Lil Wayne Updates Health Status In Video, Confirms Summer Tour With T.I.

posted Friday March 22 ,2013 at 10:04AM CDT | 51 comments

Lil Wayne Updates Health Status In Video, Confirms Summer Tour With T.I.

In a new short video, Lil Wayne assures fans, "I'm more than good." He also appears with T.I., and the two announce The America's Most Wanted Tour kick-off date.

Lil Wayne released a new vlog update in the last 24 hours. The recovering Cash Money Records star told fans, "I'm more than good." The update comes after a week that began with Wayne in Beverly Hills, California's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for his second battle with seizures in less than a week. He was released late Monday (March 18). Two of Wayne's closest affiliates, Birdman and Mack Maine, both attributed the health concerns to exhaustion and dehydration.

In the brief 90-second video, Wayne also revealed that he's currently with T.I. The pair announced that on July 5, they are launching the America's Most Wanted Tour. "Hustle Gang, Young Money, potna. I hope you niggas brought money, 'cause it's goin' down," T.I. told cameras.

The dates and cities have yet to be announced.

On Tuesday (March 26), Lil Wayne will release I'm Not A Human Being II.

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Comments 51 Posts

  • Andr
    Um I think T.I. was taking the piss haha
  • Anonymous
    These two need to learn how to speak properly.
  • Anonymous
    fuck t i hypocryt snitch wayne dick rider
  • cccokmil000
  • jonjvfnvkcfjvn
  • WOW
    I Swear to God these 2 midgets must've went to Acting School. Real niggaz see right straight through the BS acting. T.I is a fag, he tried to pop that 'PUT YO FINGER IN MY FACE' shit a few years ago then niggaz starting busting on their ass on the highway. KILLED HIS BODYGUARD
    • wtf
  • cvb000
  • Anonymous
    u guys must be some suburban fags if you dont understand what they saying
  • Anonymous
    Seriously, what is T.I. saying?
    • T.I
      I'm a fag
    • Art Brooks
      It was a coded message to the FBI telling who's moving weight in the ATL and where they live.
    • Anonymous
      He's saying watch my reality show or else he's going to be forced to do another bad movie.
  • katiemsavage
    I recently had 2 grand mal seizures. It had NOTHING to do with drugs. It has been attributed to stress. Anyone who verbalizes "someone had a seizure" coming to them is a very sick individual. Karma sucks my judgmental, angry, jealous friends who felt it necessary to post that much hate. You have serious problems.
    • Anonymous
      if you make that much terrible fucking music i hope you die too.
  • Big Dan
    No wonder TI was up in arms. I thought it was all love, but apparently, its about the tour money.
    • RJ
      why do you think they goin on tour together? cause they boys
  • Anonymous
    hes dying from aids
  • HK
    you publicity stunt niggas are so fuckin lame! I'm no Lil Wayne fan but saying that a health scare was a publicity stunt is fuckin retarded. all it was was Wayne sippin on that lean and poppin Xanax pills, it was always gonna lead to something. he had it coming to him. Mack Maine tho was using it as publicity stunt for himself maybe. TMZ put the whole story out there when they didn't have to. publicity stunts are the lamest common conspiracy theories behind the Illuminati schtick
    • Anonymous
      i don't think this is a publicity stunt or applies to this, but they do happen. its not like niggas get together to stage shit, but just do shit for attention to get people interested.
    • HK
      I know it happens but to call it in every fuckin article is lame! niggas oughta use common sense. there's millions of ways to do publicity stunts and gettin yourself checked into the ER ain't a way to do it
  • Charlie Sheen
    Lil Wayne is uh winning!
  • Anonymous
    its good that ti, wayne, em, jayz, ross can all generally get along and make money
  • Anonymous
    lol@ppl who believed tmz
    • Anonymous
      everything they reported was true apart from the last rites shit
    • Anonymous
    • lol
      lmao at 3 of u, including me lol
  • Anonymous
    This coon was in on it all along. It was a clear publicity stunt.
  • Sizzurp Me Xerxes
    Hospitalised following seizures. I guess he is a human being after all.
  • Anonymous
    i wiiish i was his freeeeeeeeeeeeind
  • Ken Riley Jr
    Its good to see him put out a lighthearted video thanking his fans for their prayers and letting everyone know he is ok. This was one of the first "classy" acts that Ive seen from Wayne....
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      Fuck off faggot
  • tipster
    My 2 fav rapper of ALL TIME..the 2 GOATS..this is like a dream 2 me pause..but these 2 are like my Pac & Biggie
    • Anonymous
      That's a joke, right?
  • Anonymous
    when he gonna release that video of him harlem shakin on the floor?
    • YESSIR
  • Anonymous
    Now that I know the nigga is good, or as he put it "more than good", I can go back to hating on the nigga - Wayne is GARBAGE!
  • Don'tno
    Can someone tell me wat da fuck TI said from 1:05 to 1:14 ????
  • Anonymous
    Could someone translate what TI said into English? Also, publicity.
  • firealarm
    Nothing was serious...Wayne is fine....They gave TMZ this video too...album comes out in the coming week...hmm, interesting..
  • dentaldamboy
    That's right bitches. Apple Eagle Weasel is in good health. Fuck what you thought and fuck what you heard. Real legends like Wayne never die. As you may already know, Wayne was in the hospital for a few days because he worked too hard trying to get his fans the music they deserve. Wayne loves his fans so much that he would die for them. And all of the work was well worth it. The feedback from I Am Not A Human Being has been overwhelming. When Wayne was in the hospital, the Tupac hollogram visited him and told him that he's the new Pac. And as all of you know, Wayne doesn't need the rap money. He's making millions from Trukfit and and from his ownership stake in Bronald Oil & Gas.
    • That London Boy
      Any way I can get a job for Bronald Oil and Gas?
    • dentaldamboy
      That depends on your qualifications...
    • Anonymous
      unlv n hot boys.. the best thing cash money ever had
    • dentaldamboy
      I asked Birdman this once, and he told me that Wayne wrote for everyone on the Hot Boys. That's why he's still the hottest rapper and the other guys are a bunch of washed-up has beens.
    • Anonymous
      gillie da kid wrote all the songs on the carter
    • Anonymous
      Condom-mouth bitch, everything you say is BULLSHIT!! Get outta fantasyland and come back to the real world.
  • Anonymous
    lol he saysmy bum ass album