Prodigy & Alchemist Collaborate On Exclusive Tape For Inmates

posted Tuesday April 09 ,2013 at 09:47AM CDT | 19 comments

Prodigy & Alchemist Collaborate On Exclusive Tape For Inmates

Rapper/producer Alchemist and Mobb Deep's Prodigy will release an instrumental tape that'll be available for New York state inmates through Send A Package.

Alchemist and Prodigy are teaming up for a release on Send A Package, a service that provides care packages to inmates in the New York state prison system. Their collaboration will be an instrumental release, which Mobb Deep’s Prodigy sees as a great offering for inmates who rhyme.

“I hated rhyming over other people's beats,” Prodigy said in a statement, using his own experience in prison to serve as foundation for his opinion. “I think this is a good thing that Send A Package is doing.”

No official release date has been provided but the tape will be released at some point in the summer.

Prodigy and Alchemist have worked together for years. The duo linked up for various projects including Alchemist's 1st InfantryProdigy's H.N.I.C. and Return of the Mac. Prodigy has co-produced several records including songs on The Infamous and Juvenile Hell. Al and P are currently working on a separate project, Albert Einstein, which is reportedly unrelated to this Send A Package release.

Send A Package recently signed a deal with Universal Records to release Hip Hop LPs in cassette tape form. As we reported when the deal was made earlier this year, Universal can release tape versions of albums by various emcees including discs by Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z.

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  • G&Eric
    prodigy owed this to his boyfriend in jail.
  • Anonymous
    They're cooking that instrumental music for y'all locked niggas. Niggas in jail gonna nod their heads to da beats.
  • Anonymous
    gay midget and OVERRATED hollywood jew go to prison together, wow... ok to ride Al's dick for work done in the past but the idiots pretending every piece of shit he throws out there now (which is A LOT) 'bangs' are fucking delusions, or have zero taste.
    • Anonymous
      while al is dope, i'll agree, he's as good as he's always been but people seem to be really hyped now for some reason. but its true, not everything he does bangs, he's not super consistent. even premo is a bit over hyped in that respect.
    • Anonymous
      name one producer more consistent u faggots
    • Big Bag One Eight Gang
      I agree. Alchemist is a bit overrated for sure. He has some nice beats here and there but not everything is nice tho.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, not too many of his beats are worth listen. Sorry for breaking it down for you guys. :(
    • Anonymous
      These dudes most likely want to type Lex Luger or that 40 whatever guy that makes fap music for Aubs/Wheelchair jimmy/Drake whatever. We Started from the bottom and were queer
  • Anonymous
    if it's just instrumentals what does prodigy have to do with it?
    • Cage
      Exactly... Havok was the beat maker
    • Anonymous
      "Prodigy has co-produced several records including songs on The Infamous and Juvenile Hell."
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rules music has been proven to cure aids.
  • Ja Rule
    thanks to listening to Ja Rule i'm now a doctor
  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule lives by certain rules: "1. He never fucks a hoodrat with a name he can't pronounce 2. Doesn't let his kids listen to Eminem on their IPOD's 3. Never shops on Black Friday 4. Only does REAL PRISON TIME... If it's not at least 5 years he ain't interested"
    • Fuck Queens
      "He never fucks a hoodrat with a name he can't pronounce" Are names like "Keyshia" too hard for him to say???
    • Anonymous
      5. Fuck vocal training.
    • Anonymous
      6. When in doubt, duet.
    • 2nd Ja Rule
      What would I be without you??
  • bros
    damn, we need these tapes ! I'm sure it will be a bomb ! #salute from Italy