RZA To Co-Star In Fox's "Gang Related"

posted Monday March 04 ,2013 at 10:21AM CST | 14 comments

RZA To Co-Star In Fox's

RZA books his first role as a regular on a series.

RZA has been tapped to co-star in Fox's Gang Related, marking his first series regular role.

According to THR, the Wu-Tang Clan member will appear alongside Ramon Rodriguez who stars as Ryan Lopez, a "gang member sent to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department and rise through its ranks. He must balance his obligations to his crime family -- the gang from his old neighborhood -- with an increasing sense of loyalty to his new  'family,' the SFPD's Gang Task Force."

RZA will play the role of Lopez's best friend Cassius, who is also on the Gang Task Force. Cassius was inspired to join the Force after the object of his affection was slain and was only met with ambivalence by the community. The cast will also include Jay Hernandez, Sung Kang and Inbar Lavi, and Chris Morgan (Fast and Furious) will pen the pilot.

The rapper-turned-actor most recently made his directorial debut with The Man with the Iron Fists. He will also serve as executive producer for Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge's upcoming album Twelve Reasons to Die, releasing on April 16th.

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  • Anonymous
    rza movie was a failure. shit sucked. he's a horrible actor and apparently a horrible director too. not looking good. i know he's making money but rza hasn't put out good work on any medium for a very long time. still an undeniable legend and a powerful mind. just wish he had his eggs in music like he used to. that's what he's truly great at, all this other shit pulls his focus elsewhere. looking forward to the album his label is putting out with ghost and adrian young. watch this show get cancelled early 9/10 new shows gets cancelled before they finish the first season.
  • Anonymous
    So basically"The Departed (in the hood)"
  • hjubnjhbghjubnj
    listen wigger tang clan first u hate white ppl than u suck their dicks this is wat i did i riped off odbs face put it on kaynes moms face riped off mjs face put it on kaynes moms face and im banging her dead body in with doors,,than after imgonna rip off rzas fains again put it on kanyes moms mouth and make her eat odb
  • Anonymous
    RZA a goofy ass nigga, donald duck ass nigga think he wu, fuck dat
  • Lil B
    "Gang Task Force"? oh hell no nigga. Rza and Fox Network bout to suffer #BasedGod's curse for stealing da name of my own fanbase. #TaskForce is based, these niggaz is unbased. This show gon get canelled after da 1st season. *trinidad james voice* don't believe me, just watch! #BasedGod #TaskForce #PinkFlame
  • Anonymous
  • dentaldamboy
    RZA is just following in Drake's footsteps. Drake is a global superstar, multi-millionaire and a trail blazer. When all is set and done, he will be richer than Hov.
    • ANON
    • Anonymous
      That comment gave me cancer.
    • Anonymous
      dentaldamboy's comment has reached a new level of retardation. Nothing you say is true.
  • Anonymous
    Plot sounds interesting until you find out who the cast is. Come on Fox. You got billions. Pony up for some top shelf actors.
    • Anonymous
      yeah and that nigga that wrote fast and furious? it wasn't a bad movie but writing not really its strong point. that was awhile ago, so maybe he's gotten better
  • Anonymous
    RZA getting money from every industry - keep doin ya thing ma nigga BONGBONG
  • tededfred
    too bad it's not HBO. but then again, i don't think HBO would back a show with this kind of premise. That being said, WU-TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTTIN TO FUCK WITH!!!!!!!!!