50 Cent Dismisses Game's G-Unit Reunion Petition, Says They Will Not Get Back Together

posted Friday February 01 ,2013 at 12:35PM CST | 115 comments

50 Cent Dismisses Game's G-Unit Reunion Petition, Says They Will Not Get Back Together

50 Cent addresses Game's online petition to get G-Unit back together.

After Game launched an online petition for a G-Unit reunion, 50 Cent has responded by stating that he has no interest in getting the group back together.

During an interview with The Boombox (via HHNM), Fif echoed earlier statements that a G-Unit reunion was unlikely. "You're not gonna get nothing back together," he said. "I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don't give a fuck what they talking about on a blog post."

50 said that Game's petition was just a publicity stunt and that every time he cools off, he brings up his former ally. "Every time there was nothing going on [Game] said 'Fuck you, 50,' to generate some sort of new interest," he said. "But now that doesn't work anymore. So you gotta figure out a new way to do it. And now it's saying, 'We'll get G-Unit back together!'"

Talks of a G-Unit reunion have been circling for the past few weeks. Early last month, 50 said that there was a "strong possibility" that he, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo would join forces again. Game's manager Dontay "Taydoe" Kidd revealed that they were working on getting the group back together, though 50 later recanted his earlier statement and said that it "probably [would] not" happen.

