Wu-Tang Clan Announces Sixth Album, "A Better Tomorrow"

posted Thursday April 11 ,2013 at 02:59PM CDT | 122 comments

Wu-Tang Clan Announces Sixth Album,

This summer promises to see the first true Wu-Tang Clan album in six years.

The legendary nine-man collective Wu-Tang Clan have gone nearly six years without a true studio album. That appears to be changing this summer, as 8 Diagrams will no longer be the reported final album from the Staten Island-Brooklyn-and Bronx, New York representatives. The eight living members of the Wu are said to be releasing A Better Tomorrow in July. The effort comes 20 years after the classic debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), released on Loud/RCA Records.

HipHopNMore reported that a U.K. press release coinciding with overseas dates confirmed the title and anticipated release season.

Next week, Ghostface Killah of the Clan, will release Twelve Reasons To Die, with producer Adrian Younge. The Soul Temple Records release is executive produced by RZA.

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  • Soon
    I believe Wu-Tang's about to drop a new classic joint. I'd like to see 'em together one more time. I hope they'll allow the RZA a free rein and he'll cook some great beats. P.S. People who say Ja Rule is better than Wu-Tang should pull out their heads of shit. If Wu-Tang hadn't released "Enter the 36 Chambers" hip-hop wouldn't have been the same today..
  • TDE
    No one had a run like the Wu word
  • Ghostface Killah
    Oh, Word? Peace god Allah Rule!
  • RZA
    Yo Son its God.
  • Anonymous
    there is still not a group or anyone in hip hop that could fuck with the WU catalogue!
  • Anonymous
    i know you aint talkin bout ja rules lame ass maybe jeru
  • Anonymous
    hahahaha everyone should get their mind right ja has NEVER dropped a hot joint in his life. anyone could write a ryhme,but a true MC is someone who has mastered all the elements of hip hop and ja is hip pop- WU FOREVER
    • Ja Rule
      Ja Rule would drop your ass for talking all reckless, get Ja Rule army!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      That New York joint was considered hot.
  • Eye Control
    I respect pu-tang and all, espically for releasing dare iz a darkside, but there is just too many dudes in that group these days, and lots of guest features usually means a drop in quality, just look at brown hippys kendrick lamars bad kid good city, that album would have gone gold by now if it wasnt for being over shadowed by drake and lady gaga.
    • Anonymous
      You suck at trolling; get some new material.
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule listened to Wu Block and threw up.
  • Big Bad Uno Ocho Gang
    I can't stand this new generation of rapping clowns. But I haven't heard anything outstanding from the WU since the "Triumph" joint. Not gonna give too much of a shit about this new Wu-Tang album.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Hold on y'all. Ja Rule needs to approve of this album first before it can even start being recorded.
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rulism, it's a movement, it's an art... It's a religion.
  • Anonymous
    Wu Tang vs Ja RULE. That's what I'd love to see.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule murdered shady records and 50 cent, he could murder wu tang too
  • Anonymous
    ja rule could murder any rapper in the rap game. He murdered rap groups for christ's sake!
  • Anonymous
    If wu tang had beef with ja rule, ja rule would murder that shit. Look at d12 and g unit... MURDERED.
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule steps on niggaz and shits on 'em.
  • Anonymous
    ja rule and wu tang cool, but I'd love to see if the whole wu tang could take on MIGHTY JA RULE
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule > Wu tang
  • ASAP
    Wu Tang again and again best group in history
    • Anonymous
      yea, but after Ja RULE.