Game To Tattoo Images Of Both Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali Onto His Body

posted Friday March 15 ,2013 at 05:30PM CDT | 42 comments

Game To Tattoo Images Of Both Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali Onto His Body

Tattoo artist Carlos Macedo working on two new tattoos for Game, says the rapper is "running out of room."

Compton rapper Game is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his intricate body art and according to Game’s tattooist, Carlos Macedo, he’ll soon be adding two new tattoos to his growing personal canvas.

Macedo revealed to that he’s currently working on portraits of both Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for the Jesus Piece rapper.

“I’m working on a portrait of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for Game,” Macedo told

Game’s upcoming ink additions will join recent tattoo’s that include the cover of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and a portrait of President Barack Obama.

As far as the Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X tattoos, the two portraits could be the tipping point for the rapper as far as ink is concerned.

“He wanted the two to interact but he’s running out of room. He has to work with what he has,” Macedo revealed.

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Comments 42 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Who weighed more, John Candy or Chris Farley?
  • Anonymous
    Handsome Ass Nigga @thegame David Spade your career only took off because Chris Farley died. If he was alive you'd still be tellin jokes on Hollywood blvd bum. this dude is twitter beefing with david spade now LMAO!!
  • Anonymous
    The only Malcolm Ja Rule respects is Malcolm Jamal Warner.
  • Anonymous
    why game u weirdo
  • Anonymous
    they're the biggest black heroes, with Mandela
    • Anonymous
      no such thing as a black hero lol
    • Anonymous
      batman is probably the number 1 black hero
  • the bright side
    At least is not an ice cream cone. Next will be a tramp stamp with cherries.
    • Anonymous
      a picture of 50's cock on his neck
  • Anonymous
    so many losers in these hiphopdx comments these days. ya'll need to get lives instead of worrying about what another man has tattooed on him and passing judgment. smh
    • Anonymous
      Agreed bunch of chicks gossiping like women ..O did you see input name here ..has a new tattoo,sneakers,hairstyle.. You feminine niggaz need to get over your male abandonment issues bunch of DAMES
    • Anonymous
      where not worried, ITS CALLED NEWS
  • Art Brooks
    Next we gonna hear that Game tatted "Drake" on his forehead...or maybe a picture of Cube or some shit.
  • Anonymous
    This nigga gon look like a cabbage when he gets to his sixties.
  • Anonymous
    now that lil wayne dead he gonna have to find a spot for weezys face on his body
  • Looga
    Nigga even got Obama tatted on him? smfh. Who's next? Ice Cube? He did say thats his favorite rapper you know. He already got pic and biggie, the next two of his top 5 are Jay & Nas, he probably gonna get them too.
  • I'm Like God To You Niggas
    Next thing you know this nigga got Jay tattooed on his ass
  • Anonymous
    Hope he'll tattoo a 50 Cent portrait on his penis too, so he could tell the media that Curtis is on his dick again.
  • tumi
    namedropping using tatoos.
    • nfp2r
  • Anonymous
    its funny cuz after a while malcom n ali wernt fucking with eachother. he didnt even care when he died. that being said, stupid fucking tattoo
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    nas already tattoed malcom. fuckin beat biter.
  • Hi_Man2.0
    Why not be inspired by these people in your lifestyle instead of tatto them in your body? Don't necessarly convert to Islam , but you know be clean, stand up for something, stop somkin weed ........
  • Anonymous
    i wonder what he put over his G-Unit tattoo
  • Born in 86
    This Nigga needs a Vacation !
  • Anonymous
    Whats left his Butt cheeks? and one way or another U have to Earn Those 2 Icon faces for a poster not a Tat... Game Chill out and call it quits on tats leave room for a tat that really means something for you.
  • Anonymous
    Nigga jumps from ship to ship getting legends tagged to him SMH
  • Curtis Jackson
    I knew there was something off with this unloyal dude.
  • Wow
    When theres nothing to report you post something to do with Game to exploit the fact it will get a negative reaction for no reason. You didn't post the fact he has his own Documentary album tatted recently, or that he got his kids faces tatted, or that he got a jesus tattoo on his back for jesus piece. Not even trying to be a stan but if your gonna go on someones insta and check for tattoo posts. do it right. don't tell half of it, thats just wrong
    • Anonymous
      pretty sure they did post about how he got himself and dre's album covers tatted on him if i remember right
  • Fuck Compton
    Is this the same nigga who has a butterfly and a Dr. Dre face tattooed on his body???
  • Anonymous
    Please don't, you're too fake!
  • True Stills
    Tell that nigga to stop dick-jumping since he wanna tat everyone on his body. He doesnt stand for nothing X,Ali, or Obama stood for. You think they would want to see gayme's monkey-ass? Man please.
    • Anonymous
      Cosign but take Obama out his mothafucka cause that nigga a terrorist plus he never struggled
    • Anonymous
      yea obama a phony created from the cia since birth.
  • Anonymous
    if you look real close at his big black NWA tattoo you can see its covering up a gay ass cisqo tattoo of like a sun
  • Anonymous
    probably from his stripper days
  • Anonymous
    obama, left eye, himself, dr. dre., 2pac, biggie, who else am i missing i know this nigga got a bunch of other people tatted on him
    • Datruth
    • Anonymous
      Michael Jackson
  • Ron
    Slow news day huh.