Rick Ross Estimated To Lose Up To $5 Million In Reebok Deal Fallout

posted Wednesday April 17 ,2013 at 09:58AM CDT | 170 comments

Rick Ross Estimated To Lose Up To $5 Million In Reebok Deal Fallout

Sources tell TMZ that after the dust settles, Rick Ross stands to lose between $3.5 and $5 million for his "U.O.E.N.O" lyrics.

Last Thursday (April 11), Reebok publicly announced their severing of the endorsement relationship with rapper Rick Ross. The announcement followed public protests outside Reebok retail stores by women's rights groups—including UltraViolet—after Ross' lyrics on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." were interpreted to suggest rape. Following two dismissals of the interpretation of the song, Ross was formally let go on the basis of "values" and his "lack of remorse." While Ross formally apologized a day later, and wished the shoemaker and apparel brand continued success, there have been no reports of reconciliation.

In a new TMZ report, unnamed sources said to be close to the deal tell the celebrity news and gossip site that Ross stands to lose between $3 and $5 million dollars through the botched deal. Neither Reebok nor Ross have spoken about the financial terms of their now-forfeited agreement, however, TMZ alleges that Ross was receiving pay each time he wore Reebok sneakers.

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  • Reebok Spokesperson
    We support Rick Rosses correctional officer past. As well as his lyrics glorifying drug use, fornication, and murder. But once he mentioned the molly line. That was the final straw for us. We're looking forward to starting a new campaign with lil b. Swag!!
    • Anonymous
      reebok dont give a fuck about any of his lyrics. once people started protesting outside of their stores, signing petitions and boycotting their products it was a wrap. any smart business would have done the same thing. ross is bad for business. fuck standing by him and defending that shit. keep it moving find another face for the brand.
  • da commanda
    Being that he should be homeless anyway...screw this guy, he sucks and I don't know how he's lasting so long..SMH...
  • Cordero
    Didn't Rick Ross say "GOD FORGIVES-I DON'T"? See you don't have to believe in God for God to be relevant because whatever you believe comes back to bite you on your ass. Its like Meek Mill using " Amen" in vain then he surprised the judge says he can't go on tour and fly out the country...God always get the last laugh
  • Anonymous
    People think that people who listen to rap are dumb and ignorant; yet I think men and women view shit different. i am a man and I remember females telling me they used to put Visine eyedrops m=in mens drinks and when the guy passes out they rob him blind, take all his clothes and he wakes up dazed and can't remember where he's been. Prostitutes have been doing it forever with pills crushed up and you should expect that form females you don't know. the only difference here MEN is that the women doing it never put it on a song, gloat and boast about it like they are proud to do it. If a dude got to slip a chick a drug because otherwise he wouldn't be able to fuck her based on his charm,intellect or game then that should say a lot about him. Rick Ross aint no teenager or frat guy, or college student where between prostitutes and the other guys this typically happens so he made a poor judgement to TELL ON HIMSELF AND WHAT HE DOES. One day some of us men will have daughter or have them now- and the shit aint that funny- he should have lost a lucrative deal; Its not feminist either fella's lol, its common sense to never even mention you do shit like that even if your scandelous as fuck.
  • Anonymous
    "where you been quoteman? finally go outside and meet a girl?" I took your mom to the SPCA.
    • Anonymous
      no wonder she cant stop scratching
  • Anonymous
    mmg is murder inc and ross is ja
  • Anonymous
    and then mmg goes bankrupt
  • Cash
    I can see all this dirty pig White boys happy cuz no food for black man. The most rapist people on earth is you dirty pigs. 154 comments 144 comment made by dirty White boys hating on black people. To all you pigs no one can bring a Blackman down...Ross is still eating...fucking dirty pigs
    • Elephant Man
