Emmett Till's Cousin Speaks On "Karate Chop," Says Lil Wayne Has "No Pride & No Dignity" As A Black Man

posted Wednesday February 13 ,2013 at 01:37PM CST | 203 comments

Emmett Till's Cousin Speaks On

The family of Emmett Till responds to Lil Wayne's "Karate Chop" lyric, express their concern for the youth.

Following the release of Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix),” which features Lil Wayne, the family of the late Emmett Till was quick to express their distaste with the song after hearing a particular lyric from Lil Wayne. On the song, the Young Money artist shockingly states that he “Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till.”

While speaking with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Airickca Gordon-Taylor, the founding director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation and cousin of Emmett Till, spoke on behalf of the family of Till. She referred to Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till lyric as being both “dishonorable” and “offensive.”

“To compare his murder and how beaten and how bullied, beatened, and tortured he was to the anatomy of a woman was really very disrespectful,” said Taylor in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “We found it dishonorable to his name and what his death has meant to us as a people and as a culture. It was offensive not only to us, but to our ancestors and to women and to themselves as young, black men. I just couldn’t understand how you could compare the gateway of life to the brutality and punishment of death. And I feel as though they have no pride and no dignity as black men.”

Taylor then went on to state that not only is the Till family concerned with Till’s image, they’re also concerned with the young people who happen to be immersed in Lil Wayne’s music.

“Our family was very offended, very hurt,” Taylor revealed. “Disturbed by it…Our young people they emulate what they see, what they hear, and what they’re immersed in. And then we question them as they grow up and become citizens and they’re supposed to be productive in society and they’re not productive. And society is already criminalizing our young, black men at every opportunity they have. So it just really concerns us that here you are using Emmett Till’s name in such an egregious way and you’re not having any respect for yourselves as well as our family. And that’s the biggest concern. We’re concerned about our young people as well as the image of Emmett Till.”

In 1955, Emmett Till was murdered at the age of 14 after allegedly flirting with a white woman in Mississippi.

