T.I. Says Lil Wayne Is Okay, Lashes Out At TMZ Over Lil Wayne Seizure Reports

posted Saturday March 16 ,2013 at 08:59AM CDT | 109 comments

T.I. Says Lil Wayne Is Okay, Lashes Out At TMZ Over Lil Wayne Seizure Reports

T.I. doesn't take kindly to TMZ's reports regarding Lil Wayne's health.

Over the past several hours, TMZ broke the story that Lil Wayne had suffered several seizures, and provided numerous updates, including claims that the rapper is in critical condition.

One artist in particular took umbrage to the reports.

Taking to Twitter, T.I. claimed that Lil Wayne was okay - contrary to TMZ reports - and then took TMZ to task:

Tip elaborated, explaining that some of the reports could have had a negative impact on his family.

On Saturday (March 16), Birdman and Young Money President Mack Maine refuted some of the reports. Birdman confirmed that Lil Wayne is "feelin good" and will be "home soon." Maine also stated that claims of a coma and assisted-breathing tubes are false.

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