Slept-On But Dope Hip Hop Songs From The Week Of 2/18/2013

posted Sunday February 24 ,2013 at 10:00PM CST | 18 comments

Slept-On But Dope Hip Hop Songs From The Week Of 2/18/2013

A HipHopDX Premiere from Boston's very own Wispers meets the "state your name Rap" of Curly Castro and the split screen magic of Jeremiah Jae's "Cat Fight" video.

Wispers - "Feelin Like"

We premiered this track this week on HipHopDX, off Wispers' mixtape Flight. I have to say, while I'm a fan of Boston Hip Hop, I really thought Wispers was from New York. His gritty delivery, hugged by J. Cardim's high-energy production makes this song a real complete package. While the track is definitely a lyrical exercise, J. Cardim's choice of sampling the People's Court intro gives the cut this air of "serious business" while also remaining fun. Wispers travels through a range of emotions detailing what he's "feelin like," from Michael Jackson's last performance to writing rhymes on the toilet. It's honest, it's overt, it's slick. And I'm all about it. I've never heard of Wispers before this song, but I'm going to be checking for him now. - Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

 Listen to "Feelin" Like by Wispers

Jeremiah Jae - "Cat Fight"

Brainfeeder producer / emcee Jeremiah Jae is continuing to make it nice and easy for us to not sleep on his phenomenal debut album Raw Money Raps. Although he released it last June, Jae has made the Raw Money experience feel like a living work-in-progress, catching us on the street and giving us a glimpse at one beyond-busted relationship in the video for the Flying Lotus-produced "Cat Fight." Directed by Yahsa Gruben, the video is full of stylization - jump cuts, filters, hopping sun flares - and much like FlyLo's restrained beat, the effects don't upstage the emcee. Instead the editing and creative choices heighten the storytelling and help give Jae's rhymes a palpable quality. In the best use of split screen since Brian DePalma's Sisters, Gruben literally divides the relationship we are hearing about, giving color and voice to each member of the couple but never both simultanaously. (There's a lot of anger and pissing on graves so maybe some monochrome should be on the menu). The same way we feel torn when listening to "Cat Fight," what we see also contradicts the rhymes. Even though it's shrugged off, things look a lot more complicated and deep-seeded than "taking better care of your hoodrats jack..." - Michael Sheehan

Curly Castro - "They Call Me Castro"

This past Tuesday, I broke from writer/editor recluse to attend Curly Castro's FIDEL release party in Philadelphia's Fishtown. My favorite song on the Man Bites Dog Records project is easily "They Call Me Castro." It's "state your name Rap," like the good old days... and the charisma of one artist comes out throughout. The chorus chants "militant," while the verses show a much more complex character. This is autobiographical Hip Hop overtop a scorching Blueprint beat (as great/greater than he's ever supplied another artist). Underground Hip Hop is often really Hardcore lately, or really soft. To me, this had energy, cause, substance and still felt like a get-smart dumb-out. DJBooth has the whole project for free, and I urge any newcomers to listen. - Jake Paine (@Citizen__Paine)

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  • Sam Erickson
    This man broke into my sons apartment with his brother & a gun, held him, his wife and children at gunpoint while robbing & beating them, broke his jaw and nose and bound them with zip ties. Whispers & his brother are first degree armed robbers & violent criminals. If anyone sees him please email me.
  • Mekanicz
    Wispers has been buzzing around Boston for years now. His mixtapes are damn near legendary. Glad he still going hard and people are recognizing on a national level.
  • Nolo
    Wispers is gonna change how everybody in hip hop looks at boston/mass he is gifted and his talent speaks for itself, this is his year to shyne..Nolo R.D. Capo
  • anonymous in NJ
    Just heard him Sunday on Princeton University radio, kid is all over the place
  • Amarie617
    Im Feelin Like I can walk on water with weights on me. Order a steak and take home the waitress thats waiting on me. #SLEPT-ON for real!
    • Amarie617
      *Im Feelin Like I could* walk on water with weights on me. Order a steak and take home the waitress thats waiting on me
  • CityUnderTobin021!@#$50
    I be seeing his Van wit the promo wrap riding thru my hood passing out free cds n tshirts he gets love round the way
  • yuuuuuuuuuuuuurp
    Dude said " aint eating wit us u beefing wit us " SAY NO MORE track goes hammmmmmmmburger
  • yaggadiggamean
    I HATE the Boston music scene its dominated by backpack rap HATE IT, thats why I love Wispers he nothing like the rest he got what its gonna take to put Boston on the music map
  • smackzfromda5th
    Wispers been going hard for years since the first mixtape do ur history dudes a problem
  • astrosspace
    Wispers is that dude. Personality, Bars, and concepts. Most marketable and real dude out. Catch up or eat dust.
  • Anonymous
    Wispers is puttin on for Boston. I just heard one of his songs on Jamn 94.5 and saw the video for International player joint with Slim. He's def a rising star.
  • adam
    Wispers is making alot of noise right, don't sleep, cause you'll be kickin your self later, he's doing more than u can imagine! He's on the National College Radio charts, video about to be on MTV, and has a history of over 1000 Commercial radio spins! PAY ATTENTION!!
  • Steez Diamante
    Good to see Wispers makin' moves, this song is dope!! Download his mixtape 'Flight,' here:
  • ShellyNix
    Did yall even bother to listen to Wispers track???
    • kathy iandoli
      Sure did, Shelly.
  • Anonymous
    slept on but wack songs... lol
    • Tupac Shakur
      Took the words right out of my mouth.