Black Rob Speaks On "Life Story 2" Album & Moving To The South

posted Wednesday April 03 ,2013 at 10:59PM CDT | 34 comments

Black Rob Speaks On

Black Rob discusses his upcoming project and why he switched it up to southpaw.

Thirteen years after dropping Life Story, Black Rob is readying a sequel to the project.

In an interview with AllHipHop, the former Bad Boy Records artist discussed what fans can expect from Life Story 2, which spawned the hit single "Whoa!"

“It was a no brainer," he explained. "If you know Black Rob you know what I was coming with when I was on Life Story 1, The Black Rob Report, Game Tested Streets Approved, I never lost what a rapper needed to take it over the top.”

"It was just my management and my labels that was crazy," he added.

Rob also discussed why he decided to move to the South. “I moved somewhere down south in a undisclosed location. I turn the radio on in New York, all I hear is 2 Chainz, T.I., Future…the list goes on. Why would I wanna be there, might as well come down here an enjoy the living and the music. This is the Mecca right now as far as music is concerned."

Watch the interview below:

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Comments 34 Posts

  • melvinjohnson
    peace god this the god universal buffalo
  • Chilltronix
    LMAO...alot of NY rappers have done southern sounding songs, but this brother is actually "relocating". Hilarious!
  • Anonymous
    Agreed. But g dep was his ghostwriter
  • Anonymous
    Black Rob needs a new concept cause it's not the labels' fault he can't make hit songs.
  • XO
    Da fuck @ the mecca comment. Your last album sucked cock, Robbie. Fuck ya life
      says a kid thats a fan of lyrically inept west coast rappers... YAY YAYYYYYY! fuck outta here with that bullshit...the west coast would of been shit without their good production
    • Anonymous
      ^^Fuck both of you drama queens.
  • Anonymous
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  • fat stack
    this wannabe cant compete with french montana
  • Anonymous
    did he really say 'no brainer'? slangin!!!
  • Anonymous
    Blame it on the label...Classic!
  • Flatbush Brooklyn
    Fuck the south the only tru MCs in the south is outkast T.I ludacris & Big k.r.I.t.bun B & Yealawolf fuck the other trash ass rappers down there
    • Nahlidge
      ... and Scarface. Z-Ro. Devin. Chamillionaire. Killer Mike. Pusha.
    • Anonymous
      tru dat
    • nquestion
      Why is it when people mention the best mc's from tha south no one ever mentions Trae Tha Truth the brother is gangsta and street as they come !
  • Anonymous
    Fuck the south.
  • br
    very true, most of the hip hop out today is boring bullshit rap and 4 the kids FUCK THAT BORING ASS SHIT respect dude
  • Anonymous
    His last album was dope
    • Anonymous
      not dope but very good
  • Big D
    Good luck to Rob ...Let a brother do his thing ..Why always so much hate about another mans movements
    • Anonymous
      you ever use the bathroom after Black Rob got out? his movements are fucking nasty boy!!!!
    Very original title: Life Story 2! All these sequels are played out. They just want to capture that felling from the first album but guess Black Flop this aint gonna happen. FUCK THE SOUTH.
  • Black FLOP
    So this fucking pussy is broke and is now listening to 2chainz and other southren crap. You Rob you gonna rap on trapbeats and you wanna sound like southren rappers????? Whats wrong with these NYC rappers? Why not some eascoast rap?
    • Anonymous
      u need to learn how to read
    • Anonymous
      you need to spell it's you and not u
    • Anonymous
      new york city is selling out to this fake ass rap ,bring back that authentic nyc gritty style back let the music speak for it self1
  • Alex
    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! So after years of milking his one hit wonder track hit "Whoa", and running out of money Black Rob has decided to return to rapping. Thanks Hiphop DX for the update. Cant fcking wait to hear this.
    • Anonymous
      y'all be trying too hard to troll and come off as punk ass kids dying for attention
    • DangDang
      ^ is that you sticking up for yourself black rob. Posting as anonymous an shit.
  • Anonymous
    "Southpaw" has absolutely nothing to do with the South -- not directionally, regionally, nor otherwise. Jesus Christ.
  • 614kj
    Life story 1 is a classic album...spotify that shit...idk what he on now but that shit then was crazy.
    • Anonymous
      no it ain't, its just some pop/rap bullshit
    • Anonymous
      pop/rap huh? you ain't never listen to that album so stop making yourself look stupid