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  • jerome
    basically wt the brothers tryna say is that the fool minds/lower end of human existence u speak of taught your civilisations founders preachhh
  • Anonymous
    quite easy to see why the black man tows the lower end of human existence. very base and foul. there are no words to describe how foul your minds are. but know this, you will always be dominated by the other races and ultimate future is bend.
    • Tru
      HOW FOUL THE BLACK MANS MIND MUST BE - WHAT A FOOL YOU MUST BE! Just as in our modern times, countries like the United States, England, and France are attracting students from all parts of the world, on account of their leadership in culture; so was it in ancient times, Egypt in Africa was supreme in the leadership of civilization, and students from all parts, flocked to that land, seeking admission into her mysteries or wisdom system.
    • anon
      The Persian invasion, did not only provide the Greeks with ample research, but stimulated the creation of prose history in Ionia. Heretofore, the Greeks had little or no accurate knowledge of Egyptian culture: but their contact with Egypt resulted in the genesis of their enlightenment.
  • 2
    I just learned about Emmet Till today. I'm normally the one to say, "Don't get your panties in a bunch" about stuff like this, but his lyrics are disrespectful. Till's murder was key in the Civil Rights movement. As a black man, Lil Wayne should be great full to Till. I'm not racist and I don't want to sound like I am, but Till was brutally beaten because he whistled or said "Hey Baby" to a white woman. Lil Wayne probably wouldn't have such a glorious life if Till wasn't murdered. So where does he get the nerve to disrespect a helpless 14 year old boy? The kid was beaten by 2+ adults. I'm 15, one of those "young people" but he is a role model now. He can't say stuff like this.
  • anonymousperson
    It's Lil Wayne, he doesn't care neither does I. There's a lot of messed up & disrespectful things that go on everyday that many other common people & people in the public eye do but you all wanna just gang up on him? Go tend to your own fucked up lives.
  • Anonymous
    lil wayne is just a rich punk who thinks he can do what ever he wants, fuck lil wayne by the way go kiss ya daddy faggot!!!!
    • Lucas
      you acting like eminem or chino didnt say stuff worst then this
  • Dequan
    What is sad is that yet these rappers haven't offered an apology for those so-called "lyrics". The entire verse needs to come off the radio..period.
    • Duke
  • Anonymous
    boohoo. Just because its lil wayne everyone is pretending this is awful. Chino xl and eminem said shit like this for ages
    • asdfghjkl
      Eminem was a target of the media during his early career, everything he said was over-analyzed, he wasn't a saint so I don't understand where that comparison comes in. He faced just as much scrutiny. But the fact of the matter is Lil Wayne as a black man, who other wise wouldn't have this "career" and make this "music" without the Civil Rights Movement, just belittled and undermined one of the most pivotal moments in black history. Eminem has said some fucked up stuff about other celebrities but (aside from homosexuals) he hasn't verbally assaulted and insulted an entire race or their history. He hasn't called anyone nigger, chink, wetback, redskin, etc. Lil Wayne on the other hand just stomped on black history during black history month
    • Anonymous
      Eminem wouldnt ever be caught dead slandering someone who was part of the civil rights movement it would be career suicide. and dont gimme any shit about that tape he made when he was 15 either its different
  • Anonymous
    Lil Wayne is a ass....young kids dont know what real hip hop is..thats why they listen to Lil Waynes garbage...
    • Mattyagi
  • The Greyt
    all i'm gonna say is the hip hop community should boycott wayne and cash money, because they do not make good music they are the definition of what is wrong with music in this generation
  • geoff grant
    I haven't read through all the comments but please tell me somebody pointed out that world trade attack that biggie referenced happened BEFORE he was murdered in 1997. The first world trade attack was in 1993 , then again in 2001 .
    • Anonymous
      Big was only talking about the 93' bombing, "blow up like the world trade". Not some nostradamus shit.
    • YouSerious?
      Big difference between Big's line and Wayne's line: Biggie's line was a comparison that was factual; the world trade center experienced a "blow up" from getting bombed in 93. He didn't say anything personal. Wayne's line of "Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till" can be taken in a context of "Till got beat up and he's a bitch for getting beaten up", even though Wayne is more so making a comparison that he'll beat up a pussy as bad as Till got beat up. Bringing in a face of the Civil Rights movement is not going to fly well with mostly anybody who cares about Hip-Hop. The bombing reference by Biggie is done in a way that it doesn't come off as insulting or malicious. Wayne's Till reference comes off as an insulting remark towards Till.
  • Anonymous
    You know what it is not right what wayne said and i aint even defending him he's a little fake blood fag jump back on your skateboard wayne and leave the rapping to adults. but 2 b honest loadsa rappers say dumb shit like this all the time just so they shit will rhyme. its just that weezy got one of them face you just wanna punch and a voice like a drunk 13 yr old cheerleader
  • Anonymous
    even sadder he might not even care but he's gonna have to respond some how
  • Anonymous
    "They don't know who Rosa Parks is, who Emmett Till is" Were you alive in 1955? I think not.
    • donnis mac
      You fit into that equation, that's why you felt a special need to comment. You revel in these kids' ignorance because it gives you a minute window to feel superior. Were you alive in 1941? 1963? 1776? I think not. You're not around Lord Finesse and Nas in 2013, but you SWEAR you know what's going on with them. You don't contradict yourself daily, you do it per conversation, signs of an unstable mind. You should be ASHAMED of yourself trying to be superior to CHILDREN and can't conduct a conversation with an adult, you become ANGRY and FLUSTERED when adults speak to you. You can't offer a lick of information about Emmett Till, but you are quick to talk trash and defend Wayne. I speak for the brothers and sisters who are working hard and don't want their kids to be influenced by the likes of YOU, QUOTE-MAN, leading these kids on a stray path just so you can do what you want to do. That's what PEDOPHILES do. GO GET YOU SOME HELP AND LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE QUOTE-MAN.
    • Big Bang Theory
      preach my nigga Donnis Mac preach. Yo i haven't read a quoteman comment that doesn't make me not want to piss yellow urine on his mother for raising this little idiot the way she did. This little fag looks up to all this skirt wearing booty jean shit. Yo these little queers don't even know the WTC was attacked upon before 9/11. How can i call you faggots nerds and you idiots aint that smart at all. You little niggas man. This Estrogeneration, yall little niggas probably don't even get offended niggas call yall soft. Fuck yall niggas.
  • Anonymous
    Everybody trying to act morally responsible online right now. I'm guaranteeing none of you live a clean life.
    • ziploc
      so we should be ok with it?...
  • Anonymous
    Wayne only represents the moral thoughts and standards of urban youth of today, why is it we don't create more Marcus Garveys, Elijah Muhammads, Malcom x's, Heuy Newtons. I think if you actually read a book about real leadership instead of have rap dueds to look up too you would realized some parts of society need to catch back up to the 1940s
    • Check your history
      Marcus Garvey was stealing money from black people, Elijah Muhammad was getting young teenage girls pregnant and Huey Newton was a dope fiend when he got murdered trying to rob a drug dealer. How about try being like Reginald F. Lewis, Ken Chenault, Earl Graves, Randall Robinson or TD Jakes.
    • Anonymous
      He said thoughts, you're stuck on actions. See it? You're shooting the messenger and not paying attention to the message, the fundamental tale of Jesus' time on earth.
    • Paris Gilyard
      Well said Anonymous...I see now why ayne is called "lil'..He has little regard for hinself or his people.
  • Anonymous
    They don't know who Rosa Parks is, who Emmett Till is, when the WTC got bombed, but they want you to believe they know what they're talking about.
  • Anonymous
    "You say that to justify what?" You're only crying foul here because you don't like Wayne. He didn't do anything wrong except for maybe being in bad taste. Howard Stern has said worse. Life moves on.
  • Black History
    The World Trade Center got bombed before 9/11, but this about Black History here.
  • hahahahlmaorofl
    nooo ANON this one takes the game. M.A tried to make this dude sound dumb by the 'check ur facts' line and guess she forgot to check her own..this thread right here and the 12 commentors (3-4 dumbfucks) in it just made my day (not rly but its hilarious for the time being) Mama Africa: Christopher Wallace was murdered in 1997 and the World Trade Center was "attacked" 4 years later in 2001. Your facts, please check them.
  • Anonymous
    Eminem should diss the shit out of this faggot.
  • Apologize Wayne
    David Banner tried to hate on Master P for nothing. Lets see if he going to check his friend Lil Wayne about something. I'm from Louisiana and I support our artists, however, Wayne needs to issue an apology to all black people for this one. Remember that Emmett is from Chicago, so he has alot of relatives who are Folk, so Wayne is probably about to get that "Rick Ross" treatment.