French Montana Says He Has "No Beef" With 50 Cent, Reported Collaboration

posted Thursday March 28 ,2013 at 08:53AM CDT | 46 comments

French Montana Says He Has

Five months after French Montana offended 50 Cent and caused a Twitter storm of insults, the Bad Boy Records rapper reveals the two may be making music together, and claims "w ain't got no real beef."

In late 2012 and early 2013, French Montana and 50 Cent were engaged in what certainly appeared to be a beef. After French claimed that 50 Cent's career was stifled by beef during a Complex interview, 50 responded sharply on Twitter, having read the piece.

In the following five months, the two have spoken against each other sporadically, and most often on Twitter. The exchanges caused French to even claim that the dispute had caused him hardships in his career, and he asked 50 to "let him eat" in January of this year.

That appears to have happened, according to a new interview from Shade 45 radio, published at Hip Hop Blog. "Everything's straight," Montana said recently. "We been making music," revealed the Bad Boy artist, who was believed to be referring to a collaboration. "It's good for Hip Hop."

Further pressed about Fif's ongoing feud with French's frequent collaborator, Maybach Music Group backer and friend Rick Ross, the Coke Boys rapper said, "At the end of the day, [Rick] Ross my brother. So I'm not going to play both sides of the fence, but you know where I stand at. We ain't have no problem, we ain't got no real beef, but you know where I stand at."

French Montana's major label debut, Excuse My French, is presently planned for May 21 release on Bad Boy/Maybach Music Group/Interscope Records.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    French Montana....Gay much?
  • oozzooxjx
  • Anonymous
    you put your true feelings aside for money (plus u afraid of gay 50) sucka ass fake black man, since when does a moroccan man get a pass using the n bomb
    • Anonymous
      Get over yourself you butthurt fuckin hoo
  • picture
  • 000004xx4
  • xxxxxxzzx444
  • Fuckfrenchy
    Of course he dont want nothin with fif he would eat this wack bitch up!
  • GLM
    Haha... Beg for mercy (motherfucker) 'it's Street King Immortal'
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule doesn't like: French Montana, Joe Montana, or Tony Montana.
  • Anonymous
    "Lloyd Banks popped up at the dipset reunion show last weekend and performed" As the world asks why?
  • Industry Advocate
    Please retire the phrase "It's good for Hip Hop!" Especially when it's not! How the hell does a 50 Cent and French collaboration HELP Hip Hop?
  • Marshall Mathers
    Real reason why Kanye had those rants a couple of weeks ago cause i told him i banged Kim K and thats my child.
  • Marshal Mathers
    My smash list is way to complex for these wannabe rappers. Talk to me when you bang Lindsey Lohan, Mariah Carrey, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguliera, Beyonce (reason why Jay wont do a song with me), Kim Kardashian (Same reason with Kanye), Jhene Aiko, Skylar Grey, etc etc
    • Anonymous
      what are you talking about with Jay? Em and Jay have performed together and done shows together plenty of times over the last few years. and Kanye and Em were on that Forever song, which came out after Relapse did (in which Em talks about Kim Kardashian and her azz on We Made You) they probably havent collaborated since then for artistic reasons, not because of some tension between them.
    • Marshall Mathers
      Kanye don't like me cause i murdered him on that song. Same for Jay. Jay went on tour with me cause he's a dickrider. Isnt he doing a tour with JT who sold 960,000. People only fuck with me when they want that dough. As for songs they dont want me cause i'll make them look like 2 Chainz in a song.
    • Anonymous
      who the hell listens to this guy!
  • Milehighkid303
    This dudes are ass clowns nowadays, in the 90's this shit would've already been dead through cyphers and mad shit on wax. Frenchy is a LAME and don't even deserve the breath that 50 would waste. BTW hope 50 don't REALLY collab with him, I ain't tryin to hear that hot mess. Oh and as for Banks, LOL, dude would BURY his ass with 16, we saw what he did to Rick Ross in that "Officer Down" joint..........out.
    • Anonymous
      montana visca morocco
  • doug gabriel
    • Waka Flocka
      Na keep that nigga in jail along with Gucci.
    Yeah there's no beef cause French forgot that when someone goes at 50, they go at Em. And he doesnt want his baby career to end that quick. Wise decision French. Very wise. Shady Aftermath in this bitch
    • Anonymous
      french knows 50 got all the dirt on him
    • Anonymous
      Haha you right cause he knows 50 got evidence that he taped Khaled moms. If that shit came out he would get on a Khaled album. He aint stupid
  • Marshall Mathers
    Yo Fif you want me to end this clown career?
    • 50 Cent
      Nah Em, let Banks get him. He is hungry and you too big for this lil dude
    • Anonymous
      LMFAOOO imagine this was real. Em you my nigga but drop an album. Hip Hop needs that raw lyrical shit. And I havent heard from Lloyd Banks in a minute
    • Anonymous
      Lloyd Banks popped up at the dipset reunion show last weekend and performed
  • kingO
    phuxx this two faced moroccan....everybody is jumping on 50's dick because they know his LF will be FIRE!! especially after hating and believing his career was over....the joke's on you haters...hahahahahhaaaa....50 was always here and was still dropping quality music with dope beats and crazy real life lyrics.
  • Anonymous
    that circle of people french officer ricky khaled are all a bunch of disney cartoon charters
    • Anonymous
      true dat...khaled was straight just messing with the terror squad....
  • Ricky Rozay
    Damn this french nigga just pussied his way out. Why the fuck he gon collaborate wit Curly when he currently hotter in the game than the snitch. French everywhere while 50 cant even get a single out. Lost alot of respect for this French nigga who just turned into a bitch. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • kingO
      bbaawwssee! is a beotch too....sucka
    • Anonymous
      French isnt really hot though. Couple popular singles that are only getting played because of the features. They didn't even put him on the MTV list. Curtis is guaranteed to sell more than French
    • foreal
      true, his biggest hit (atleast in my eyes) "pop that" has weezy, drake and rick ross on it. When i first heard the track, i like it but it definately was not because of French
  • pops
    50 gonna pay u load cash to do a collab let on you like eachother, 2 wack ass bitches
  • Anonymous
    I actually think French Montana is going to drop a nice album, he got a nice beat selection like Rick Ross
    • Trap Beatz!
      Yeah, trap beatz 4 lyfe boi!
  • Anonymous
    Wasnt this man French Montana raped some time ago?
    • Anonymous
      you seem obsessed with rape.
    • Anonymous
      Are you saying Ross slipped Molly into his Shirley Temple?
  • Anonymous
    he said right in the interview Ross is his brother and hes not gonna play both sides so he's definitely not making music with 50. 50 wouldnt work with this snake anyway
    • Anonymous
      Ross would lyrically destroy mumble man Curtis if they ever did a collaboration.
  • Anonymous
    50 must be blackmailing this nigga. He was all talk last month.
  • Anonymous
    I really dont think he meant they are collaborating as is being reported. He just saying they both making THEIR OWN music, not beefing. check out the new interview with Big boys neighborhood where he complete dodges the question about videotaping DJ Khaled's mom.