Killer Mike & El-P "Run The Jewels" Release Date, Tracklist & Album Download

posted Wednesday June 26 ,2013 at 10:30AM CDT | 112 comments

Killer Mike & El-P

UPDATE #4: A-Trak and Fool's Gold Records give up the goods on Killer Mike & El-P's "Run The Jewels" project.

After the critical and commercial success of 2012's R.A.P. Music, Atlanta, Georgia's Killer Mike and Brooklyn, New York's El-P are taking it one step further. While Mike already confirmed a follow-up to the album on the Adult Swim imprint, SPIN reveals that for the upcoming works, El-P will be stepping in the vocal booth. Moreover, the pair will be now operating under the guise of a group, called Run The Jewels.

"It's probably like the hardest shit you can possibly say," the Company Flow co-founder told SPIN, who also previewed a R.T.J. snippet:

(April 10)

UPDATE: Yesterday (May 15), El-P revealed Run The Jewels' believed-to-be self-titled free album's features. Guests on the effort will include Prince Paul and Big Boi. El-P and Paul worked together during Handsome Boy Modeling School, with the then-Company Flow member appearing in the Handsome Boy's promotional video, as well as on 1999's So...How's Your Girl? and the 2004 follow-up, White People. Big Boi was a mentor to Killer Mike, and the pair worked extensively in the early 2000s, during the height of Purple Ribbon Records.

El's tweet also confirmed that while he will handle a bulk of the production, co-production duties were executed by Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby.

(May 16)

UPDATE #2: Fool's Gold Records' publicist has announced a June 29 release date to Killer Mike & El-P's self-titled debut. Today (June 12), the artwork was also confirmed, along with the tracklist. The songs and sequencing for Run The Jewels are as follows:

1. Run The Jewels
2. Banana Clipper (feat. Big Boi)
3. 36" Chain
5. Sea Legs
6. Job Well Done (feat. Until The Ribbon Breaks)
7. No Come Down
8. Get It
9. Twin Hype Back (feat. Prince Paul as Chest Rockwell)
10. A Christmas Fucking Miracle

(June 12)

UPDATE #3: Killer Mike has announced that his Run The Jewels collaboration with El-P will release three days earlier than previously announced. On Twitter this morning, Mike Bigga confirmed that he is now planning a free release tomorrow, June 26.

(June 25)

UPDATE #4: Fool's Gold Records has formally released Killer Mike & El-P's self-titled album (as Run The Jewels) today. Label founder A-Trak tweeted fans the approved download link. The free album is also soon coming to vinyl release, with other formats potentially:

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  • youngcosby
    Killer Mike got verse of the year so far: Real shit, I came for the jewels I'm the killer of kings and fools I'm the reason the season for treason starts this evening And this evening the odds ain't even People praying to the gods but the gods ain't even listening Don't matter if you're Muslim, Hebrew, Christian When death runs in the distance there will be no Mercy me's There will be no reprieve for the thieves There will be no respect for The Thrones No master mastered these bones Your idols all are my rivals I rival all of your idols I stand on towers like Eiffel, I rifle down all your idols Niggas will perish in Paris, niggas is nothing but parrots I write for the writers that write for the liars that impress you and your parents Is this real or another dimension? Am I trippin' here in the kitchen? Am I a victim of my convictions? I feel my sanity slippin' And I think I like the freedom Cannibal, animal, rappers I eat'em Even in Dubai I smoke like it's legal Bitch so exotic she rode on a zebra Made in America home of the (eagle) Home of the (anger), home of the (evil) Do what I do for the good of my people Holding my lane, smoke jane in a Regal
  • Cwigg
    This over Yeezus 100%.
  • Poitier We next up!! Get in tune stupid!! Hope you all enjoy!
  • Anonymous
    much love from germany
  • I K N O W
    It's Good. I like It.
  • w h o k n o w s
    this tape is gonna be ill
  • Nancy R. Harmon
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  • xxx09
  • xx004
  • Garbo
    This shit is not hip-hop nigga this sum else, definitely not rap tho.
  • Tyler
    This is some electronic shit wtf. I seen this nigga poppin shit for this bull? Back to my rozay nigga.
  • Ty
    I agree kendrick and cole could not go toe to toe with these guys, because they are on another level. These guys been legendary from day one. This tape is better than both of their albums and is album worthy.
  • Tha Don
    I keep hearing kendrick in these conversations peeps, be actin like he is the end all be all. The nigga is ight same with cole just ok, stop hypin these nigga's up because they are not too skilled, especially when going up against these two.
  • zxsss4
  • Anonymous
    like it, but preferred r.a.p. music. if you get chance to see them with big boi, do so. Saw em in April and they killed it.
    • Anonymous
      after more listens it just gets better!!!!
  • 666
  • cashprice
    Loving the album
  • imho
    you'd think he would be rapping about going to college and getting jobs the way he blamed white people for sharing ignorant rap to the masses. hypocrite at its FINEST!
    • Anonymous
      he's out there in his community cornball and it's way too evident that you haven't been listening to this man's music before he said something about whites that got you mad
  • Anonymous
    run the jewels = black nazies
    • Anonymous
      crack = cocaine
  • xxsss9
  • Anonymous
    Dope ass album!
  • nuc
  • Prick James
    Shit is dope.
  • Rain
    My god, I'm halfway through this tape and it is fucking amazing. This tape makes Cole's and Kanye's Album look like straight ASS!
    • Anonymous
      not a tape. its a free digital album. the vinyl is coming out soon. its the same thing fools gold did with danny brown's xxx. just because its free doesn't mean its a mixtape.
  • zxsss9
  • IMhO
    wait wait wait.. LOL this is tooooooo funny! wasnt this the guy that just went on a rant the other day how 'white execs' push out ignorant rap to black masses to 'brainwash' them now hes got an album title called 'run the jewels' the cover is someone gettin stuck up by a gun HAHAHHAAHHAH KILLER MIKE YOUR A CLOWN AND LOST SALES BEFORE YOU EVEN DROPPED YOUR ALBUM! #flop
    • IMhO
      not to mention its free? so anyone broke can get the album and peep it? LOLLLL Killer mike = rebel without a cause (he should team up with kanye)
    • whocaresidont
      Anyone broke can get ANY album, and always have been whether it was online leaks the past 15 years or dubbed tapes before that. These guys just aren't pretending that's not the case. I would bet anything, they will make more money off the vinyl packages and optional CD/merch sales than 99% of rappers in similar positions would off not releasing a free album and expecting to sell CDs.
    • IMhO
      im not saying anything about the music in general. i just think itsfunny he goes on a rant blaming white people for pushing ignorant black music that 'brainwashes' black youth--- yet hes on no type of major meaning he has almost 100% control of his music and hes releasing more ignorant music. its just ironic is all
  • Mike
  • Anonymous
    Just downloaded it. Haven't skipped any songs on this, I just let it play and break my neck.. Damn good music!
  • 666
    • Anonymous
      get out of here satin
  • sonny rene
    Cancer 4 Cure & R.A.P. Music were both dope in there own right but I think Run The Jewels will end up being the best project that either men have ever been involved in due to the chemistry these two have.
  • sxx009