Slim Thug & Earl Sweatshirt Criticize Reebok For Dropping Rick Ross

posted Friday April 12 ,2013 at 10:38AM CDT | 68 comments

Slim Thug & Earl Sweatshirt Criticize Reebok For Dropping Rick Ross

Slim Thug & Earl Sweatshirt say that Reebok's reasons for dropping Rick Ross negate why they would ever partner with him in the first place.

In the wake of yesterday's news surrounding Reebok ending their endorsement deal with rapper Rick Ross, some have come to the Maybach Music Group founder's defense. Sharing "the boss" moniker with Rick Ross, Houston, Texas emcee Slim Thug seemingly took umbrage with part of Reebok's statement, which read: "Reebok holds our partners to a high standard and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.”

The former Star Trak/Geffen Records artist took to Twitter to point out, that prior to what was believed to be lyrics endorsing rape, Rick Ross has always represented himself as a former drug lord-turned-rapper.

Slim Thug, who's previously worked with Rick Ross, added that he also believes the "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics aren't really implying rape:

In 2010, Slim Thug last released Tha Thug Show on eOne Entertainment.

UPDATE: Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future shared Slim Thug's sentiments. The Los Angeles, California-based emcee who is currently signed to Columbia Records also tweeted of the fact that Rick Ross has discussed selling drugs long before Reebok agreed to enter such a partnership:

Meanwhile, the group that led last week's protests, UltraViolet, has come forward to praise Reebok for deciding to sever ties with Rick Ross in their own statement.

