Mike WiLL Made It Hints To Production On Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail"

posted Wednesday June 26 ,2013 at 01:59PM CDT | 44 comments

Mike WiLL Made It Hints To Production On Jay-Z's

UPDATE: Mike WiLL Made It seems to be alluding to a song on Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" through recent tweets.

A picture that made its way onto the Instagram account of Atlanta producer Mike WiLL Made It caused quite the commotion due to the various musicians pictured in the flick. The picture featured Mike WiLL Made It, Jay-Z, and Timbaland all in the studio together and was posted onto the beatsmith’s Instagram account yesterday (March 18th).

The picture also included the following caption: “No words can explain.... Hov Mike Will Made-It Timbo (photo by @kodaklens) #HipHopHistory.”

It’s unclear if the trio of talent has any plans on working together, but both Mike WiLL Made It and Timbaland have been very active on the producing end as of late.

Timbaland fully produced Justin Timberlake’s newly-released The 20/20 Experience and Mike WiLL Made It has collaborated with a number of artists recently including Miley Cyrus, Nas, and Mississippi spitter Big K.R.I.T.

(March 19)

UPDATE: Over three months since Mike WiLL Made It appeared in a photo alongside Jay-Z, Timbaland and others, the producer for 2 Chainz, Juicy J and others gave hint that his session may appear on Jay's forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album. The July 4 release is said to include the song "Beach Is Better."

WiLL tweeted an allusion to the song on Monday (June 24), perhaps indicating his involvement:

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  • sxxx09
  • Anonymous
    timbo like u aint gettin my placement nigga... this is my jayz
    • Anonymous
      lol he looks like wants to gobble him up or some shit
  • wow
    why the fuck is Miley Cyrus being mentioned in the names of ppl he worked with..that lame isn't hiphop..putting that name before nas and krit is even more retarded..stupid fucks..culture vulture shit gettin outta hand.
    • Anonymous
      Ha word, c'mon Danielle we know you're a female writer but this is supposed to be a hip-hop site
  • 0999888
  • Anonymous
    Seriously, he posted a pic of him (Mike Will Made It) and Future in the studio with the tag line saying, "La Familia". Future better not be on this fucking album. Fuck Future, so terrible.
  • imho
    hope beach is better isnt like beach chair on kingdom come loll im gettin hype for his jayz album he usually always come correct w his albums and music. only 1 i didnt fuck w was kingdom come
    • thefuckniqqa
      Beach Chair was such a good song, one of his best. Get the fuck outta here
    • @imholame
      You're a waste product if you didn't relate with Beach Chair... That song was among the best song of that year... Ask your elder bros I mean the educated ones if you've got any in your lame hood.
  • Anonymous
    Mike Will is dope but not on timbo's level
  • Anonymous
    Mike Will - ... but recently, I'm chopping exotic samples, y'all know, spicing up the sound with some Caribbean style. Jay-Z - For real? Mike Will - Yep, my homie from Cuba just sent me like hundred albums straight from locals folks. Not hip-hip, it's different but the shit is so crazy, man, nothing like you're hearing on the radio. Some next level shit, you know what I'm saying? Jay-Z - Definitely ... sounds cool, man. Mike Will - Yeah ... I'm like ... shit so ill that I should make an LP from it. Cuban samples over hard-hitting 808s, that's what's up. To be honest with y'all, I already have the title for the album ... Jay-Z - No shit. What's that? Mike Will - "STRAIGHT FROM TIMBA LAND" Lenny S. - Say cheese, guys!
  • Super Nigga
    Timbo looks very......Angry.
  • anthony
    this could be as insignificant as that photo of Dipset with Dr. Dre... moving on...
    • Studio Rat
      That joint finna come out on Detox, Blood.
  • the 13,left for??
  • sumtimes fake spits are VERY funny
    or fake skits
  • sumtimes fake spits are VERY funny
  • firehawk17
    yep Jay z is cooking some shit in the studio on the low..
  • foreal
    Of course they will be working together...
  • pmpn8ezbru
    ha ha timbo look pissed like really? i got up here for this fool?
  • Lil B
    Timbo is all like,"Damn we really working with this fool huh Jay."
    • Super Nigg
  • Yo
    People run into each other in the studio all the time. Why in the world would this be news?
  • Mike Loves Future
    Everytime Future bends over, i gnash my teeth in excitement
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule needs to be in this pic too. Murdaaaa!
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  • PuCho
    Timbo got the look of death on his face.
  • J
    Mike Will working with legends. https://soundcloud.com/neraki
  • Anonymous
    Can't you dickheads see it? Timbo is an ice-cold killer, he's plotting something here, just doesn't feel right lol
    • Anonymous
      yeah, he plotting on how to date mike will.......lol
  • Jones
    Timbaland looks like he mad at Mike Will
  • I'm Throwed Like Al Golden
    Dyke Will needs to quit rapping for real this nigga garbage
      He dosent rap dumbass he's a producer
  • Kiffany
    Mike Will on a mean come up. Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too,they usually have some good reads as well
  • Anonymous
    Mike Will is wack as fuck.
  • Anonymous
    damn must be a slow news day
  • Anonymous
    When did Mike WiLL Made It work with Nas?
  • A lil R&B history
    Tim looks like the homosexual man that he is. Him and ole lesbian Missy should have a child together. He makes beats like Devante and she writes songs like Devante. How you gone act creative when you still using the style another man taught you. Stebie J the only one who created his own sound after he left Devante.
    • Anonymous
      and thank you for taking that time out of your life to let us all know you have been watching their gay tendencies for years ya weirdo
  • Anonymous
    this website is getting pathetic