Jay-Z Releases Statement Following Concert, Says There Is No "Black Music Or White Music"

posted Friday March 01 ,2013 at 09:20AM CST | 84 comments

Jay-Z Releases Statement Following Concert, Says There Is No

Jay-Z released a statement following a concert at the University of Arizona.

Rap Radar received an exclusive statement from Jay-Z following a performance at the University of Arizona that took place on Wednesday.

Hov began by expressing his confusion over being billed with rock group Third Eye Blind and pop singer Kelly Clarkson, two acts traditionally associated with a Caucasian fan base. Despite his initial reaction, however, he said that the diverse line-up confirmed his belief that there is no such thing as "Black music or White music only."

Last night I performed at the University of Arizona, I had a ball!! Through all the excitement and joking around (as well as the technical difficulties) I missed out on the opportunity to say something important..

On the show as well were Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson.. I thought that to be the oddest pairing EVER but, soon realized, it’s what I’ve always professed..There is NO such thing as BLACK music or WHITE music only GOOD or BAD music..It’s stupid cool to like things that are not like you, and that goes for outside of music.. If you’re an African American you can have a jewish friend. Wait, does Lyor having some Israeli mixed with his jewish count? (Sure they are paranoid but, so are black people after they’ve smoked weed, haaaaa, and plus the JEW fro and the BLUEprint fro are the SAME thing.)

I think concerts like this should happen more often. ( Outside of the one or 2 festivals a year or “Zootopia”) I’m putting that into the universe..next up Taylor Swift and Uncle Murda!!

Sorry I don’t “Tweet” (do I?) so this will have to do..


Jay-Z is no stranger to assembling a diverse concert line-up, as Brooklyn titan enlisted acts like Pearl Jam, Dirty Projectors and Skrillex for his "Made in America" festival last year. Most recently, Hov signed veteran producer Timbaland to his Roc Nation imprint.

UPDATE: HipHopDX has learned that the statement was made in 2009 and apologizes for any confusion.

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Comments 84 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Jay-Z is a fucking idiot.
  • Anonymous
    Niggaz, stop arguing about white and black music... There's only JA RULE music that y'all niggaz need to be listening. Aight
    • Ja Rule
      co-sign to that lil ass nigga -Its Murdaa!!!!!
  • Be True To The Game
    This is coonery at its finest. A black man gets rich, gets out of the ghetto and infiltrates white society so now he's gotta act like one of them. But guess what, Jigga? You can kiss their asses all you want but they're still calling you a NIGGER behind your back.
    • F THIS
    • Miles
      Yup! Black people always get a lil approval from Whitey and think they have moved beyond what they come from..Remember this..Massa only loves you when your actions make him feel good..That's why the biggest scariest black men can be heroes for lil white boys..basketball..but if he can't dribble and entertain then he is a threat..Oh and Jay what do you think Chuck Berry, Rick James, Michael Jackson would say about your comments..I'm about to call Paul Mooney right now..lol
    • Chill
      Take his statements for what they are and relax.
  • Fuck Marcy
    Oh, Ok. Jay-Z when he was broke: Fuck white people I can't get jobs because of them Jay-Z now that he's rich: Oh man there is no black and white we're all the same
    • Real Talk
      First off...technically....there is no such thing as white music...period....Every genre of present day music was created by Black people. This is documented and undeniable.
    • F THIS
    • F THIS
  • Anonymous
    There's good black music and there's good white music, same for the bad music. John Meyer won't be playing guitar in the barbershop without Rhymest telling him to stfu.
  • kennyken
  • Art Brooks
    U trippin' Hiphopdx
  • Robert
    Who's this "Tupac Shakur" nigga, man??? Fool be getting on my nerves with that replying shit lol
    • Tupac Shakur
      That would be me.
  • Anonymous
    Yes, there is "black" and "white" music, but what's so wrong about that??? We don't have to be the same.
  • cmon now HHDX
    they posted the update saying this shit is actually from 4 fuckin years ago but they still got the link on the homepage SMH
  • F THIS
    Says There Is No "Black Music Or White Music" What a fucking P.O.S sellout he is!
    and im deadass too. black music has more emotion, more rhythm, more soul, some shit you feel. white music does nothing for you. its a cheap thing that you enjoy superficially maybe once or twice and then forget about. it never stays with you. black music is different. it hits you and stays with you, and thats why they call it soul music, because it touches your soul. and nobody does it better than black people. thats the difference.
    • Anonymous
      So by this definition, 95% of the RAP music out today is "white music". ok
    • HAHAH
      LMFAOOOO LAST I CHECKED ALL GOLD EVERYTHUING ISNT TOUCHIN NOONES SOUL LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO u clown.. country music is emotional haha not mystyle a bit but def it..u lost so much credit..now go sit in the corner and dont more for an hour
    bullshit. there is black music and there is white music. d'angelo is black music. beyonce is white music.
  • Mack
    This smart guy should take a College Jazz course.
  • Fuck Tupac Shakur
    Whoever the nigger is posting as tupac shakur you're a fucking idiot thinking you're right about everything looolll. You don't know shit you black bitch
    • Tupac Shakur
      If you hate blacks so badly, why are you even here? You a spy for the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood? I'm white by the way, lol.
  • Brizz
    Hah 2009!
  • anomoly
    Journalistic Integrity = 0
    "UPDATE: HipHopDX has learned that the statement was made in 2009 and apologizes for any confusion." Bwhahahahahahahahahaha lol. Ayo word bon son, whoever posted this needs to get some REAL LIVE BONCE ABOVE THE RIM STYLE
  • ayo
    2009 statement?!?!?!? WTF MAN? HAHAHAH. the writers on this blog are TRASH can juice I was thinking... Hov couldnt have done a University of Arizona concert that dont seem right.. I knew something was up.
  • Tupac Shakur
    At least Jay is much more mature than Kanye is. Kanye would just go on some random rant on the music industry or something along those lines.
  • Tupac Shakur
    Sean Ryon seems to be notorious among commenters for making quite a bit of major typos/errors in articles. And Horowitz would appear to be the king of typos. They're both cool guys though, gotta give them that.
  • Anonymous
    solid story, but DX ought to take this down. a story from 2009 isn't current news to anyone. plus, as mentioned in the story, we know Jay-Z respects diverse music due to the lineup he assembled at the Made In America Festival. old news, take it off.
  • Anonymous
    Hova gets rich....There is no black and there is no White!
  • Anonymous
    UPDATE: HipHopDX has learned that the statement was made in 2009 and apologizes for any confusion. Wow.
    • Anonymous
      ha. come on dx
    • Tupac Shakur
      You have to wonder how on earth they managed to find some four year old article and somehow think that it was recent.
  • Anonymous
    its cool till somebody get shot then its black music again!
    • Anonymous
      LOL #BlackDontCrack Bitch
    • F THIS
      Yeah I know right!! LOL
  • Khalid Muhammad's Ghost
    "There Is No 'Black Music Or White Music'" That's what the Devil says anytime we call him out. We give him the right to steal it and call it his own.
    • Tupac Shakur
      Nah, you're just being delusional.