Rick Ross Continues To Apologize For "Lyrics Interpreted As Rape"

posted Thursday April 04 ,2013 at 11:49AM CDT | 323 comments

Rick Ross Continues To Apologize For

UPDATE: Rick Ross takes to Twitter to assert his apology over lyrics that he feels may have been misinterpreted.

Rick Ross has caught a significant amount of heat for his lyric on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O. (You Ain't even Know It)," where he raps, "Put molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it / I took her home and enjoy that, she ain't even know it."

The track inspired a radio station to ban Ross, and a petition asking the rapper to apologize.

In an attempt to save face, Ross attempted to explain the rhyme on the Q 93.3 radio show.

"I want to make sure this is clear," said Rozay. "Woman is the most precious gift known to man, you understand? It was a misunderstanding with a lyric, a misinterpretation where the term rape wasn't used. I would never use the word rape in my records."

Ross assured that no one in the Maybach Music Group camp was a supporter of rape. "And as far as my camp, Hip Hop don't condone that, streets don't condone that. Nobody condones that, you understand me? I just wanted to reach out to all the queens that's on my timeline, all the sexy ladies, the beautiful ladies that have been reaching out to me about the misunderstanding. We don't condone rape and I'm not with that."

Watch the interview below:

(March 28)

UPDATE: In the last week, Rick Ross has continued to face criticism for his "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics, from protest groups threatening his Reebok sponsorship, along with Rap peer Talib Kweli. Today (April 4), Ross publicly again apologized. The Maybach Music Group founder stated that he doesn't "condone rape." He apologized, using hashtags, for "the lyric interpreted as rape."