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  • BK
    50 is a grinch, he knows he got nothing on Game. 50 Cent stans always bring up sales & money like that nigga is paying you or some shit. fuck 50, he's a sellout.
    • Anonymous
      how did he sellout? game went from screaming g-unot to begging for a reunion! that is the definition of a sellout! at least 50 stands by his word and has morals
  • Anonymous
    "ross is hiding out scared for his life, trying to figure out what to say about co-operating with cops" TMZ followed him around all of yesterday and said he was highly visible at Denny's, PF Chang's and Sizzler.
    • Anonymous
      a niggas gotta eat
    • Anonymous
      you sound like a A-1 hater!!!
  • anonymous
    50 is the king of beefs
  • Anonymous
    Fuck rap music...that shit is for the faggot ass dick riders. Real Hip Hop has come back to the underground.
    • ETK
      Define "Real Hip-Hop".
    • Anonymous
      Hip Hop is a culture. Rap is only one element of Hip Hop. Real Hip Hop heads represent the elements of Hip Hop. Rappers are just entertainers, actors, fame seekers guided only by generating numbers and care nothing about the elements. When the money, fame, media, and fans begin to fade they look to do something else. Real Hip Hop cats never stop regardless of the numbers they generate. Their message & style never changes to please the label heads or suck up to the media. If you need a definition then you have never experienced real Hip Hop...you just a rap fan, a cheap carbon copy of the real.
    • Po
      ^^^^^^ [ Insert Hip-Hop Definition ] ^^^^^^
  • Anonymous
    "50's first album sold 4 million more than rozay has sold in his whole career" Then why is Ross all over the place while 50 is at home tweeting? lol
    • Anonymous
      ross is hiding out scared for his life, trying to figure out what to say about co-operating with cops and hiding behind newspapers after almost getting lit the fuck up for being a studio gangster
    • Nem
      assuming hes home tweeting and not working and making more money then rozay does anyways....50 is makin a cartoon nigga wtf is ross doin? payin radio stations for air time and canceling tours cuz hes scared....50 the type a nigga to be so rich he needs bodygaurds for safety, ross the typa nigga to only get bodygaurds when he gets shot at lol way latter in his career as well
  • Anonymous
    Reading these comments about numbers got me rolling. Yall don't know what real Hip Hop sound like. Yall just on the industry nuts and think whatever the machine and media is yappin about makes someone the shit. Bunch of sucka ass sheep. So what they making money & moving units, it's still sheep music. Real Hip Hop ain't on the radio.
  • Ricky Rozay
    This nigga 50 is irrelevant. Best thing this nigga can do is rejoin with all these other flops so they can at least get an album out. Lets compare 50 and Rozay catalog. port of miami = great, trilla = great, Teflon Don = classic, GFID = classic GRODT = great, the massacre = average, Curtis = garbage, BISD = garbage. 50 stans keep talkin bout numbers, the music is whats important and Ross has released better shit than 50. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • alerteddie
      dkm' how you gonna call GFID Classic...you probably high on something
    • 9milli
      officer ricky both your albums combined failed to sell 11mill shut the fuck up and keep sucking my dick
    • Anonymous
      you can keep saying hes irrelevant but he still got more news coverage on hiphopdx this week without an album out than william roberts did after almost getting murked LOL
    • ok
      port of miami = ok, trilla = ok, Teflon Don = great, GFID = trash GRODT = ALL TIME CLASSIC!!, the massacre =Great, Curtis = Ok, BISD = garbage.
    • Anonymous
      BISD was better the Curtis. Neither was garbage tho. i fucked with BISD
  • Anonymous
    The Game was a G-Unit member for how many weeks? Why does he act like he's a main member?
    • Ray
      Game was in G-Unit from November 2003 - March 2005 Released 3 mixtapes under G-Unit, was on the first 9 G-Unit Radios and recorded lrecorded a whole album worth of material collabing with 50, Banks, Yayo, Buck.. The Documentary itself is a G-Unit album only ppl that started listening to them after he left think Game was only a member for a month. He was on Banks, Buck. and 50's second album. N' btw 50acting like this is once again his ego..
  • Anonymous
    "Weeee are never ever ever getting back together." - Taylor Swifty Cent
  • G-Unit Ain't Shit To Me
    Tho I hate Game, his friends, family and everything he stands for I gotta say fuck 50 as well
  • gun di liro
    Good. Now maybe Game can shut the fuck up now.
  • Anonymous
    Conclusion: 50 can afford to do music just for hobby, Game cannot since he's living from that. Without constant income from rapping, the latter probably going back to broke again in 3 years. That's 50 will be above game in that debate, unless he fucking up things financially so bad. Then we talk about G-Unit reunion.
  • word
    Yayo would stab Game.
  • Anonymous
    ass holes
  • Anonymous
    i see it happening in the far future
  • Anonymous
    As a Game fan ,This so called Petition is down right humiliating. I mean like, C'mon Son and show a lil pride. The man done shit in yo mouth at least 8 or 9 times with this reunion shit. The Fact is, Game refuses to understand 50 is NOT the reason he fell off, neither is it his music. The reason I refuse to support Game is because of the constant features, ass kissing 50, and corny shit like this article. He's a clown.
  • Anonymous
  • Jake
    I'm a HUGE Game fan but this begging shit has to stop. He's making himself look like a bitch and us Game fan's are embarrassed. Game, STOP!
  • Former Game Fan
    lol Game stay losing fans! fuck Game and crew
  • Looga
    I tried to help niggas get on, they turnud around and spit, right in my face so game and buck both can suck a dick. You can tell 50 is still hurt by what they did, or else he wouldn't have mentioned them on one of his biggest hits to date.
  • OnemikE
    Man the kid Game needs 2 chill he thinks somehow this petition will help boost his Jesus piece sales when actually his fakeness has already hurt his image. Look at his current numbers... smh being fake gets u no where
    • Ricky Rozay
      Yet all of Rozay's albums have sold over 500k!! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      and overall rick ross whole catalogue is 1.5million away from Game's first album.
    • Anonymous
      50's first album sold 4 million more than rozay has sold in his whole career LOL
  • insanemacbeth
    i totally agree with 50 CENT on this one. nobody can actually bring G-UNIT back together again....BUT...50 himself, and possibly a little influence, from SHA MONEY XL. looks like a publicity stunt, to me!
  • The Game
    G unot is dead and buried. Game killed them and none of them (including this bitch 50) have been the same since now while 50 gives away free albums that still flop, Game is on the west coast kicking the shit outta 50's friend 40 glocc LOL!! #JesusPiece
    • Anonymous
      Hahaha stfu Game stan!
    • Anonymous
      game couldnt handle 50 so he went and benched 40!!!
  • Mike
    Bad decision 50.......
  • Anonymous
    LOL @ the nigga who dedicated 5 entire mixtapes and A DVD to ending your career coming back like "Lets be friends and work together". If I were 50 I wouldnt pour a bucket of water on this motherfucker if he were on fire. Game made his decision, man up and live with your choices. Take that Turn the other cheek bullshit to church, in reality that only gets you slapped twice