • pedmont grassiee
    their all crazyy,u got son of a bitches getting thrown in the hell churches.demon dogs and demon snakes driving cars .came at them and put the dogs face rite on.
  • Anonymous
    this nigga done created a new genre of rap called: Downs-syndrome rap
    • Anonymous
      I think Waka or Chief Keef started that. Shit even Birdman
    • James iz a bitch
      true dat, this retard is on that special olympics flow.
  • uygygu
    yea i dont know rapper jim jones is out side biteing at ppl at nite time with his vampie life t shirts
  • pedmont grassie
    3rd time in a row son of a bitches broke in my house put 66 on the walls killed the demon cats and put son of of a bitches on the floor.
  • Nigga is u crazy?
    Lets be real, this song wouldn't have even gotten big if it weren't for the "Popped a molly I'm sweatin" line.
  • Anonymous
    Reas: dude above me is gay judging another man's looks YOUR A FUCKING FAGGOT
  • Anonymous
    forgot jay z he replaces ross
  • Anonymous
    top 5 ugliest rappers 1)Flava flave 2)Trinidad james 3)Action bronzon 4)Gucci mane 5)Rick ross
  • Voyce Of Truth
    IQ of listeners today went 0... TJ has is hot... can't believe...what the hell went wrong with tha rap...this new generation of listeners just ain't know nuthin bout the art of rap and the culture of Hip Hop. R.I.P. suckaz
  • OUCH!
    its been Certified Gold for a long time. old news
  • 90's nigga
    I never saw such a ugly and wack nigga. Yo kids is this the shit you like nowadays? Hiphop is getting more and more music for faggots
      I don't even think gay ppl like trinidad james...
  • ugly nigga trinidad
    this clown looks like a fucking zoo animal (1 ugly bastard)
    • Reas
      dude above me is gay judging another man's looks
    • Anonymous
      Reas: dude above me is gay judging another man's looks oh im sorry the bugs bunny teeth just stand out.. i bet if i was you on the street 1 on 1 id rip your fucvking head off
  • Lex
    Fuck this clown.
  • Shadyari
    I wish Trinidad James and Scarface would have a threesome with me :)
  • JD
    This just goes to show that half a million people are "All stupid every day"
  • fuck the new era
    this bum went gold??? nice hip hop
  • Anonymous
    Unfortunately, the buck stops here for TJ
  • eway
    that's wassup !!!!
  • Anonymous
    so this is the sort of hip hop people are buying now smh
  • Anonymous
  • Lil Scrappy
    Y'all be clownin
  • J Kwon
    save your money trini james dont end up like me nigga
    • Allen Iverson
      I concur
    • MC Hammer
      Me 3
    • Jaz-O
      Yup and I found Jay-Z =(
    • Canibus
      fuck ya
    • Craig Mack
      Add me too.
    • Lil B
      I got alot of bitches. Fuck the money.
    • Game
      Niggas help me before I end up like y'all..PLEASE!
  • dboi fresh
    Song go hard bra James my nigga he just a lil goofy with tha swag
    • Anonymous
      Sorry sir, but you are 100% incorrect. This song does not go hard in any way, shape, form, or fashion, just to name a few. It is in fact one of the worst fucking songs my ears have ever been exposed to in my entire life, and I've heard alot of bad shit. Although I have no proof or solid evidence, I am also certain that Trinidad James is NOT "yo nigga", and he is NOT "just a lil goofy with tha swag". He actually has no fucking swag at all, and is an utter disgrace to music itself - a deep stab, twisted and turned, to the already dying state of hiphop.
    • Anonymous
      don't confuse him facts..
    • Cage
      That first anonymous pretty much told you what you NEEDED to hear. What the fuck is wrong with the listening skills nowadays
    • Karl15
      It truly is shocking how many faggots constantly say "Oh this song go hard" Oh he has swag", no he doesnt, you really are embarrassing. He is truly shocking, no concept, just a sellout bitch, fuck off with your annoying comments, bout time that shit stopped now.
    • Reas
      dont get me wrong dude isn't lyrical at all at but the song is what it is. A few catchy lines, nice hook, and the main thing that got him popular was his look. I don't think Trinidad James himself wants to be taken seriously. He just like to make music. I don't have a problem with him.
    • ^
      The song is still wack.
  • ooooozzza
  • 0000x444
  • Anonymous
    do not give credit to ti jeezy for this. those guys just dickride what is already hot, they didnt make it hot.
  • Anonymous
    as it should be with a title like dat.
  • Anonymous
    hot song t james