Lupe Fiasco Announces New Album "Tetsuo & Youth"

posted Sunday February 10 ,2013 at 06:10PM CST | 48 comments

Lupe Fiasco Announces New Album

Lupe Fiasco announces his new album title on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

After canceling the second installment of Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco has finally settled on a name for his new album.

On the red carpet for the Grammy Awards, Lu told Fuse that he's putting the music done for sequel to Food & Liquor II "in the safe" and that he's settled on a new LP title, Tetsuo & Youth.

"A lot of the music we did for it, we're just kind of putting in the safe. We're starting with a new album that's called Tetsuo & Youth. It's a different angle and twist," he said.

Earlier this morning, someone from the controversial emcee’s camp tweeted that Tetsuo & Youth would be the title for the rapper’s fifth studio album.

“Hello. #LF is happy to announce his album title for 2013. ‘TETSUO & YOUTH’ We Wish You Good Luck @ #TheGrammies Today. Thank You.” Fans were able to take screenshots of the tweet before it was deleted moments later.

Tetsuo is a reference to the 1989 Japanese cult classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Fiasco’s last album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt.1, was nominated for Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammy Awards and lost to Drake's Take Care.

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Comments 48 Posts

  • Anonymous
    for real was lupe wearing a dress? lol
  • Prick James
    I fucked with Lupe on F&L and The Cool, but this ninja is actually dressed in ninja shoes these days. I can't go for that no-o.
  • Anonymous
    What is wrong with ya'll? Did u even listen to F&L2?? Album was sick, how the hell did he drop? SMH, sum1 explain this one to em
    • Bizzy
      Right? Jay doesn't know how right he was about people today when he asked "Do you listen to Music or do you just skim through it?" I'm so sure these fucking haters DLed the illegal version and listened to about 30 seconds of the album
  • Anonymous
    man that was sum BS!!! Take Care aint even a rap album. F&L2 was the real deal, one of the greatest albums to drop. Man, it rly showed how bad society has become.
  • Anonymous
    Nujabes has been dead for some time homie
  • Anonymous
    Really wish either Lupe or Nas wouldve won that Grammy instead of Drake
  • magmatic123
    i think Lupe is one of those artist people secretly listen to but wont have much of an impact until after he dies..
    • Anonymous
      ive thought of that before youre right!
  • superluperap
    lupe x nujabes? so much hope but i kno lu will deliver he my nigga
    • Anonymous
      nujabes is dead
  • Lazers
    Lupe is underrated as fuck.smh.what happened?
  • Grizz
    I wish it was an Akira reference....
  • Anonymous
    lupe is such an emotional irrelevent joke. All he raps about is his bullshit politcal views or some other knowledge dropping bs that no1 wants to here. We listen to music to feel good not some bullshit. Btw didn't chief keef end his irrelevent music carreer allready.
    • Joe
      No, just YOU want to feel good when you listen to music. The stuff Lupe talks about is stuff people do want to hear but are to afraid to say anything about. Your comment is a joke, Chief "Queef" is a joke and his career has ended before it started. Chief "Queef" is one of the many reasons Hip-Hop is considered a mockery by SO many other genres of music and people. You should be fucking embarrassed because of that. You fucking ignorant illuminati wanna-be.
    • Anonymous
      you sir are completely retarted and have failed for the system so badly. there is no hope in u
    • Anonymous
      fuc you
  • TOY-T
  • feedback
  • fuck Chicago
    This goofy-looking nizzle needs to get a haircut. Pronto.
    For all the shit lupe talked about keef why he swag jockin the look
    • Anonymous
      lupe had that look before vheif keith smh
  • anon
    • melecio castillo
      Its not about looks, that is stupid criticism its about the mind, he is beyond chief keef.
  • Anonymous
    He should have Chu Ishikawa produce this album lol
  • lolz
    Mr. Fiasco isn't aging very well.
  • Lupe Fiasco
    This Is My Motivation
  • Anonymous
    Why is Whoopi Goldberg here?
  • kennyken
    man this is good news right here. glad to know he's continuing putting out music.
  • Anonymous
    interesting title choice Mr. fiasco i was wondering if he was mentioning tetsuo from akira
  • QBN
    Lupe, just get back to making dope music. His last 2 albums were weak.., get better production and focus on the music. I'm giving him one more shot..
  • Wow
    Wow lol this dude is all over the place. Comin to Grammys bringin his mom, wearin no shoes. What happened boy
    • Anonymous
      those were shoes you idiot. also what's wrong with treating your mother to a night out with the celebrities?
  • Anonymous
    grown ass man talking about wearing ninja shoes..and he thinks he is better than these other coons with chains and grills
  • Anonymous
    dude is lost...smh what a waste
    • carAnthony
      Shut up bitch ni**y!
  • Anonymous
    I would buy this album on the strength of the name alone. I hope its gonna be a concept album like The Cool cause Tetsuo is some pretty specific shit that probably flies clear over 90% of niggas heads, for good reason. I just hope he ditches all that wack production that we've been seeing on his last two albums. What a tragedy those albums were.
    • Anonymous
      what are u talkin bout? F&L2 was sick!!!! Audubon Ballroom, Battle Scars, Unforgiveable Youth, Lamborghini Angels, etc. all amazin tracks!!
  • youngsta
    hahahahahahahaha! y'all niggas read that last sentence?! drake fucking won you bitch ass haters. not nas, not roots, not lupe. DRAKE! and y'all kept laughing at me saying he wasn't going to win. how you feel now bitches? drake ain't going nowhere. be scared.
    • Anonymous
      Dude they're the Grammys. No one gives a fuck about them other than to make jokes on twitter
  • goose
    I thought he quit.
  • Ken
    needs better production quality than his last album. songs were so unevenly ordered it did not flow well as a straight-through listen.
    • Sincere
      I agree. The only thing that's weak on a Lupe Fiasco album is the production. His lyrics are sick though! He killed that Travis Barker joint as well.
  • Anonymous
    At this point, I doubt he knows where he wants to go. Kinda all over the place. Hope he get clarity
    He ain't wearing shoes in that video on the red carpet... All I gotta say.
    • bcaj
      Y3 high end fashion
  • worried warrior
    i ate my girlfriend's butt the other day and it smelled like dark brown doo doo in there but i didnt see any doo doo in there. why do i smell the doo doo but i don't see the doo doo?