Rick Ross Reportedly Armed With A Semi-Automatic Gun During January Shooting

posted Saturday March 23 ,2013 at 02:22PM CDT | 229 comments

Rick Ross Reportedly Armed With A Semi-Automatic Gun During January Shooting

Rick Ross was armed with a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic gun during drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale.

New information regarding the January drive-by shooting involving Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross is beginning to emerge and it looks like the rapper was armed during the shooting.

A police report from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, which was obtained by The Smoking Gun states that Ross was armed with a black and chrome, Smith & Wesson semi-automatic gun.

Located in Ross’ front waistband, the gun was fully loaded with one round in the gun’s chamber and 11 rounds in the magazine.

Unfortunately for Ross, AllHipHop.com reports that his handgun license was expired at the time of the shooting and this could mean possible legal trouble for the rapper.

The Miami artist quickly made headlines late January when the Rolls Royce he and a female passenger were traveling in was shot at multiple times in Fort Lauderdale. While attempting to flee the scene, Ross subsequently crashed his vehicle into an apartment building. No suspects were identified in the shooting.

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  • lil wayne
    i hope my name taste like sardines
  • Anonymous
    the fact that he had a permit for a gun at one point means he has no criminal record
  • Anonymous
    "gangstas don't dance" They just move to the beat.
  • KingO
    due to the fact that he is reportedly armed, what kind of gangsta puts that out on the PSA. Real gangstas dont say they're gangsta, they dont say they're armed, gangstas don't dance, & they most definately don't run. A real gangsta is a gangsta that's hush...omerta and all that...capisce?
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      being an officer of the law he knows what to do in a situation like that
    • haha
  • K-Soxx
    Homie yous a lying obese, fraudulent mother fucker. We in March faggot, why didn't say you was strapped when was interviewed. Catch a dick and choke on it CO, lying mother fucker. You want street cred? Go back to pen.
    • Anonymous
      ..it's in the police report i.e. documented the day of the incident.. you've obviously never been in to any legal troubles, tough guy lol
    • Anonymous
      neither has ross!
    Buahaha. This fake ass nigga armed with a handgun during his fake ass publicity stunt and aint even buck off one shot. AND they gonna lock him up!!! hahaha enjoy the bing for real this time willy
  • Anonymous
    since when police enforcement is denied to carry a gun??
  • Anonymous
    fat fuck couldn't get it out his waist....
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    "once you've heard one ross or wayne album you heard them all" Once you've heard one 50 Cent album you've heard them all.
    • 50 Cent
      Stop hating, my nigga, and get your money.
    • donnis mac
      You name this dude on a mock awards list, and he's showing his ass in a JLo dress sashaying around on the red carpet like a bitch because he thinks this vindicates his contradictory commentary.
  • 0309xxxjm
  • ant
    someone kill this fat fake fuck already!!!
  • Anonymous
    "Because people today are stupid" But if people like Nas or Kendrick they must be in tune, right? Seriously... Calling anyone stupid for liking a certain rapper is borderline retarded. And the funny thing is all of you on here have probably heard every Rick Ross and Lil Wayne album, yet you pretend you haven't.
    • Anonymous
      heard them once and then never again. once you've heard one ross or wayne album you heard them all
    • spk
      Can't say that for wayne cause he was actually good until the drought is over part 3. Rick Ross tho had decent songs here and there tho.
    • @quote-man
      So we're supposed to like every rapper that the mainstream pushes, no matter how wack they are?
  • Coogi
    Again, just another prop for ross to try and look thug. Truth is, he would aim and pull the trigger with the safety still on
    • Anonymous
      you can't pull a trigger with the safety on lol shows how many time you played with guns.. go back to the flea market and buy some more 10 year old coogi
  • Anonymous
    Y'all need to stop talkin' about Ross, this shit is about JA RULE right now.
  • Anonymous
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  • anon
    lmfao this nigga is bitchmade. Holding a gun and still crashing his car in fear. Somebody needs to clean house with these bitch niggas in the rap game. Motherfuckers are pussies with "hard" personas.
    • Anonymous
      At least these "bitch made" rappers have the balls to show their face in public while stating their claims..as opposed to every internet blogging faggot on sites like these lol
  • Rick Ross
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  • Anonymous
    Yesterday at the barbershop some fag said rick ross was the best rapper, he got kicked out lmao!
  • Officer Ricky
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