Gucci Mane Announces Name Change To Guwop, Quickly Changes Mind

posted Monday March 04 ,2013 at 08:34AM CST | 55 comments

Gucci Mane Announces Name Change To Guwop, Quickly Changes Mind

Gucci Mane had a change of heart shortly after changing his name.

Gucci Mane has announced a name change to Guwop earlier today, but quickly changed his mind.

The Atlanta, Georgia rapper took to Twitter earlier this morning to make the announcement, writing that he will officially be known as Guwop come July 2nd.

"July 2nd I'm officially changing my rap name to Guwop and retiring the great GucciMane Thanks Fans, for 8 years as Gucci now it's Wop turn," he wrote.

But shortly after changing his name, Gucci decided not to switch his moniker and will remain known as Gucci Mane.

Gooch would have been the latest in a line of emcees to publicly change their names. Snoop Dogg recently made headlines for changing his moniker to Snoop Lion, while Mos Def recently became Yasiin Bey and N.O.R.E. became P.A.P.I.

Gucci most recently released his new mixtape Trap God 2 and Free Bricks 2 with Young Scooter, and will star alongside James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers.

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Comments 55 Posts

  • Deadboy90
    What Im wondering is how his mixtapes get hundreds of thousands of downloads. Does he have computers with programs set to constantly download his crap?
  • Deadboy90
    R.I.P. Guwop: 2:20-2:52 PM
  • Adam Spike
  • ItsDaWorld
    rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip.....GUWOP CAREER lol TRAP FRAUD TOO LOL
  • Guwop
    You niggas better wash y'all hands before y'all tipe some shit about me or my goons, don't come at me with no dumb shit cause I might as well lose it and go KKK on you niggas
  • Anonymous
    Douchy mane
  • Anonymous
    Now what he's gonna do about that ice cream tat on his face? Why didn't his fans stop that fuckery?
  • Anonymous
    guwop hahahah what a stupid ass name
  • Anonymous
    horowitz, your repoting never ceases to amaze me. get a new job.
  • kent69
    even his own momma know, Radric Davis a bitch
  • Gucci Fresh
    Uh...this is news...? This goes into to my I don't Give a F*** file.
  • Art Brooks
    That old ass cellphone done gave U a brain tumor son. First the ice cream tattoo on your face and now Gu Wop? Ha ha ha! Gu Wop!
  • Jason
    doesnt changing your name just lower your record sales even more? i mean only long time fans know who you are if you change your name all the newcomers are gonna be clueless.
  • Anonymous
    Change your name to "I Cant Rap" you ice cream face tattooed faggot.
  • Anonymous
    He shoulda went with 4 Weelz, Gucci Leopard, Lil Guuch, Coddler Gucci or just went w/Radic Davis.
  • Anonymous
    Gucci mane his name is probably norman or something
  • Anonymous
    this pos has fans???
  • Anonymous
    He should stop recording and cut his own tongue out to resist temptation of ever recording again. Fuck Gucci Lame
  • Anonymous
    Who Cares. You should try "LAME AZZ"
  • Anonymous
    the black man is god!
    • haha
      a white man runs rap hah try again please
    • 5%
  • bswag
    LMAO, make "headline of the year" award, this is gettin my vote fo sho.
  • Do tha wop
    HHDX you should've compiled the responses that people tweeted when he made his first announcement. I'll admit they were pretty funny. Its sad that he was being serious though.
  • Geechie
    "You can call me Gucci Guwop when I do a song witcha/But don't walk up on me nigga I aint finna blow no strong witcha"
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule's drug of choice is life.
  • Anonymous
    fuck Guwop. He should change his name to "3 Scoops" of wackness!
  • Anonymous
    ive already officially changed your name to "Dumb Nigger".
    • LOL YES
      omg i love you
  • Anonymous
    haha that shits funny
  • KING
    The Link...
  • Anonymous
    gucci mane is gonna OD. using drugs. raw dogging escorts and filthy whores tryin for his pockets. this nigga got HIV. hell be out the picture in 6 months. his music is trash and his fanbase is retarded. bo bo bo.
  • Anonymous
    If 2 Chainz can do it, so can Guwop.
    • Big Dan
      2 Chains' name change showed some evolving. Remember he went from titty boy. Changing to Guwop just shows he's a cornball.
    • 2 Chainz
      fuck nigga keep my name outcha mouth
  • Anonymous
    This is the most useless article if absolutely nothing with his name has changed
    • Mu
      Because there are obviously millions of retards who connect with his music.
  • BKNYKid
    How is a confirmed retard able to have a viable career in rap?
    • rick74
      BWAHAHAH! Like ELI He DID it
    • Hip Hop Fan
      Many rappers with mental problems have great careers, French Montana, Lil B, Mac Miller and Waka all ride the short yellow bus and still made it in the rap game.
  • @thelumburjak
    This has got to be the funniest headline of the day
  • barry
    Doesn't matter weather he changes his name or not, still a bullshit artist! This guy can't rap period!
  • Fuck Atlanta
    Unbelievable. He actually has fans.
    • Anonymous
      I know. How him and Lil Wayne have fans I will never get. Both are ignorant as hell.
  • Anonymous
    Guwop is probably easier for that retard to spell than Gucci lame. He has the i.q. of a spoon.
    • @Fork IQ
      Point proven...It seems "Gucci Mane" is really hard to spell...
  • Gucci Time
    That's right Gucci keep owning these niggas. Itsgucci time!
  • brand equity
    2Chainz changed his name because Tity Boi because of popular marketing concerns and it was a smart move. Many companies have had both successful and unsuccessful rebrands but an established successful brand never just decides to abandon their brand value and start over with a brand new name. It's extremely stupid. Most rappers have changed their name prior to commercial success. I don't really get the rapper's reasons for doing this. The core fans are still gonna call you by your old name and the casual listener is going to fail to associate your new name with the old you and likely just skip your stuff. I still call these people Puffy, Snoop Dogg, THE Game, etc. Here is a nice comprehensive list:
    • Anonymous
      LOL at this nigga tryna be some A&R just shut the fuck up