Chris Brown Clarifies Plans For Possible Hip Hop Album

posted Tuesday April 23 ,2013 at 09:20AM CDT | 111 comments

Chris Brown Clarifies Plans For Possible Hip Hop Album

Chris Brown says he wants to "be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper" before releasing a full Hip Hop album and claims the world might not be ready "for Chris Brown, the rapper."

Chris Brown is hesitant to make an entire Hip Hop album. His latest project, X, is due later this year and Brown says it will feature some raps. However, he also claimed he doesn't know "if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper."

"For me, I think I would have to progress more as an emcee first," he acknowledged in an interview with Power 98. "It's just me having fun and showcasing who I am. So an album, I would really have to be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper. I like Rap. I love it. Music is my passion. Even on my album now, there's a couple songs that I rap on. But as far as a whole album, I don't know if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper." 

His love for music has also allowed him to keep his sights open to possible albums in various genres. 

“Music is for everyone,” he added. “When you put genres on music, you segregate it... I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older I might want to do a Country album. Next year, I might want to do an all Hip Hop album or Alternative album. Just making sure that anything that goes down, showing my audience or showing people that have a creative mind that you can do anything you want, it’s just about believing and loving what you’re doing in a positive way.”

Brown was recently criticized for his rapping skills by Drake. Speaking of a potential battle, Drake explained his hesitation. "I don't want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit." In his own interviews, Brown has acknowledged that he "can't be taken serious" in a battle and that he is "not a rapper." Below is an interview and freestyle from earlier this month, where Brown raps and takes shots at Drake.

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  • TrellCurti$
    chris brown is a legend
  • My Name
    I really hate this R&B chick. I would beat the shit out of him.
  • Anonymous
    This comment was removed for violating our opinion of Chris Brown being a total fag. The commenter was trying to say Brown would be a good rapper. HipHopDX will not stand for gay shit like this.
    So apparently, Chris Brown is intimidated by Drake, and wants to be the new Drake. I guarantee this has to be part of the reason Brown wants to do this. This dude is a fucking clown, and just for him trying to do this gives Drake the automatic WIN. Haha! Chris Brown's a clown!
  • Anonymous
    man fuck all that shit bout chris brown, yall need to pay attention to the music, browns versatile as fuck he would own drake on the mic
  • Brown Tape
    It's mind-boggling the heart wants it, the mind rejects it Fuck the past, let's put the present in perspective That's my lady, she would never back-stab or cross me Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart She was there from the beginning, but I tore 'em apart No more Delucas, straight Killa Bee on the swarm And when it's time to get big, she put her game face on
  • Anonymous
    shut up chris your a faggot, id love 10 mins with u alone in a room. id knock u stupid
    • Anonymous
      This nigga gay.
  • dunk
    the hip hop world is fucking pathetic these days.. why would any one give 2 fucks about this shit..fuck drake as well, both fuckin shiieeeet kieents
  • blaise
    fuck dat clown
  • Anonymous
    ja rule the blueprint fuck these new swag niggas
  • Anonymous
    rihanna pregnant with ja rule baby chris brown think he the father
  • ....
    I hate this guy.
  • Vinny
    Don't listen to those guys, Chris Etrata. I know for a fact that Symphonic Loves is a fake charity. I talked to one of the dancers who got a scholarship who was ordered then to give it back.
    • Anonymous
      Keep lying.
  • Anonymous
    lolol a country album
  • Master P
    I'll make this bitch ass nigga say uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh !!!
  • Chris Brown
    New EP "CB4": 1. You Can't Dance (Betta Than Me) 2. Scrappin' In My Lambo - feat. Rihanna 3. Bitch, Say Another Word - NOT feat. Rihanna anymore 4. Chairs Thru The Window 5. Friday Night Sissy Fights - feat. Drake and Frank Ocean 6. I've Changed (Sike Bitches)
    • rideonemjixxer
    • Anonymous
    • dat dude
      I fux wit track 3 hahaha!
  • Anonymous
    No real nigga listens to Chris Brown unless they fucking a bitch
  • Bobyahed2dis
    This is the shit hip hop needs, there aren't many out there that can pull a hybrid album of R&B and real hip hop like cb can, brown has proved time in and time out that he is capable of almost anything he touches so i expect nothing short of perfection on this one.. fuck all you broke ass haters sitting on your PC's mad you ain't fucking rihanna #Leggo
    • ^^Bobyahead2dix
      You gay as fuck!
    • dunk
      what hiphop needs is for people like you to shut the fuck up
  • X Tracklist
    Here's an updated tracklist 1. X 2. Fine China 3. Forgiveness (feat. Officer Rape Ross) 4. Ruler and Prince (feat. Kevin Mccall) 5. Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 6. This Shit is Wack (feat. Tyga and Lil Wayne) 7. Erase your Memory (feat. Will I Am) 8. Tabloids (feat. Justin Bieber) 9. Im High (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 10. XXX (feat. Rihanna) 11. Forget my Past 12. Let The Sun Shine The Drizz Away 13. Beat Thivery (feat. Will I Am and Arty)
    • ja rule
      you are one stupid nigga
  • trolled
  • Anonymous
    2 words for Chris. Please don't.
    • Anonymous