Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Give Birth To Baby Boy Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

posted Thursday February 21 ,2013 at 04:32PM CST | 28 comments

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Give Birth To Baby Boy Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose welcome their first child as a couple.

Months after revealing that they were pregnant with their first child at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose welcomed their baby boy into the world earlier today.

With an original due date of February 24th, Rose went into labor early and gave birth to Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, who Khalifa has nicknamed "The Bash."

"Daddy time," tweeted Khalifa several hours ago, posting a picture of him in the hospital that can be viewed below. He later tweeted, "Happy Birthday Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz!!! Y'Yo/ooY(TM)OE Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world."

Prior to the birth, Khalifa and Rose appeared on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood to discuss how they were preparing for the arrival of their baby. The rapper stated that he anticipated having a male baby shower.

"I'm at home full-time," he says. "I'm just working on videos for O.N.I.F.C., bringing that to life. We about to drop the group album as well. I'm really staying around because this is an important time for Amber. She needs that support."

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Comments 28 Posts

  • Anonymous
    "Poor Wiz" I'm sure Kelis is available.
  • Kanye West
    Wiz imma let you finish, but kims gonna have the best lookin baby of ALL TIME!!!
    • Jay-Z
      Naw, Kanye. Beyonce has the best looking baby of all time. HOV!!
  • Anonymous
    this baby gonna be born stoned smfh blacks go figure
  • Anonymous
    Get creative Wiz. Rename him Stash or Hash.
  • DrebinSlevin
    At least the kid has a normal name, unlike most celebrity kid names. Blue Ivy...what the fuck..
    • Yes
      Because picking the middle name after your gay movement isn't egotistical at all or weird as fuck. Can't wait to see Lil B's kid, Shabaaz #TaskForce McCartney.
    • Jacc
      ^^ OMG I woke up the whole city laughin so hard
  • Johnny Dub
    CHECK OUT SOME REAL TORONTO TALENT YALL!! soundcloud.com/johnny-dub-1
  • Anonymous
    Good, now Wiz and Amber can take little Sebastian to the Church of RULE, where the priest will baptize the baby in Ja Rule's holy sweat, and he will have some Ja Rule in his life. Any baby (or body) not baptized in Ja Rule's holy sweat will forever be condemned and sent to hell. RULE! It's Murda!!!
  • luuuc
    Did she have a cesarian or is her downstairs area ruined for life now? Poor Wiz.
    • James
      STFU, like you wouldnt hit if she was the Octomom and gave birth 12 minutes ago.
  • Anonymous
    It ain't his til Maury says it is.
  • kinglio21093
    I feel bad for little Sebastian.
  • ....
    So they decided to make a joke out of the kid's name by having "Taylor" as his middle name? Would make sense if it was taken one of their dad's/grandpa's/whoever, but instead they take it from the faggy "gang". Wiz is a douche.
    • R.Pgh
      Taylor is a pretty common name though. It's not like the middle name is OFWGKTM or anything. Relax. It's not your kid.
    • L.S.
      "Taylor is a pretty common name". Yeah because it's not like that fag says the phrase, "Taylor Gang or Die", or made a shitty song called "Taylor Gang", or reps a "gang" called Taylor Gang...shit man, use your head.
    • ^^^OR...
      call's his fans, Taylor's...
  • Anonymous
    Just don't smoke around the kid, please.
  • Keith
    Aw. Congrats to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. Man, rap fans are such haters. How can post negative comments on this? Haha. All the best to the new family.
  • dentaldamboy
    Thomaz with a "Z" and "the bash" are both bad looks. on another note, Drake and Wayne made Wiz's career. YMCMB for life.
    • Anonymous
      NO, they didn't. Wiz made Wiz's career. Those two fags didn't do anything to help.
    • Ash Motown
      Let's be clear, Curren$y and the Steelers making it to the Superbowl that year made his career.
    • Anonymous
      thomaz is wiz' real surname fool
  • Anonymous
    "Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Give Birth To Baby Boy Sebastian Taylor Thomaz" So who gave birth? Wiz or Amber? Misleading title.
    • chaboi614
      u must not have kids. most couples that have kids say that "WE are pregnant", or "WE" just gave birth, so yea the tilte is correct.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah wiz was preggo for nine months. Fucking idiot.
    • Anonymous
      I was obviously joking, retards. Congrats, anyways, to these two lesbians for their first baby. lol