      Even though I agree with you in many regards, and I am a black militant and don't believe in black on black crime; We have to ignore bigots and racist and not get yourself upset man. the sarcasm you read here is angry bigots upset at Rick Ross's fame, but in jest Rick Ross told the world that he knows men who dope females to rape them or he dopes female himself to rape them; When you tell on yourself WHAT THAT DO? A man with his money can get females drunker than drunk, let em go to sleep and when they not hungover still get the panties... so what he need to slip em a pill for ?
  • TMZ
    What I really don't get is what could be in his endorsement contract that would allow Reebok to "drop" him without paying him. My guess is that they still have to pay him although he has been dropped as a spokesman for the Reebok brand.
    • what
      Did ur mama drop u on ur head as a baby? You are retarded I just wanna know HOW do you know that reebok didnt pay him? YOUR BOSS IS BROKE NIGGA, ACCEPT IT. Stop making excuses for this COP
    • Anonymous
      if you are doing damage to the brand its a no brainer. BYE BYE CONTRACT. you clearly don't know shit about business.
    • Anonymous
      Reebok is insulated concerning "LOSS", surely Rick Ross received a initial check, but depending on Reebok just washing their hands with him they can walk away and get that money back as a tax "WRITE OFF". Surely the marketing campaign and money spent will be a huge blow to Reebok, but remember females wore Reebok back in the day with skirts on the way to work and they have been a steady supporter for years, loyal fans; Just goes to show Rappers can't say what they want then say its my 1st amendment right...lol
  • Anonymous
    I can't believe reebok ever paid the fat boy to wear they shoes. I thought shoe brands pay professional athletes to wear they shoes, not professional eaters
  • GBtha G
    fuck reebok.they cant compete with they bullshit products.fuck yall bitchiz and yall dat support' em. u aint shit.
  • Rick Ross
    its all good, i got millions in the ceiling.... i took molly so i cant remember which room though
  • Anonymous
    He should lose his weight immediately.
  • Ric Flair
  • danegga
    ja rule pay a woman 5 million just to get rape by her cuz you know that how he role
  • Anonymous
    rozay sure started hatin' reebok. if raozay see ya rockin' some reebok he gonna rape ya.
  • Anonymous
    rozay became hater of feminism
  • Anonymous
    rozay's wardrobe is full of reebok products
  • Anonymous
    rozay was raped by them feministic hoes for his reebok money
    • Anonymous
      all he had to do was make a legit apology even if he didnt mean it and he could have kept his deal but he made 2 half assed attempts at trying to justify those lyrics and say they were interpreted wrong
  • Anonymous
    rozay gonna rape y'all
    • Anonymous
      hide ya kids, hide ya wife
    • Anonymous
      Hide your ass too.
  • Anonymous
    now we just can wait that some hoe start claiming that she was raped by rozay and want mad cash from him.
    • Anonymous
      that would make my YEAR
  • Anonymous
    rozay da rapist
  • Anonymous
    • Steven Q Urkel
      Did I do that?
  • Anonymous
    rick ross career is crumbling. mountain of debt. violent threats. angry activists. time is ticking. the run is coming to an end. he had a great run. got exposed as the biggest fraud/liar in music history and got even more successful afterwards. no tears.
  • Da Ghetto Lawyer
    he need to sue them feministic hoes for lost profits.
    • Anonymous
      good luck with that maybe all them florida inmates should sue him for ass rape, assault and violating their human rights
  • I'm At work And Bored
    Ahahaha, I'm confused. How come these feminists protested outside of Reebok office instead of Def Jam or Universal office? So what they are saying is it's okay to keep making music about money, murder, mayhem as long as he can't help sell shoes? huh?
    • I'm At Work And Bored
      oh, and how come the Rick Ross Reebok add is still running on this site? Ahahahahaha
    • Anonymous
      im not seeing that, i got some bullshit Levi's ad that keeps popping up on ma screen
    • Anonymous
      Rocko isn't employed by Def Jam/Universal and it's his song. Maybe you should be more productive at work instead of jumping on the web, you might learn something.