Lil Wayne Says He Doesn't Like To Be Touched, Confronts Camera Men

posted Monday February 04 ,2013 at 09:03AM CST | 113 comments

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn't Like To Be Touched, Confronts Camera Men

Lil Wayne explains why he does not like to be "touched by people I don't tell to touch me." He also confronts a camera crew after he says that a camera man pushed him.

Over the weekend, fans caught footage of a frustrated Lil Wayne at a celebrity flag football game. The emcee appeared upset during the event, Direct TV's Celebrity Beach Bowl. After coming off the field, Wayne spoke about why he seemed livid in the footage.

When speaking with E! about why he was mad, Weezy explained that he does not like to be touched.

"Because one of these camera dudes just pushed me," he said, as seen on Rap Radar. "I don't like to be touched by people I don't tell to touch me. So, I'ma get out of the building because if I touch somebody, I go to jail because they not the color of me." 

He continued, relaying a message to the camera crew. 

"They not the same color I am so you know how that go," he continued before directing his attention at the camera men. "But to them, 'Fuck you.'"

Lil Wayne was present for the sports celebration as a fan. He has had his own sports show and has played in other celebrity games in the past. He has even said that he might quit music to pursue his love for skateboarding more seriously. Other celebrities were also at the event, including Snoop Lion.

