Jay-Z Reportedly To Divest Share In Nets & Become NBA Agent

posted Tuesday April 09 ,2013 at 10:44PM CDT | 39 comments

Jay-Z Reportedly To Divest Share In Nets & Become NBA Agent

Reports indicate that Jay-Z is seeking to drop his ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets in his next step to enter the world of sports.

It appears that Jay-Z is making a major move to further ingrain himself into the sports world.

Yahoo! Sports has reported that Jay-Z is looking to divest himself from his less-than-one percent ownership share of the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets, the National Basketball Association, and the newly-formed Roc Nation Sports have declined to comment on the matter.

The news comes one week after Roc Nation announced its partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to launch a sports representation agency that has secured New York Yankees player Robinson Cano, and has reportedly secured representation rights with the New York Giants' Victor Cruz.

To become an NBA agent, Jay-Z would be required to sell his share of the Nets, as no one affiliated with a player representation company may have an ownership stake with an NBA team.

The report indicates that rival agents are "anxious" about the prospect of Jay-Z being involved as an agent, because his celebrity status can offer unique marketing and business opportunities.

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Comments 39 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Hov Big pimpin for real now
  • Anonymous
    "what more can I say?"
  • Anonymous
    OMG HOv"
  • So Icy Boi / Yung Icy Boi!
    Jay-Z is keep copyin Lil Wayne and YMCMB. 1. copied Lil Wayne's love for sports 2. copied Birdman's business moves (UMG) 3. copied Drake's flow swag
    • Ja Rule
      Fuckouttahere Ja loves sports too. While Wayne was eating lunchable meats Ja was making moves too how you think the Yankees won the chip and Murder Inc was putting numbers fuck CMYM n don't get me started on Drake. Who you think started What Would I Be Without You!. Holla!
    • P.A.P.I.N.O.R.E.
      T.H.I.S. F.O.O.L. D.O.N.T. K.N.O.W. W.H.A.T. H.E. T.A.L.K.I.N.G. B.O.U.T. W.H.A.T. W.H.A.T.
  • Let The Hate Commence
    Welp, that's more than everyone on this site will make in you and your moms lifetime.
  • Fuck Marcy
    He's already a Satan agent.
  • Anonymous
    Comment section isn't working.
  • Anonymous
    interesting, although i like the idea of him being apart of something like a team. even if it is less than 1 percent, its still important.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    front coon step back!
  • D
    The report indicates that rival agents are "anxious" about the prospect of Jay-Z being involved as an agent, because his celebrity status can offer unique marketing and business opportunities. Yeah they're plotting as I speak.
  • Hypestyle
    This is a bad move. Master P already tried his hand at having a Sports Management group years ago, and of course, it went under. I respect that Jay wants a piece of that pie; I think a better move would be to try and consolidate some of the black-owned sports manager firms under one umbrella (since he loves Mafia movies/culture, he might get a kick out of this kind of angle).. But just starting out your own firm from day one, in an era of the "super firms" already having what, 85% of the Basketball, football, baseball & hockey players on lock, it's going to be an uphill battle to the utmost. Unless Jay wants to try and go after people from the sports that get less sports-bar props in the USA like Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Extreme Sports, Bowling, etc., and carve out a niche from there..
    • SWORDZ
      Read Forbes bro. Master P aint Jay-Z. Hov owns publishing, advertising and licensing companies (Roc Nation Management, Translation) that do more business than 50% of ALL sports agents COMBINED! This a BOSS move. "I don't get dropped... I drop the label"
  • Anonymous
    fuck jay z
  • Anonymous
    He balled to hard... Even Jay has limits.
  • Anonymous
    His less-than-one percent ownership share of the Brooklyn Nets. I remember reading how Jay never wanted that info to come out because he wanted people to think his percentage was higher.
  • GBtha G
    Yep yep muthafucaz betta be "anxious" coz the day Jigga steps in they'll be blown away like real fuckin insects.run 2 yo bitchiz now punks!
  • Nasstill@it
    Jay stay winning while Nas can't pay child support.
  • Anonymous
    jay z is going broke
    • Anonymous
      No, he ain't.
  • Anonymous
    Hov doin' power moves
  • Rick Stowen
    Curious how much Jay'z net worth is? www.hiphop-networth.com and find out!
  • Rick Stowen
    Jay has been making some solid business moves. His association with Brookyln Nets boosted brand value through the roof. In the first two days of merchandise sales they sold more fan gear than in the entire nets previous history! Anyways, we love Jay him and Diddy are on their way to Billionaire status. Check out our site, we love to post about their business ventures.
  • Anonymous
    Divest his 0.0000001% share. Fuck Jay-Z
  • Anonymous
    Oh boy. Let me guess Lebron James!
  • .
  • k flop
    Its amazing the career this dude has had. I don't see another rapper or entertainer touching what this guy h as done over the years. I don't see any rappers that are 25yrs old or younger touching what rappers in the ninties have accomplished when it comes to movies, clothing, or music. A lot of the albums that are made today by say jay-z which are not classic like the ninties albums are still good and I still play them from time to time.
  • Anonymous
  • Tiger Woods
    I'm next guys.
  • dentaldamboy
    I, for one, am happy that Jay is finally retiring as a rapper and is switching career paths. Now we don't have to listen to any more of his pop music. Had he retired after the Black Album, he would be looked at as a rap legend today. But instead we had to suffer through Kingdom Come and BP3, and terrible verses like the ones he bestowed upon Clique, Talk That Talk, Suit and Tie, I Do and many more. RIP Jay's career. Mr Wayne Carter now holds he rap game firmly by the clit.
    • Ja Rule troll
      Dude you're trolling sucks. Give it up. I run this troll shit.
    • Ric Flair
    • k flop
      You got mode-ed by ja. Hhhhhhoooolllllaaaaa!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Dude, get a new hobby, because your trolling sucks.
  • Anonymous
    he need to finally hire me.
  • Lebron James
    See told ya. He's gon be my agent.