Chief Keef's Manager Says Incarceration Is "A Wake-Up Call"

posted Friday February 01 ,2013 at 05:45PM CST | 22 comments

Chief Keef's Manager Says Incarceration Is

Chief Keef's manager says the rapper has learned a valuable lesson from his recent conviction.

Chicago up-and-comer Chief Keef has had his fair share of negative press over the past year. Now, in a recent interview with The Best of Both Offices, the 17-year-old rapper's manager comes to his defense.

Chief Keef's manager Rovan “Dro” Manuel said that he believes the Finally Rich rapper's recent two-month sentence for probation violation has been "a wake-up call." Manuel thinks the conviction has already helped Keef to learn from his actions and forge a new attitude.

"I think he [will learn a lesson]. I got a message from him that he’s had a wake-up call," he explained. "This is a wake-up call for him. It wasn’t even his fault that it happened, but it happened. I think he’s gonna come out a different person. I think he’s gonna come out with some new music, a new attitude…he’s gonna get out and do some shows, and hopefully go up the charts."

Manuel also said he feels that the Chicago Police Department wrongfully portrayed the young rapper as a criminal. He explained that Keef is very much a product of his Chi-Town environment, which has been plagued poverty and crime for decades.

"[The biggest misconception about him is] he’s a bad person, I guess, in the eyes of the Chicago [Police Department]," he said. "He’s not the first to put reality-based lyrics [in his music], as far as like talking about what’s going on in the inner-city for real. I think that it’s kinda messed up that they wanna blame him for all the murders, all the crime and all this other stuff that’s going on in Chicago. Keef is a minor. You can look back 18 years in the same neighborhoods where he was growing up and see that they were doing the same damn thing...he’s got a lot of stuff he needs to learn. It’s not like he came from a neighborhood where it’s 90-percent Jewish and schools are teaching him this-and-that. He didn’t come from that."

As previously mentioned, Chief Keef was sentenced to two-months in an Illinois juvenile correctional center for violating his probation by appearing in a video interview at a gun range.

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  • Anonymous
    Hold it down Keef...We need some more of that real gangsta shit you dropped on Finally Rich...One of the realest in rap today...
    • gregdoubleg
      ni99a you gay
    • Anonymous
      you didnt hear he was crying after his sentencing of 60 days? LOL thats real gangsta right? realest in rap!
  • Anonymous
    So he's learned his lesson, but it wasn't his fault? Whose fault is it then? Just because the stuff he raps about started way before him doesn't mean he isn't glorifying and profiting off it. Granted, he's still a kid, but he knows enough to keep getting into trouble, so wait till you're 18 Keef. Then you'll be tried as an adult.
  • Keefer
    Fuck this pansy ass douche bag
  • Badmofo
    You can tell everyone around this kid is a raging retard (Manager, mom, friends, baby mamas, ect...)
  • BGG
    either im high or that pic of keef is trippy im like dis nigga got two diff color sleeves on his jacket but then i looked at the hands like dayuuum this nigga got one dark hand and one light hand but then came to conclusion that somebody was walkin behind him...let me put this blunt down
    • Anonymous
      That's some funny shit, but I didn't even notice kuz I wuzn't even lookin that close at the pic. Maybe that strain you smokin on giving you some gay tendencies? If that shit was grown in Mexico I wouldn't doubt it, but to be real it does look like that pic is just him until you look closer.
  • chilol
    Tupac woulda slap this lil bitch kid around
    • rljunior
      2pac was the biggest bitch of them all, he wouldn't do shit
    • dude87
      @rljunior: he prolly wasnt a big thug, but doubt he was a bitch
    • Anonymous
      pac wouldnt be crying over 60 days in juvie
  • Anonymous
    lol its not like he came from a jew neighborhood, then he would have no excuse being such a nigger. fuck this guy
  • Anonymous
    fuck dis nigga
  • Anonymous
    fucking cry baby! a dick in the butt if definitely a good wake up call
    This neega was crying, enough said. Yeen about dat life, bang bang!
  • Unanimous
    "Manuel also said he feels that the Chicago Police Department wrongfully portrayed the young rapper as a criminal." What about Interscope (and the people 'guiding' him)? Hope he really learns his lesson though. It would be good to see a young brother make it out of his situation and prosper.
  • Ken
    there's no saving this illiterate, ignorant wannabe rapper. when u suck worse than fiddy on a 2013 track, that's a sign you probably are a one-hit wonder. haha "wake-up call." doubt that shit.
    • Ken
      WTF??: "Its not like he came from a neighborhood where its 90-percent Jewish and schools are teaching him this-and-that. He didnt come from that." ummm... so now anti-Semitism has creeped its way into this story as well? if you want to think like it's the 1950s, then it seems you oughta be a Keef fan. him and his surrounding supporters are just so... horrible.
    • sosa
      Free SOSA
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous II
      Ken you look like an idiot and you exposed yourself. You must be a nicca hatin Jew that likes rap music. FOH