Azealia Banks Feuds With A$AP Rocky, Questions His Sexual Orientation

posted Thursday April 11 ,2013 at 09:20AM CDT | 118 comments

Azealia Banks Feuds With A$AP Rocky, Questions His Sexual Orientation

A$AP Rocky said he doesn't feel some women should wear red or purple lipstick. Azealia Banks responds by saying A$AP needs to "come out of the closet."

Azealia Banks and A$AP Rocky are feuding and their feud has evolved into a conversation about skin complexion and sexual orientation. 

Banks was originally offended by A$AP Rocky's comments in The Coveteur. In his interview, which has since been edited, the emcee shared his take on women wearing lipstick.   

"I feel like with the red lipstick thing, it all depends on the pair of complexion," he said, as noted on Huffington Post. "I’m just being for real. You have to be fair-skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—fucking for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the fuck…"

Banks, upset about these comments, decided to send shots at Rocky. 

By using sexual orientation as an insult, Banks refueled criticism she faced earlier this year. Then, Banks feuded with Perez Hilton and used a homophobic slur. She later had a separate feud with Baauer over "Harlem Shake" and again used a homophobic slur. She responded by saying people act "like it's fucking 1905 in this bitch." 

Banks responded to the criticism about her "closet" comment, saying she was hurt by Rocky. 

In November of last year, Rocky shared his views on homophobia and racial discrimination. 

"I'm a heterosexual man. I never been gay a day of my life," he explained. "I used to be homophobic, but as I got older, I realized that wasn't the way to do things. I don't discriminate against anybody for their sexual preference, for their skin color... That's immature. Not only that, not only do I know the difference between that, but I'm wise enough to know that that's just stupid and wrong, and I'm just trying to spread that to everybody."

In a different interview early in 2012, he shared more of these views.

"I like women. I love women," he noted. "I'm not going to not be your friend because you like men. As long as you're a great person and, aside from that, y'know, you don't bother me and make me uncomfortable, then let's be friends, dude… It doesn't matter. You don't see people for being gay. People need to leave gay people the fuck alone. Like, who cares? If you still care about shit like that you need to just hang yourself like the rest of them KKK mothafuckers." 

In the past, Rocky has also discussed his friendship with Banks and has said she should not beef with people.

"I like her for what she’s worth," he said of Banks, who was feuding with T.I. "I do think she gotta chill out with the beefin’ and all that other stuff and disrespecting the O.G.s. She the homegirl, so it ain’t nothin’ but a little talk to her. I think if she stays out of trouble, she’ll have longevity.”