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  • Anonymous
    i hope everyone in mmg dies
  • Anonymous
    slim thug deleted the tweets he a bitch nigga
  • EyeofRamen
    80% of the comments here, were either written by trolls or retards.. smh!
  • nigga creep
    2 irrelevant rap niggas. What the fuck is a earl sweatshirt lol?! Nigga killyoself asap. Slim's weak ass is right though about all that trap talk ross do and they signed him anyway but trippin off this.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      u r dead on
  • Anonymous
    these are some dumb illiterate mufuckas! stfu with all that knocking down another black man. that shit is bullshit!!!
  • Anonymous
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  • wesley269
    REEBOK DROPPED HIM FOR IMAGE PURPOSES that's it, they don't want that outside their store, especially since they made 3 quarterly LOSSES, THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT HE SAYS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR$$. How many people have actually lived with Ross or been around him his whole life, or seen how he lived before hiphop? how many get their info from news outlets or what 50 cent said? DON'T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ or HEAR! How are people still so naive!! WAKE UP! I bet you all think the earth is still flat too!! doughnuts!
  • Truth hurts(not the singer)
    Earl sweatshirt is fucking wack. People think he's the next Nasir Jones??? This guys career is already in the toilet due to his wack band mates. Taco?? Really? Anyways Earl has no albums out to talk on anything in the hiphopworld. Release and album without your faggy friends on it, they are wack unlyrical grown ups acting like they are 16. Earl may have a chance if he drops out of "No future.
  • Common sense
    People are comparing this situation with Eminem and saying that Em's lyrics are worse, and that is probably true. The thing is Eminem was never serious about his raps, he said so himself many times, and its general knowledge that he doesn't endorse all the crazy shit he was rapping about. It was just wordplay and shock value. And further, Em had a ton of backlash, and never really had any endorsements like Reebok. (not counting Cadillac, which happened recently when Em sobered up) Rick Ross, on the other hand, says all the time that he lives the life depicted in his raps, that he is an OG, that what he is saying is who he is and what he believes. In that context, rapping about rape makes it seem like, not a frivolous lyric, but something much more real, whether or not Ross is real or not.
    • Anonymous
      Rick ross just said it isn't what he meant. Twice. This is not a double standard because the same thing happened to Eminem, and as you said, Eminem stated that after going through almost the same thing. Too Short as well. It doesn't make Ross any worse. And to say he comes from a context of realism is an amusing point at most. To say Rick Ross depicts a life of realism is bullshit cause Rick Ross has been associated w/ fakeness since the CO photo. Before this, you, and all these other people were probably talkin about how fake he was. I've been hatin ross for years, but ya'll are a joke. You either gotta look at every artist, even artists like Vinny Paz, Biggie and tyler. You're lying to yourself because you don't like him.
  • orionkeiding
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  • Really?
    Once again, today's rappers prove how dumb they really are. If you want to be endorsed by a major company in today's whinebag sensitive America, then you can't rap about drugging and raping broads. See, back in the day rappers were rappers and not representatives of corporate America, so they could say what the fuck they wanted. If you accept money from a major company to be a face of that company you can't rap about date raping bitches and be mad when they drop your ass. Sure Reebok knows he raps about dealing drugs and murder and shit, but believe it or not that's more acceptable than promoting date rape. I laugh at these "rappers" who wanna be businessman but not follow the businessman rules. This clown ain't even a real gangster/criminal and he's risking his endorsements just to sound like one...he deserves what he gets. Then you got Slim Thug showing how retarded he is by saying "why doesn't anybody protest Eminem"...right cuz there's never been any protests against Eminem? Seriously, Em had a different activist group protesting him every other day throughout the early 00's, but hey when you got nothing else, play the race card right? Bottom line is that Ross should've known that's a thin line to cross and can't be shocked by the consequences
    • the Grza
      Well said!
    • PAt
      thug wasnt the one who said that but ok
    • Anonymous
      "then you can't rap about drugging and raping broads".....classic.....
  • Big Dan
    While I sort of agree with the sentiment - he is not someone they they should have associated with to begin with - maybe Diddy had something to do with it, folks need to realize that RR said in a song he drugged a girl and had sex with her - WHAT?!. How dumb is that? There really is no need for lyrics like that. I can understand the drug game gets you some fans in the hood. But are we also turning into rapists and we condone songs like that now. I really would like to know what RR was thinking. And for all those supporting RR, screaming freedom of speech when apparently you don't know what that means, this is also a free country and Reebok can drop whoever they want. Their money.
    • MM
      There is no need for lyrics like that?? But all those murder raps are perfectly fine right? Date rape is where the line is.
  • C'mon Son
    SMH @ Reebok not for dropping Ross over his rape lyric but for even having that fat bastard promoting athletic shoes..smh
  • Anonymous
    Here it is, more people like Eminem than hate him, more people hate Rick Ross than like him...
    • firehawk17
      em tells stories....he doesn't act like he lives his raps.. there is no misinterpreting rick ross line at all.. there is no metaphor... now if he said look i tell stories for a living...its entertainment.. but he was braggin in the song you hear it in the tone of his voice...he wasn't telling a story like a scene in a movie to say he drugged then fucked the girl on some revenge shit...that would be a story with a twist...but it wasn't there is a difference what ricky ross did..
    • Anonymous
      lol NOW he's real.
  • Anonymous
    shut the fuck up. do you need attention Slim Thug? wackass rapper
  • steveregal84
    I agree with Slim Thug on this one...U knew he was all about rapping about kilos of coke and all that other ish when u signed him to the endorsement deal, so why abandon ship when those very same lyrics that brought you to him, are now under fire??? Either u signed him for his popularity alone without doin your homework, or u simply didnt care about the repercussions till now... But Ross gotta be smarter with his lyrics now...When dealing with those billion dollar corporations, you gotta kinda watch what you say, because you're representing one of the biggest brands in the world..
  • ETK
    these dudes need to fall back. Eminem got flack for some of his worst shit too, NOBODY's safe in hip hop. it don't matter if you've been rapping about slangin yay and shootin niggas, if you're POPULAR and you come up with this fuckshit, better prepare for one group to put you on blast, and then everyone's gonna follow suit. It's sort of shitty what's happening to Ross but he should've known better
    • Anonymous
      I'll agree with this, more because Ross should have known better to be clear when he wrote the lyrics. I don't think he intended them to paint that picture, and it isn't what he meant, but its like Tobias from arrested development, accidental "analrapist".
  • Anonymous
    yeah Slim, after referring to the female as a b*tch, Reebok will probably not take your support of Ross seriously
  • Greg
    Earl and Slim both stupid as f*ck for even tryin' to think that Ross was a kingpin. F*ck both them d*ck ridin' n*ggas
    • foreign
      damn you slow.... slim clearly said they (reebok) didn't care about what he was rapping about, not what he is. and earl said the same damn thing it was about what he's been rapping about not what he's done
  • nibs
    I can understand that rap lyrics are always offensive, these are stories about fucked up worlds that most sheltered people will never know and the reason we care about these stories is because they are so fucked up and rappers give us a glimpse of it. There might be additional offense taken from Rick Ross because the whole world is aware that he isn't about this life and never has been, which makes this seem like he is an outside observor of "gangster shit" and he is saying based on those observations, it is ok to rape. Where any other rapper might be talking about a situation in the hood where this fucked up shit does happen, Rick Ross is either saying "I've never been in this scenario but it's cool and funny" or "I'm 40 years old, rich as fuck and down to rape" Not the same as earl sweatshirt or slim thug maybe knowing a dude who did this once or slim thug
  • yeaaahh
    Hip-hop will always be misunderstood. When other genres have dark lyrics they call it art -- but when a rapper does it they take it literally. I'm not playing the race card because the same thing happened to Eminem...but I think it's because most of these dudes come from the hood and IGNORANT people look at them as threats to society. I don't always agree with rappers' content but it is THEIR music. If you don't like it then don't listen!
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      real talk
    "niggas need to get off his head. if you like how his music sounds than listen to it. if you dont then dont listen to it and shut the fuck up" SAY THAT 10 MORE TIMES!!!
  • Ja Rule
  • Anonymous
    Why Earl worrying about Ross ? Ross sucks, who cares that he got dropped. Reebok has been crap for the past half decade.
    • JRich
      I doubt he's worrying about Ross. It aint hard to see a story and tweet about it, takes like 30 seconds
    • assbutt
      Earl isn't a hipster, he likes Rick Ross' music