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  • Cold Truth
    Remember when Ryan Dunn died from DUI and speeding over 140mph? And he also took the life of a buddy with him due to his stupidity? Most of Dunn's and Jackass's fans tried to defend him and insult anybody who believed that he (Dunn) was in the wrong. If Ryan Dunn wasn't famous and still made the news, everyone would've been bashing him and other ordinary people who drink and drive daily. Famous and well-liked people often get much more passes in life than the average or less popular people. THIS IS ANOTHER fine example of the double standard and bias. Even though I like Eminem, Biggie, Big L, and other skilled rappers with dark lyrics much, much more than no-talents like Wayne and Ross, you people need to come to realization that wack rappers have the right to talk about dark shit in their songs as well. It's entertainment for the most part. As long as the rappers aren't actually doing the gruesome shit outside of their music, then it's fine. The only difference is that the skilled rappers are just better at executing their lyrics and dark imagery than the wack rappers. The argument that "rape lyrics causes more rape" is about as reliable as "Grand Theft Auto video games causes more violence". It's the person behind the gun that does the crime, not the gun itself. Also, if Kendrick Lamar kissed a man (ex: Dr. Dre) on the lips like Lil Wayne did, would you also bash him? If you are going to bash a rapper, bash him/her because he/she is wack (or has a shitty, fake, and/or hypocritical personality), not because of something as mundane as a generic lyric with shock value that so many of your favorite rappers have within their songs. Many of you need to take Biggie's and Eminem's cocks out of your eye sockets because you all are being shafted from the truth due to your prejudice. Most of you people here are being very hypocritical to the point where it's just an embarrassment now. Stop making excuses and just admit that you like Biggie, Eminem, and whoever else better than Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, instead of feeding your one-sided sentiments and arguments. If I can do it, why can't the rest of you? And yes, I do believe that MMG, YMCMB, Future, and there rest of the wack "rappers" should leave hip hop for good.
    • Cold Truth
      And please don't bitch about how long my essay is. If you don't want to read this, that's good. However, don't be a dick and try to verbally tear me down like an immature dumbass because of it.
  • Nick T
    So eminem can make an entire album about raping women and drugging them, and yall say nothing. but when ross says one line hes the worst person in the world. What is with these double standards in hip hop. Biggie and eminem talked about kidnapping children, praising the devil, murdering jesus, raping the virgin mary, and none of you niggas said shit. ross says one line and u niggas become moralists. yall so quick to condemn this nigga ross not even realizing that your favorites are 100x worse. I cant stand fucking bias, selective memory having, double standard using hypocrites.
  • Anonymous
    "Alot of yall get girls drunk to fuck them alot of yall smoke bud to try and fuck them". But they drink, smoke and fuck voluntarily, with Rozay they don't even know they are.
  • Anonymous
    these hoes won't hold him back
  • word up
    "Tired of my face Telling lies gettin' niggas wives tied up and raped Similar to the mob Deeper than the rap All you niggas gettin' robbed" - Rick Ross
  • BOY
  • GLM
    Fuck Ross
  • Anonymous
    This shit is killing his market really bad ...that sad thing is that even i know what he meant. it definitely wasn't rape he was talking about.
    • Anonymous
      then break it down for us. what did he mean when he said he puts drugs in her champagne and and he takes her home and enjoys her and she doesn't even know it
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ he was talking about mollies or "MDMA" which is not a date rape drug, but it does get bitches loose.
    • Chris Etrata
      So getting bitches loose without them knowing is basically the same thing as date rape?
    • DCHipHopFan777
      "Anonymous" is clearly ignorant of the truth regarding Molly. Do not listen to uneducated people. Molly (MDMA) IS a popular "preferred" Date Rape Drug. Refer to the link below to know more about it and spread the word... http://oade.nd.edu/educate-yourself-drugs/rohypnol-flunitrazepam/
  • Real talk
    Alot of yall get girls drunk to fuck them alot of yall smoke bud to try and fuck them but when a rapper basically says it yall wanna make it seem like yall politically correct get the fuck outta here yall aint no different then rozay
    • anonymous
      He buys out bars, tricks on hoes and still needs to slip mollys in drinks for a happy ending, what part of the game is that?
  • Anonymous
    too bad
  • Come On
    I'm still not sure where the Misunderstanding is, it's clear he's talking date rape so, if there was a misunderstanding then explain to us what you ment by that lyric. what's he trying to play us for a dummy?
    • foreal
      see i was confused too. i will break it down for you. by misunderstanding he means.... oh sh*t, this damn line on this song is going to end my endorsement deal from reebok. my publicist and manager do not know how to spin this, so it is a misunderstanding. what i meant by "enjoy it" means that we played PS3 together. I am a big madden/call of duty fan and she was too.... see... she enjoyed it. PROTEST against him!
  • Oscar
    So if the Lyrics were misinterpreted then what did he mean? For the record even rapists don't publicly condone rape.
    • Music Fiend
      Exactly. There are not a lot of ways to interpret those lyrics and as so you correctly pointed out, it's not as those rapists run around fighting for the legalization of rape or stand proud in the limelight when charged with it. Really though with all the rappers talking about getting bitches drunk to fuck them later, it's just "diet molly in a drink". A lesser of the same evil IMO.
