Snoop Dogg Almost Signed Joint Deal With G-Unit Records

posted Wednesday February 27 ,2013 at 06:30PM CST | 38 comments

Snoop Dogg Almost Signed Joint Deal With G-Unit Records

DJ Whoo Kid reveals that Snoop Dogg wanted to sign a joint deal with 50 Cent's label.

DJ Whoo Kid says that two of Dr. Dre's most successful proteges almost inked a record deal together.

In a recent interview with This Is 50's Young Jack Thriller, Whoo Kid revealed that Snoop Dogg - now known as Snoop Lion - was looking to sign a joint-venture with 50 Cent's G-Unit imprint in the early 2000s. He recalled meeting Snoop during the recording of the remix to 50's "P.I.M.P.," during which the Long Beach legend expressed his hope to join the Queens emcee's label.

"It was kinda close; it wasn't like he was gonna sign, he was gonna have like a joint deal [with G-Unit]," Whoo Kid revealed. "During those days, he had joint deals with everybody - he had one with Master P…he was signed to everybody. But he wanted a G-Unit connection because 'P.I.M.P.,' when Fif did it, he didn't have Snoop on there or nothing like that, so my introduction to Snoop, I was supposed to meet him in L.A., so I said, 'I'ma take the 'P.I.M.P.' record to Snoop. I got Snoop to get on the remix, but it was a freestyle. When I came back to New York and I let Fif hear it, he was like, 'I'm keeping this, man. This shit is out of here'…but during that time is when he wanted to be like Dogg Pound/G-Unit."

Snoop and Fif most recently collaborated on the song "Major Distribution," off Fif's impending Street King Immortal. Snoop is also prepping the release of his first reggae album Reincarnated.

Check out the full interview below.

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  • AlexBNice
    nobody heard "dpg unit" song from back in the day?
  • Anonymous
    lucky for snoop. the unit are wack game put an end to that
  • gunit
    wanna hear 50 cent make a beat for his artist HOT ROD
    • game
  • micheal myers
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  • hbhbjkml
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  • jae
    ask mobb deep who knocked their azzes out on stage even made sigon run lmfaoooooo niga git hit likre the gate niga hbghjunhjnnj
  • DPG
    fiddy got snoops back no matter what. Even in financial situations. You fags need to learn from him.
    • Anonymous
      the spell of shit off your breath
  • ged
    and i almost took a shit in snoop lions toilet so what of it?
  • crazyy mann driveingg 100000 000 miles and hour
    first u gotta kill the niggers and wiggersss and hang them on the floooor throw death churches at em
  • yghbjkl
    i just buernt mjs kids under the covers
  • Anonymous
    .....i was thinking the same shit....
  • Lil Youngin
    its doggystle and g-unit all day errday, na mean? when 50 says clickclick, snoopy says braaaat cuz! blamblam flamflam and thats that. im a DPG-Unit soldier till i die cuz! na mean?
    • anon
  • saywut
    ur cool buddy
  • mahnwindwsBASKEETtable
    Snoop smokes too much. This proves it. How can you even think of signing with G-Unit. Ya not BG Knockout, fool.
  • 666
    heres the link
  • 666
    dpggg-unit .. who remembers that song ?? wit snoop 50 daz young buck banks soppa fly "doggy lit the match and the match went out, gunit is in the mothfucken house" -snoop
  • Anonymous
    Slow day?
  • Ja Rule
    So did i, who cares?!?! Its Murdaa!!!!!
  • DJ Game
    Yes! I was there myself! Roseland was dope.
  • Milehighkid303
    It's STILL G-Unit in 2013, JUST LIKE I still fuck with WU/LOX.... Fuckin CRABS....
    • REALHIPHOP1984
      4real that new WuBlock was ill, im just waitn on the new Banks/DjDrama tape now
  • Anonymous
    Who in the hell cares about "ALMOST". DAMN
  • Dad
    Nobody cares about something that didn't happen
  • loll
    refuse to respect-- u realize u used 2chainz catch phrase right, souther rapper? loll
  • shocker
    ego trippin and malice n wonderland was so TRASH i thought it was a gunit production..smh
  • J-Dogg
    Fact Check? Ok;
  • Anonymous
    "50 JUST WENT TO THE DAYTONA 500 in FLORIDA" Did you watch the clip where he gets totally dissed by Erin Andrews? Curtis goes in for a kiss and she would rather look like a fool on TV than let that goon's lips touch her face lol Then some guy from ESPN questions why Fif is even there, and says Drake would have been a better choice to represent hip hop at Daytona.
    • Anonymous
      And I bet you smiled and applauded like it vindicated your existence.
    • Anonymous
      and my point was 50 in walking around in flordia alone but Ross is in NYC with the NYPD standing guard outside his hotel
    • Anonymous
      she was on live tv and the race was about to start in minutes, she was looking for danica patrick and 50 came outta nowhere. it wasnt a big deal. check erin andrews twitter she loves 50. he probably already fucked her.
  • Anonymous
    I don't know..maybe the 30 million people who viewed "my life" on youtube.
  • Anonymous
    The kids hate on Snoop.. check the catalogue, 1993 - 2013.. craps on your fave rapper... you all expect people to make the same music every year for 20 years.. your delusional. Snoop opened the West up, and also opened the South up... when he signed with NO Limit, it was a trail blazing move.. haters... and mis-educated..pure and simple. follow at noles506
    Snoop signing w/G Unit would have been a beutiful thing in the early 2000s it woulda deffinately been a better move than signing Game, especially if it woulda included Daz and Kurupt too!
  • Anonymous
    are u fucking crazy, who cares? 50 has a huge fan base, above america, his next album will sale like it or not, im n ot a 50 fan but keeping it real. dude is one of the best songwriters around. yes i said songwriters. not mc. his a cleaver mutherfukka
  • Anonymous
    who cares what year it is. good music is timeless and 50 is still making good music.