Sara Kana Explains Difference Between Male & Female Battle Rappers

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Sara Kana Explains Difference Between Male & Female Battle Rappers

Exclusive: Owner and CEO of Barz & Brastrapz previews this weekend's F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) event in Milwaukee featuring the headlining battle between Viixen Tha Assassin and Dutchess.

Bronx, New York-born emcee, Sara Kana has built a solid reputation in the male dominated world of Battle Rap. Like most in the rapidly growing industry, her career began in the cypher and recording booth. Now she’s the Owner & CEO of Barz & Barstrapz—a seasonal league featuring the world’s top female battle rappers.

Kana launched Barz & Brastrapz in 2012 and is building the league after the regional and online model pioneered by GrindTimeNow in 2006. “I started with GrindTime in [2008] and I was of course helping [PumpkinHead] when P.H. was running the GrindTime East Coast division and pretty much helped him with the events and the battles and things of that nature,” S.K. told HipHopDX exclusively. She continued:   

“Once P.H. walked out and [Poison Pen] took over, my responsibilities became that much more. Then Drect and Pen kind of trusted me with the female movement being that I booked Young Gattas versus QB right after me and Gattas. Once that happened, I guess a lot of people started paying attention. I was getting a lot of phone calls from people who wanted to know how they could get involved.”

Along with Barz & Brastrapz, Sara Kana is the premiere booking agent for leagues looking for female emcees to battle. She regularly books female battles for a number of different leagues, including SMACK/URL and King Of The Dot.

“Once we kind of made our departure from GrindTime and went with the URL brand—just to have the Barz & Barstrapz on there—I started working with URL,” she said. “Shout out to them over there. They were very supportive and we were able to book QB Black Diamond versus Jaz The Rapper. That worked out great. They’re at almost 300,000 [YouTube] views. Now I’m working with all of the leagues to keep the female movement rotating.”

When asked about the difference between male and female battles, Kana noted that while the male battles are much more ballyhooed, female battles are rapidly gaining in popularity. QB Black Diamond versus Jaz The Rapper during SMACK/URL’s Revelations event last fall is being described as a classic within the genre—male or female. And for anyone doubting a woman’s ability to compete at the level of their counterparts in this lyrical octagon, S.K. quickly references Ms. Hustle’s battle with New Jersey’s O-Red.

“If you didn’t watch Ms. Hustle [versus] O-Red, I don’t know your problem!,” Kana says with a laugh about the male versus female Queen Of The Ring battle many believe Ms. Hustle won. “There’s a lot of girls that can really spit like dudes and they get it in just like dudes because that’s what they’ve seen.”

This Sunday (March 31), SMACK/URL and Barz & Brastrapz presents F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event takes place at Club 30 and features Milwaukee’s Viixen Tha Assassin going head to head with New York’s Dutchess in the main event.

“It’s gonna be ugly!,” Sara Kana says about the headlining bout.

“It’s pretty much a seasoned vet versus the new upcoming face. I’m pretty sure Viixen is gonna wanna let it be known that she’s here and she’s ready to stay. Dutchess is gonna put it in like, ‘I’m who you gotta get past to get that work, baby!’ Dutchess is one that has never been bodied. She’s Queen of the Ring first generation. She’s battled Misfit. She’s battled QB. She’s battled Young Gattas. She’s battled every heavy hitter historical female battle rapper. Vixen is gonna have her work in front of her. Vixen has been so consistent [with] the wordplay and she’s getting bodies left and right. We can finally say between this female movement that we have top female battle rappers that we can look forward to now. That hasn’t been said in a long time. Thanks to myself and Queen Of the Ring, we can actually work with something these days.”

Sara Kana appeared on Jean Grae’s 2002 project, Attack Of The Attacking Things. In 2006, she released her debut album, Rainbow Six Lockdown. She’s also a regular host of End Of The Week, New York City’s longest running Hip Hop open mic event.

For F.L.A.G. ticketing information, visit

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  • Anonymous
    all those dissing any females or even sara for doing something great for the movement are not only insecure fools but PUSSY FOR GOING UNDER ANONYMOUS.. got nerve to judge but hide behind the fake.. no respect for the fake and punk.#SALUTE SARA KANA
  • Mannski
    Looking like a skinny big pun. She need hit the gym and forget about the mic.
    • Anonymous
      fuckouttahere wit dat!
  • Mannski
    Yea boys have a penis girls have a vagina. I mean come on. Is anyone in here really looking forward to this girls album.
    • sugariisweet
      what does that have to do with the quality of her music?
  • Sara Kana's Father
    Get a real job!
  • anon
  • melecio castillo
    check out my girl dissm on reverbnation she is dope on the lyrics!!
  • Anonymous
    ugly bitch trying to be a rapper you either have to cake your self up get implants and surgery to look good or fuck outta the rap game and the music industry itself. Ugly bitches arent aloud in music
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    jean grae the best female rapper
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    This John Candy looking bitch looks like she doesn't know the difference between a man & a women, she actin' like a man in all her photos...
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    battle rap is stupid and immature
  • Garrett
    She's doing positive things for the culture
  • joe moms's not a vagina?
  • jake p
    is this Dutchess from black ink crew
  • nov
    i salute her for doing her thing and being successful
  • Anonymous
    what the fuck is this?
  • What???
    Are you telling me that thing is a female?
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  • bolddebauchery
    qb vs jaz is not a classic. it's not even a decent battle
  • icekiddo
    female and male mcs should never battle rap. this trend is a recipe for disaster, if chivalry WAS dead then it defienterly would be in HELL now. mens rules are different if you a female mc and u step into a mcs stage all rules go out the window and it just wont be cool. ladies deserve a level of respect im afraid hungry male mcs wont give them.
    • joe moms
      da fuk are you talking about dude?
    • Anonymous
      not to mention females suck at rapping.
  • junMaf*ckn
    Good To See The Ladies Shining. I Miss Dope Female Rappers.
  • Mike P
    Lol the article misspelled Gattas and called her Goddess. The difference is the female rappers are all studs who want to be men. The male rappers are men. End of discussion.
  • droc
    LOL these hoes suck.. dont no one wanna hear hoes screamin at each other actin like they gangstas.. NO ONE.
    • Anonymous
      You don't speak for us. I'm a straight battle rap fan and I watch QOTR on the regular. precyse battle drops tomorrow.
    • Anonymous
      dont no one wanna hear NO ONE screamin at each other actin like they gangstas.. NO ONE.
    • joe moms
      he's right...nobody wanna hear that sheit.
    • Anonymous
      battle rap is fucking stupid
  • Anonymous
    boys have a penis and girls have a vagina
  • seven17
    Legit thought it was Fat Joe from the article thumbnail.