The interview and confrontation can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous
    He doesn't like to be touched unless it's the soothing caress of Birdman right after an epic recording.
  • yeaaaah
    yeah we do know where thatd go. the white camera guy would beat ur 5'1 ass and then the hiphop world will cry racism lol.. lil waynes OVER ur not hot no more u sould like somethings stuck in ur throat when u rap (birdman?) and the drugs made ur music suffer HEAVY! over and done roger that
  • LOL
    LOL so bec hes not black ur gonna kill him.. so bec hes white u gonna look tough but if hes black ud back down bec ur a bitch HA.. pplus this comin from a guy tryin so hard to be white. skateboardin wearin white womans pants and shit... lil wayne is such a bitch. he look like he was drugged out and he wasnt gettin all gangsta bec he didnt have his team around him.. #exposedhimself
    • trillshit
      nigga fuck u
  • donquixote
    He don't like to be touched, only kissed on the lips by BIRDMAN! hahaha..
  • 2
    how old is wayne, 2 or 4? cry baby weezy.
  • somebody u will never know
    listen, if ur really about that life, you wouldnt act like that in the first place..especially in front of cameras..being humble and watching fools get knocked for talking tuff is..satisfying
  • C-Link
    bad flashbacks from prison, eh Wayne?
  • nammmmmmmmmmme
    Fck wayne. U go to jail cause your a fucking criminal and its assault, not cause your fucking black and the other people arent. Ignorant idiot.
  • Mr brown
    Real talk anyone on here has no real street cred gangsta don't blog With that said Wayne needs to put the drugs and skate board down Because he never was the best rapper alive right on 2/4/13. At 940 pst he is not even the best rapper on his own label. He ain't got no worries yyyyyyoung moula bbbbbaby
  • Anonymous
  • anonymous
    Its funny all you haters love to talk about lil wayne an other rapper like you have any talent at all, it sad how stupid some of you are a bunch of nerds with no street cred hating on the next man if you don't like the state of hip hop stop listen to it
    • Anonymous
      It's funny how you Wayne stans love to talk about people who don't like Lil Wayne like you're on his pay roll. It's sad how stupid a lot of you are. A bunch of short bus retards with no literacy/street cred, dickriding the most popular motherfuckers. If you don't like the criticism, don't listen to it.
    @Fractalz man fuck yall. Yall are just a hater plain and simple. Eminem is good, but not as good as Wayne. Wayne bodies him on "No Love" so gtfo. And YES Wayne has done a hell of a lot for Hip Hop. He's grabbed peoples attention. People who don't even normally like hip hop, by doing features with other artists from different genres. He's helping Hip Hop sales. All that conscience rap BS don't fucking sell. No one wants to hear that stupid bull shit save for a select minority. Also his songs DO have meaning, and substance and YES ill lines... "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!? He has storytelling. He even rewrote Eminem's "Stan" and made it better. Also Wayne is a business man. Young Money has the best collection of artists since Cash Money !!!
    • wu wear
      "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!? Any male who's ever read a book and has 5 minutes, a pen, and a piece of paper?
    • ETK
      I think it just sad you usin a line from Wayne like 5/6 fuckin years ago.. back when he was decent.. and that punk-ass line is one of his BEST lines! lmao c'mon son
    • lol
      lol, rhyming construction and seduction together blows you away? well watch this... production, obstruction, abduction, combustion! I'm the best rapper alive!
    • Anonymous
      Ya that example is awful. The two rhymes both have subjects that don't even make it a cohesive or clever rhyme scheme.
    • Anonymous
      typical Lil Wayne dickriding philosophy/cop-op
  • Anonymous
    What I wanna know is the name of that reporter.
  • Anonymous
    wayne is over and the south will be over soon its like a sinking ship
    • anonymous
      Keep hating on the south
    • Anonymous
      Your comment is 5 years too late. Wayne's been doing that since Tha Carter 3, so this is not anything new.
  • Vel
    Weezy used to be hard but hasn't put out anything of value sense carter 3 most of his shit now days is just a mess there is no point to his music and it's just bad music. You can ride with your boy Weezy and still be objective I'm a big jay-z fan but to say he has never put out anything wack or ether isn't a better diss track Would just make me look like I know nothing about hiphop.
    am a bad muthafucka coz the good die young.....WEEEZY F FOR FUCK U HAHA
  • acidrap
    Piece of shit should be grateful ANYONE is interested in him at all.This talentless fuck cant play an instrument,sing,or really write lyrics. A line like" so much ice, I need to stick with the puck"-is not talent,its mindless filler for a song.Anyone that could support someone like that can suck cocks in hell
    • anoymous
      You sound like a hater
  • Anonymous
    Anybody of any color would get arrested for being an arrogant asshole.
    • ETK
      Not in the land of AmeriKKKa.
    damn yall some hatin ass dudes man. Weezy been killin the game since his cash money days. Look how much he's done for hip hop and all yall do is hate. He's given us CLASSICS, and I agree his recent stuff doesn't top Carter 1 and 2, but you can't deny he's top 5 right now(top 3 actually). So many other wack rappers and yall choose to hate on Weezy. I bet yall them lame ass "real hip hop" fans who only bump Nas(who sucks) and fuckin Wu Tang. Them old ass fools don't even sell units, plus Wayne is lyrically shitting on them. Carter 2 still the best rap album of 2000 era. Fuck anyone who says any different(and Carter III is shitting on the majority of whats coming out today, including yall lame ass opinions) #YMCMB!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Damn. You just don't stop. This is how you know the trolls are desperate when they post older posts. Everything said here has been proven wrong again and again. Get some new material.
    • Fractalz
      Your a fucking tool. You wouldn't know art from a cheeseburger you little jackass. Those dumb shits aren't famous because they contribute to culture, they're famous because dumb little shits like you support these dumb fucks. You contribute to the destruction of a good thing.
    • tipster
      I actually agree w/ u for the most part..Except I think C2 was 2nd best album of the 00s...KING was #1... T.I. & Wayne top 5 of all time
  • Milehighkid303
    How can someone listen to weezy? only niggas worst than Wayne are Biggie, Lil B, Boosie, Bizzy Bone and Waka Flocka Flame
    • Anonymous
      kill yourself
  • Anonymous
    these comments are unreal. niggas got so much emotion invested in this niggas. especially the niggas who claim they dont care about him. no wonder he goes platinum in a week.
  • tipster
    Yall luv to hate on Wayne..He is 1 of da realist rappers EVER...Cuz he is always himself!.. T.I. & Wayne Greatest rappers of all time
    • Anonymous
      realist ever??!? always himself? nigga went from being a blood to a rockstar to a skateboarder