  • emlynneweldt
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  • brollya
    damn this nigga almost 40 and all he got is gold albums... so he only sold 2.5 million on 5 albums... his whole career a flop...b
    • Anonymous
      still more than a lot of rappers. not that i support this dude myself
    • Anonymous
      He's actually sold closer to 5 million.
    • Anonymous
      worldwide maybe
  • RAWB1
    To be fair, all of his ghost writers should be partially blamed too.
  • Anonymous
  • Art Brooks
    Damn, those words in that dumb-ass song gon' lose U a lot of cake on the endorsements and shit Ross. U know how these white devil crackers love to judge and persecute any person of color to take the attention off of all the evil shit they're up too.
  • Anonymous
    #NowPlaying Lil Boosie - Betrayed
  • DavidDanielz
    Okay we get it, you didnt say rape. Your crew didn't say rape but you said you would do something that would be labeled rape. That's the point people are making and you don't get it. How did you get this far in life with the stupid things you have done in your career. If any station plays that record they should be judged like your being judged and rightfully so.
    • Anonymous
      him and meek have both said rape in a number of songs, "Is it how my chain swings? Tired of ma face Tellin' lies, getting niggas wives tied up and raped"
  • Anonymous
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  • look at this clown
    Look at his photo up there. Since when did rappers look so WWF? This guy looks like a wrestlemania character. Rap is so classless, so tasteless these days its laughable. I bet he thinks he looks cool. AHHA Rapey the Bawse! His tapout move is sodomy after he slips you an epill.
    • Anonymous
      If he was trying to "look so WWF", he'd be topless...and Lord knows, we've seen enough of his titties.
  • Anonymous
    "nigga is almost 40 now hes past his prime" For once we agree.
  • get over it
    And brotha lynch hung talks about worse. Who really cares man? There are way worse lyrics out there. I get it, but seriously, this is peanuts compared to the shit some rappers say. If this creates some standard I am all for it, but right now making him the scapegoat is ridiculous considering the other lyrics out there. The truth about the matter is, the scary shit about it, is that we believe this slimy dude actually did this. Like we think he really raped someone and dry snitched on himself hah. Sick bastard is probably guilty of rape. you know he isnt getting it off looks.
  • mynameismyname
    can you imagine if rick ross pulled this trick on birdman or jay-zs daughter?
    • nothavinit
      I love your comment about him getting away with saying this to Jay-Z's daughter!! NOT!!!!! I said the same thing to someone the other day. WHERE THE HELL IS JAY-Z when I need him. He told Kanye "STFU", Chris Brown "I'm watchin' you" and now he needs to get out of Cuba and respond to this fat, slob of a non-contrite rapist. Problem is Jay-Z is a different kind of rapper. Rick Ross is no scape-goat. He had a chance to make it right and as far as I am concerned every other a-hole who raps this stuff should be taken to task as well. I know, they all come over to my house and clean it for a several years daily and write checks to the women's organizations and teach anti-rape seminars. :)
  • Anonymous
    wavin' with AK at them bustas
  • Anonymous
    Scarface Dreams
  • Anonymous
    sellin' dope straight off the BlackBerry Q10
  • Anonymous
    sellin' mad kilos like Bawse
  • Anonymous
    Rozay's music is the reason why i wanna puttin' in work.
    • Anonymous
      puttin in werk at da gay bar nahmean, packin dat fudge
  • Anonymous
    MMG in this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    Smh, for all we know Torch could have sent that tweet while Ross was taking a sh*t. Up a sincere, glasses off video apology or a press conference if you want those women to back off.
  • Intelligence
    A good question brought up by a lot of those weighing in on this discussion (see previous article on HipHopDX) is how were these lyrics misunderstood or misinterpreted? What else could he have been implying by those lyrics. Rick Ross is great at side swiping the real issue... If your lyrics didn't describe a rape scene, what were they describing? Definitely not consensual sex. For those writing "This is the music we like, because it gets the bitches ass's shakin and we all know that. Stop frontin." It's not the lyrics that get women's asses shaking, it's the well produced club beats. And it's unfortunate that mainstream media pays little attention to the lyrics of some hip hop artists before allowing this kind of music to hit the airwaves. Just because he's not a backpack rapper doesn't mean Rick Ross shouldn't be held accountable for the type of lyrics he is writing, and if he is going to write them, man up and stand your ground. We are above censoring music, especially hip hop, but if you're going to be writing controversial lyrics, know you will get a backlash and be prepared to either explain yourself or man up. What Rick Ross should really be apologizing for is being a commercial rapper with the inability to understand that being an artist means you will be held accountable for your work, that being a part of the hip hop culture means you will be scrutinized by both sides of the playing field (conscious lyricist v. commercial rappers), and that like any artist, you affect the lives of people outside your world. As a rapper/lyricist, your words speak to those looking for a voice, whether good or bad, you will make an impression on the impressionable. As a person/parent/artist... he should know better.
    • braaap
      cool story bro. changed my life