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  • Anonymous
    her music is unique..rihanna, nikki minaj have started to bite this sound she almost like a new missy elliot...i think she just need to stay away from twitter..and keep doin it
  • DL Dub
    This azalea banks chick is like one of this little bitches that constantly yap at shit in the window, but once you get close they fall back immediately, and yap when they know it's safe to. Funny she never makes headlines for her music, but rather her one sided shit talkin. Bitch chill the fuck out, write some decent material and be somebody. And take your fucking meds. Have no idea why this annoys me so much.
  • joey_be
    Bitches like this alway try to test a dude on he's manhood and then act all surprised when they get slaped......and start to call him gay for hitting a woman.... you can win these bitches
  • joey_be
  • Realest
    errtime someone talks about closet gays in hiphop asap sprint to mind first!! i ain't trying to be homophobic or something but i feel like errthing this nigga does just screams out homo
  • hi
    I really would like to eat her out. Got damn that skin do somethin to a nigga
  • Ja Rule
    This bitch needs a lot of smacking !!!
  • So Harlem
    Asap aka RuPaul need to chill... look how easy gays tear apart our community.
  • ronald
    rocky is right tho, i hate it when women wear bright red or purple lipstick.
  • Anonymous
    typical skinny dike broad licking her lips to promote male female oral sex wearing every drag thing they can find ...they both exploit gays for profit
  • Pimpy
    This bitch wack and stupid.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I'm pretty sure a feud means both people are involved in this case shes just bitchin
  • Fuck Harlem
    out here in LA, we aint down with this faggot ass shit
    • DOLO
      You gotta be kidding me man...LA is like the mecca for gays, fool. #WestHollywood
    • Anonymous
      lmfao LA is well known mecca of faggots
    • Fuck Harlem
      out here in the CPT, we aint down with homo ass fags. real G's live here on the westcoast!
    • youknowmySteez
      Didn't think you guys in CPT were connected to the internet yet...
    • Anonymous
      If "G" is short for Gay then you're right, real G's live on the westcoast.
  • Kizman
    am i the only one who finds Azealia INSANELY attractive? i'd tap that...
    • Anonymous
      yeah she's cute
    • Anonymous
      Would you tap Betty White too? Get some taste.
  • unknown
    ja rule needs to give these people some advice ja rule is very smart at solving situations like these, and many other situations as well. i love ja rule
    • Anonymous
      co sign 100% yo
    • Dave
      Where is Ja??
    These two morons are making Harlem look bad, Big L would slap the taste out of these two if he was alive...
  • V-Nasty is God
    I swear this chick has a bone to pick with everybody who has a pulse but she does have a point this time. What type of rapper gives lipstick advice to women and talks about his skincare regimen for a fashion magazine in the first place? What type of rapper gets on a talk show with a dress on talking about it's a long tank top (in other words, a dress) and wears skirts with leggings on stage? The only niggas i've seen rock silk perms in their hair are pimps and A$AP isn't one, he took it the extra mile by curling that bitch and putting it into a ponytail. I fucks with his music but personally he be on some other shit. Him being gay isn't gonna stop me from listening to him but this nigga is so far in the closet right now he's on the other side of narnia. Lil B aka the pretty bitch aka princess and his grandmother's earrings can come out too.
    • Atl2Trill
      Lol at this nigga is so far in the closet right now he's on the other side of Narnia.
  • Turn Up Gawd
    So Asap Rocky is a sefhating piece of shit which hatin' darkskin chicks = No Respect! I'm so glad that Miss Banks keepin' it real and always callin' out all these cowards.
    • Anonymous
      -_________- ur completely getting the wrong idea. Assuming ur a woman with dark skin, would u seriously walk out the house wearing bright as fuck red lipstick? I think what he's meant to try nd say is that certain shades don't work well with some complexions.
  • Theo Huxtable
    Black people need to stop this colorism bullshit / lighskin vs darkskin which tearing black community apart.
    • Atl2Trill
      I agree. I'm sick of it.
  • Anonymous
    Its not a feud when its just one bitch yelling and crying over something as stupid as lipstick
  • Anonymous
    She cried over a comment about lipstick? Must be her time of the month.
  • truth
    I agree with Azealia.
  • planbcirca
    Someone buy this bitch a pair of shoes. Dirty ass fucking feet
  • OF
    I knew this would happen....ROCKY running around NY with his boyfriend Jeremy Scott and Azaelia getting nailed by 90yr old white men...Both of them are a disgrace...gays and hoes killing our culture
    • AMD1 CEO
      Hoes will always be Hoes,But Sexual Orientation is only a Preference & as far as our culture hmmm the only thing killing everything is dumb azz niggaz (Ignorance in general) Sincerely Your, Dragon Empress/AMD1 CEO
    • Kiva
      AMD, you don't seem to know what preference is vs. sexual orientation. A whore can change, rarely do they want to, but it's possible. Sexual orientation on the other hand can't be changed or deterred. When you describe preference as sexual orientation or try to make the two synonymous, you're saying that a gay person could be with someone of the opposite sex, but imply they choose or prefer not to. No. A gay person couldn't love someone of the opposite sex as they would someone of the same, and there is no choice for genuine gays. People have preference in what they want in a partner, but not gender of that person. It is what it is man.
  • Anonymous
    I hope (but doubt) A$AP Rocky reads this: You are a man who wears SKIRTS and gives ladies advice on lipstick. Your debut album hasn't gone gold yet and if you want your next to go gold you better pick a lane and stick with it cuz you definitely lost one fan with your homo erotic tendencies. I just can't follow a dude who wears skirts out in public and gives ladies advice on lipstick. I understand you're really into fashion, but you've really gone too far. Your next logical step would be to take it up the ass and carry a purse with a Chihuahua in it.
    • Anonymous
      Well u just wasted ur time and energy! :D