Iggy Azalea Crosses Out Her Tattoo Of A$AP Rocky's Name

posted Monday March 04 ,2013 at 09:02AM CST | 59 comments

Iggy Azalea Crosses Out Her Tattoo Of A$AP Rocky's Name

Iggy Azalea adds an X for an ex as she crosses out her tattoo of A$AP Rocky's name on her finger.

Much has been said regarding a relationship between Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky. The relationship was first mentioned when the two were linked in a rumored pairing. Azalea then acknowledged a relationship and showed off a tattoo of A$AP on her finger. Since then, the relationship seems to have gone wrong and it was confirmed by an addition Azalea made to her tat.

In a recent report by Janice Llamoca for the LA Leakers, Azalea crossed out the A$AP tattoo. She then took a photograph of the new version of her tat. 

In January of last year, Iggy explained to Vibe that "love" was present in their relationship and that she was not the only one with a tattoo. 

"I love him and that’s all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I’m not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I’ll tell you that. [Laughs] I’m just the only one with it on my fingers!" 

Photo below courtesy of LA Leakers

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  • Anonymous
    Lmao for real. The dumbest thing you can do is tattoo the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • P***y
    YAAAAA now im about to pipe that. Next time you come through my city make sure you bring dat good pussay witcha gurl! My nut is like acid it'll wash away that mistake you just gotta give me a lil hand job HUH?
  • Anonymous
    Shouldn't this be on Maury or something, a black man ditches a white girl, she's too afraid to step but wont hesitate to ink out the niggas name... Why didn't she leave it as the album title and show her support for hip hop, would have been more excusable than having a dumb crossed out tattoo that is still just as easily read.
  • Anonymous
    moronic cunt
  • Greg
    LMAO, this h*e just realized that ASAP f*cked w/ her to get some p*ssy, smfh.
  • IDK
    "Azalea then acknowledged a relationship and showed off a tattoo of A$AP on her finger. Since then, the relationship seems to have gone wrong and it was confirmed by an addition Azalea made to her tat." I guess A$AP is afraid of commitment lol
  • fdf
    Ja Rule its murdah
  • Anonymous
    I just google imaged her and damn she does have a big ass. These comments are freakin' hilarious lol.
  • datnigga
    I hope A$AP at least got to eat this bitch's ass out, cuz someone had to do it.
    • uKnowit
      You know that muthafucka did. He looks like he eats ass all day. Skirt wearing ass licking homo
    • datnigga
      homo? idk if A$AP is gay cuz I don't know him personally but I would assume he's not, and I wouldn't judge his sexuality just off how he dresses. idk about u, but even if I was gay I'd still have my tongue all up in izzy's ass. Her and nicki minaj
    • lloyd
      he might as well...because someone will sooner or later
  • tha OG
    She got a fat ass
  • fresh
  • Anonymous
    Come Here Baby I'll Help You Forget About That Fag
  • HA HA
    Kim kardashian type of bitch ??? Dicked down by asap rocky n now trying to do her own thing !! lol dumb bitch from the start dumber now.
    • Anonymous
      Nut ass niggas fuck with nut ass bitches.
    • Anonymous
      she was already doing her own thing before she ever met asap rocky that nigga is gay, he'd rather wear skirts and fuck dudes than be with a bad bitch with a fat ass
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule would not stand for this pussy shit. JA RULE FOR LIFE. ITS MURDER! Bring back real hip hop. its all murder inc baby, JA RULE IS THE NEXT PAC
    • Anonymous
      Ja Rule helped ruin rap.
    • lloyd
      best comment ever......R.U.L.E!!!
  • bswag
    game over, she cant even push 20k sales, bout to be cut off from label
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule doesn't believe in tats anymore.
  • hustle
    them niggas should jump her for crossin out they crew name...
  • yourdad
    what dumb bitch..... DX needs to step their game up.. how is this news?
  • Thakid
    These are some of the best comments I have read in a while LMAO
  • Trav
    This the olny news yall got? smdh
  • Anonymous
    i hate this site
  • Anonymous
    who gives a fuck? why does this broad even make the news? what has she accomplished, what songs she got out? cmon now
    • Anonymous
      she got a nice ass
  • Anonymous
    who gives a shit.
  • Anonymous
    LOL fuckin chicks man...
  • Anonymous
    Why is this even news??
  • DaBlockHot
    Iggy Azalea can get it thats all I have to say. Shes sexy but kind of reminds me of an kangaroo
    • Anonymous
      Lol You'ld Fuck A Kangaroo ? Smh #Animal
  • Anonymous
    And the saddest thing is that this happens all over the world. I know niggas who still have their ex bitch tattooed on their arm.
  • Anonymous
    reading everyone's comments had more substance than this weak ass article. WTF did i just read?
  • young jim
    she like a poor man princess superstar aleast she had skills
  • nibs
    pumpkins aren't puppets but they can still cut your finger off
  • Chilly
    • Anonymous
      you shuttin the fuck up is also in the future too
  • Gkid
    That murder business song was a fail, now her most recent reason for being in the news is for crossing out the name of another rapper on her finger. DX literally dedicated an entire article too the fact she crossed out the name of a rapper on her finger lol!
    • Anonymous
      sadly ive seen more pathetic articles based on single tweets from rappers
    • Exactly
      That's what I mean.. They just give this wigga more exposure. I mean if she had talent then I can see why they would write about her... or if she had any HITS at all
    • foreal
      i understand that HHDX has to pass long some news stories to us as readers... but this?!? i have a feeling that this article could have gotten deleted instead of post on the website and no one.... NO ONE would care. a up and coming nobody got an X over an asap tattoo... very informative. my cousin tito is getting a cover up next week, i can send some picks of the before/after tattoo.