Ja Rule To Be Released From Prison In Gun Case

posted Thursday February 21 ,2013 at 09:13AM CST | 37 comments

Ja Rule To Be Released From Prison In Gun Case

Ja Rule was supposed to be released from prison for a gun charge but will instead head into federal custody for a tax case.

After serving most of a two-year bid for an illegal gun case, Ja Rule was slated to leave an upstate prison today but will instead head straight into federal custody for a tax case.

According to AP, the rapper has some time remaining on a 28-month sentence for tax evasion, as his pair of sentences were expected to run concurrently. He may now have less than six months and could be eligible for a halfway house, and is excited to get back to work so that he can pay $1.1 million in back taxes.

"Many people are looking forward to experiencing his talent again," said defense attorney Stacey Richman, who also noted that he's looking forward to his daughter's graduation. "He's a devoted father."

The former Murder, Inc. star is getting out at his earliest release date. While incarcerated, he had two misbehavior reports for unauthorized phone calls in February 2012 and had work assignments on lawn and ground crews as well as participated in education programs.

Ja Rule began serving his bid in June 2011 following an arrest that took place in New York City, New York back in 2007 outside of Beacon Theater. After pulling him over, police found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the vehicle. In July 2011, a judge ruled that he was sentenced to two additional years for tax evasion, though he would serve each sentence concurrently.

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  • Anonymous
    another black role model for the youth smfh ja rule my ass- wack as fuck
  • Jennifer Ayendez
    Hot 3 of All Time Ja Rule - New York, Im Real, Put On Me 50 Cent In Da Club, Candy Shop, Baby by Me
  • Greatest Story
    BEFORE 50 CENT Venni Vetti Vecci - 1 million worldwide Rule 3:36 - 6 million worldwide Love is Pain - 8 million worldwide Last Temptation - 2 million worldwide 50 CENT ERA R.U.L.E - 2 million worldwide Blood On My Eye - 1.2 million worldwide AFTER 50 CENT Pain is Love II - 50 000 worldwide BEFORE JA RULE Power Of The Dollar - 50 000 worldwide JA RULE ERA Get Rich Or Die Trying - 11 million worldwide The Massacre - 8 million worldwide AFTER JARULE Curtis - 1,5 million worldwide Before I Self Destruct - 500 000 worldwide
    • Fuck Outta Here
      what's your point? Sales in the music industry in general have fallen off. Nearly every artist had more sales 10 years ago than they do now. Let's not pretend that 99% of rappers have a certain shelf life, that over time they're going to lose popularity.
  • Anonymous
    pil2 was a really dope album i wonder if he will promote it and drop a couple singles when he gets out or just go on to the next album
    • Anonymous
      hope he gets mouth raped in prison and can never spit again, the ugly little homo
  • ca$h money
    good news for my nigga ja, fuck all u clowns the beef is over with 50 wat year u living in?..he did his time so fuck yall give pil 2 a listen
  • Anonymous
    The Ruler's back niggas. 50 better watch his fucking back B.
  • Anonymous
    This relevant-ass nigga gonna kill 50 all over again.
  • ok
    It's MURDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! watch out 50 its not over yet!
    • 50
      time lapses again?
  • AintEazyBeingCheezy
    YESSSSSSSS, Ja rule is going to kill all of your favorite rapper. Seriously, hes the best rapper alive. Anybody who doesn't agree is a hater.
  • Anonymous
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  • ChilltownTV
    Good music back in the days.
  • ether
    ja's bu.tt hole before jail: * ja's bu.tthole after jail: O
  • Anonymous
    Yeah nigga. Ja Rule's coming out of prison with a vengeance. 50 Cent, Eminem and all those other pussy rappers better watch out. Rule's gonna crush the charts and end some more careers now with his lethal hooks. RULE! It's Murda!!!
    • toughtallkposter
      Ja a bit sore at the moment. ha ha ha. So yall have to wait.
  • Anonymous
    Prison can't release Ja Rule. Ja Rule releases himself from prison. What Rule is about to do to the charts should come with two parental advisary stickers.
  • King JA
    JA >>aftermath g unit...Ashanti>>>olivia
  • Hip Hop please
    Ja Rule had some dope tracks Some of them was raw, others "radio friendly" He had a good run, until 50 destroyed his career Since then, Ja Rule has never been the same And they called him a devoted father? IMO a devoted father stays away from gun-charges That said, I wish him the best in the music business
    • R.Pgh
      50 Cent definitely hurt his career by pointing out how gay his sing song raps were. Then 50 Cent ruined his own career for emulating Ja Rule's sing song raps.
  • JA End Careers
    Careers on the line now
  • Ja The King
    50 watch out Ja comming for that ass.Whatcha gonna do when ja rule run wild on you brother!
  • Anonymous
    and another nigger gets out of prison and goes right back. surprise surprise
  • S
    Ja used to run the game back in the day. Hopefully he can make a comeback. Keep your head up Rule.
  • 101
    Ain't no hope for this nigga bein relevant like he was last time with k.dot,A$AP Rocky,hopsin & all these young Mc's runnin the game.he too old to spit ill rhymes
  • Anonymous
    YESSSSSSSIR ma nigga ja is gonna blow the competition! drake and nas get ready! its about to be MURDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    • How
      Oh My Jessus!!! Really?????
  • bill larson
    Annnndddddd let the Ja Rule Trolling begin....NOW
  • curtis50jackson aka booboo
    50, unh Bentley, unh Em came 'n gotta nigga fresh out the, slum Automatic, gun Fuck 'em one-on-one We wrap up ya punk ass, stunt 'n ya done Homie
  • illogic
    I expected the comments section to blow up within seconds. Wtf?
  • Anonymous
    surprised that ja rule stan didnt make comments.
    • Chi-Ill
      Hahahahahaha when I click on the article I thought that's all I was going to see
    • James
      lol same
    • Anonymous
      Yeah I'm a bit disappointed. That dude always cracks me up.