Drake Disses Chris Brown, Says He's Not Thinking About Rihanna

posted Saturday April 13 ,2013 at 09:30AM CDT | 196 comments

Drake Disses Chris Brown, Says He's Not Thinking About Rihanna

Drake says Chris Brown's "insecurities" are the reason Drizzy's better than Breezy.

First bottle-based ballistics ensued, then diss tracks were recorded. Now, the Chris Brown and Drake Beef has moved to another format: the radio interview.

Speaking on East Village Radio, Drake addressed Chris Brown, brushing the singer aside. “I make better music than him. I am more popping than him."

Drake all but confirmed that he had some form of relationship with Rihanna at one point, adding fuel to the speculation that the singer was the reason for the feud between the two men. "At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap. I did what a real nigga would do. I treated her with respect."

“His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him,” added Drizzy.

Drake explained that fans shouldn't even be interested in a beef between the two. "It's not me and Kendrick, it's not me and Hov. You're not gonna get anything out of it. I don't want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit. You're not even going to get anything out of it."

Listen to the interview below (spotted at MissInfo):

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Comments 196 Posts

  • H1tters
    All I can say is Wow! I guess these guys won't be becoming friends any time soon. Tinashe ft Mid-Night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymEMXcvx39A
  • Anon
    Ja Rule is thinking about RiRi
  • Anonymous
    Gayest beef ever
  • Anonymous
    y he ain't say ish wen push was constantly dissing him?
  • Hov
    I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me Every little city I go, fuck me Shawty mustve heard, got the word, I move that D Had it by a bladder, she like "oh I gotta pee" Ran into a Rothko in my restroom Singer slash actress in my bedroom God I have the ticket for a walk through Everything that do is big I talk big money, I talk big homes I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome Million dollar voice, came through phone We heading to the top, if you coming, come on Im Flying out to Pisa, just to get some pizza Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa Sex on the beach, left love speechless They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up Whats up
  • XOXO
    Drake is right...nothing will come of a chris vs Drake battle...besides Chris rising in popularity again and for that matter Drake should just ignore that lil dweeb and let him tank..Rihanna played herself fucking these emotional ass niggas
    • Anonymous
      How did she played herself? In fact, she played BOTH of these niggas into fighting over her.
  • animalovich
    who is Drake ?
  • Anonymous
    its time for this fake to fall off
  • RealNiggaShit
    Ja Rule so hardcore he fucked basedgod's bitch
  • Anonymous
    Yeah I have been hearing that Rick Fouche comes out with a mixtape every week. That Aint Nobody video is on fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmIQzM6tLAs
  • Ant Jay
    drake is kinda puss for doing this. In other news has jokkas heard this guy release a mixtape every WEEK? this is beyond crazy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmIQzM6tLAs
  • Anonymous
    wtf, was drake just interviewed by joker?
  • Anonymous
    This was a real ass interview...yall can say what yall what about Drake but hes a great artist period. Whether hes rapping or singing hes one of the best at what he does. Chris Brown should listen to this....
    • Anonymous
      I don't know about the singing part... or the rapping part.
    • Anonymous
      no he is not hes a fake ass bitch
  • Drizzy Wizzy
    ja rule next cd going quadruple platinum the first week
    • Anonymous
  • amitiekassis
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  • V-Nasty is God
    "I really do this shit" Hahaha please, this soft ass caveman looking jew nigga is a R&B crossover artist who whines about women on his tracks, nobody believes that headlines 'catching bodies' talk. Christopher is a soft nigga too but seeing what he did to Frank Ocean (to his defense, he's gay), he would eat Aubrey's ass up.
    • Dafuq?!
      What does being gay have to do with anything?..thats a ignorant excuse....but i do agree that both them niggas are soft...i think Drake learned his leason after he tried to come at Common and got bodied in stay scheming...
    • Anonymous
      Suckas like you will forever keep racism alive. Why comment about his Jewish background? What makes it relevant to point that out? You're an idiot. Stay behind your keyboard in your mom's basement eating cereal.
  • Anonymous
    gucci mane only 1 who treat women with respect by pushing bitch out from the moving car #BRICKSQUAD
  • Whitney Houston's Ghost
    Drake ain't no R&B singer even Keith Sweat sings better than that nigga
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule thinks Chris Brown wasn't hugged enough as a boy and is willing to lend a hug if it helps young Chris grow up.
  • killah_casp
    bitch ass drake would only diss if he knew he could profit out off it real talk he jus admitted it this beef is so lame chris brown trying to portray himself as a rapper dude is wack as fuck so in a way drake is right no one wants 2 hear this shit its perfetic chris brown is a faggot what type of dude makes love songs then beats a bitch up soft ass signers when the gloves r off only slaps and claws are thrown.
    • Trill Will
      Well if nobody wants to hear him and breezy...Why the f**k he ain't answer pusha back...Why no answer to DMX? Drake ain't shit...He know himself his ass will end up like his punk ass character he played... on the stupid ass show...In a wheelchair
    • Chauncyg
      That's because neither of those guys are particularly relevant right now. Notice he labeled HOV (still on top) and Kendrick (hottest up-and-comer currently). DMX and Pusha do not get radio spins. In other words, not worth his time.
  • Anonymous
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  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule has a pornstar Cock
  • Ja Rule
    a cock he uses alot
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule ended eminems career
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule gave every nigga after 99' their rap style
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule is among the top 10 in album sales, so dont fuck with MURDA
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule found drake