Donald Trump Disses Mac Miller On Twitter Again

posted Thursday May 30 ,2013 at 03:51PM CDT | 219 comments

Donald Trump Disses Mac Miller On Twitter Again

UPDATE: Donald Trump takes to Twitter to dis Mac Miller again, this time about the rapper's potential album sales.

Donald Trump has threatened legal action against Mac Miller over his gold-certified song "Donald Trump."

The business tycoon took to Twitter earlier today to blast the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper, defying earlier statements that he was "proud of him" and that he is the "new Eminem."

"Little @macmiller, you illegally used my name for your song 'Donald Trump' which now has over 75 million hits," he wrote. "Little @macmiller, I want the money not the plaque you gave me! Little @macmiller, I'm now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog! Little @macmiller—I have more hair than you do and there’s a slight age difference."

Trump, known for his Twitter antics, previously praised Mac for the song back in August 2011. "A lot of people are calling me about the Mac Miller rap song. Now, it’s named ‘Donald Trump.’ Maybe you should pay me a lot of money, but it just did over 20 million people, tuning into Mac Miller," he said. "So in one way, I’m proud of him. I haven’t actually seen the language, it’s a little hard to understand on the song itself. Probably, it’s not the cleanest language you’ve ever heard, but this kid is the new Eminem. Everybody says he’s fantastic. Let’s see what it is. But the ‘Donald Trump’ song just hit over 20 million, that’s not so bad. I’m very proud of him."

Miller later responded, "I was just excited that I’ve reached a level where someone like that, I’m on their radar. I’m ‘bout to hit him to borrow the jet real quick."

The rapper is yet to speak on the matter. He recently settled a $10 million lawsuit from Lord Finesse over copyright infringement.

Check the tweets below (via HHW).

(January 31) 

UPDATE: Donald Trump has thrown a new barb Mac Miller's way. The Donald sent out a new Tweet today claiming that the rapper-producer's forthcoming Watching Movies With The Sound Off album won't be as successful as its predecessor, 2011's Blue Slide Park.

Watching Movies With The Sound Off is slated for a June 18 release. 

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  • Anon
    "I want the money" money, money, money. This guy already has billions and he wants a couple more million off of Mac's hit? First off, Trump should know it's not his name as the title that got Mac Miller all those hits on the songs, it's his talent and his music that did. NOT his name.
  • harley
    he is not the only nigga in the world named donald trump is mac suppose to pay everybody with that name there are 20 people in the US with that name look it up
  • JoMarie
    He rocks the little hair. Trump doesn't need anymore money he just need to get over him self! I honestly know Mac Miller's song Donald Trump by heart and I dont believe he meant any harm! My message to Donald Trump, if you wanna show him a big boy game you'd just drop it and deal with it!
  • Dafuq?
    Is this real? Donald Trump dissing Mac Miller on twitter? Obama holding press conferences answering questions about Jay Z? Real life is turning into a reality show, i can't call it. If anything you are just helping him out by mentioning mac's name. Which brings up the question why an old ass business man is using his time to send messages to a kid who raps for a living.
    • anon
      Illuminati man. Didn't you know there are 5 guys who sit down everyday and decide how to control the world?? Thats it. So i don't have to think or question, or research or go to college for a real education. I'll watch YouTube videos and believe what they say.... All kidding aside. "Reality is turning into a reality show" You are exactly right. The lines of fact/fiction have never been more blurry.
  • Anonymous
    donald found out he was jewish
    • Anonymous
      He's actually related to Richard Roundtree.
  • Anonymous
    i used to like trump, being honest. just hate myself now.
  • Anonymous
    First single drop "2 BILLI"
    • Anonymous
      Ja Rule has a new song called, 10 Billion And Counting.
  • Anonymous
    Trump needs to release a mixtape in retaliation...In hip hop, we don't settle shit with lawsuits, we settle beef with diss tracks. Come on Trump, you have the money, you could afford Dre or Timbaland on the beat, T-pain on the hook...He could call it "Big Boy Lesson Thang" or "Mo' Hair"
    • Yo Mama
      Trump would end Miller's career
  • RIcky Rozay
    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!! Bawse!!!!!!!!
    • KKK spokesperson
      Its cause all those other races have formed some kind of developed civilization, just look at africa and inner city america and what do you see?
    • Yo Mama
      @KKK Spokesperson: I bet you're some pale, scrawny white boy who thinks it's funny being racist. Hop off that Tosh dick.
    • DontKnowMe
      And what about reverse racism???? Why is it ok for black/colored only school, dating, clubs, etc but if white people tried to get a white only organization people would flip! Stop living in the past & realize we whites are the minority now.
    • Anonymous
      my favorite part about racism and people who are racist is that they are usually the dumbest most uneducated people. pretty funny.
  • Hip Hop Fan
    Mac should be thanking Trump for all this free promotion that Donald is throwing his way. Even if Mac Miller sells 100,000 total, you all have to remember that Mac Miller is an independent artist. Mac pushed 400,000 on his first album and is clearly trying to create buzz in anyway he can for this project as well, promotion is promotion.
  • Anonymous
    Donald Trumps wife wouldn't fuck him if he had an average income, neither any of these hoes who let him lay pipe. Ugly freak
    • Hip Hop Fan
      This is such a dumb comment. It's no secret that the quality of women go up as you get richer. Do you think any of the hoes that rappers get would be with them if they were poor? Of course not...
  • Anonymous
    Donald just promotes Mac Millers album. When he says things like this the whole world is hearing about the upcoming album of Mac Miller. Donald is a chill as nigga, he not hatin, he knows what he is doin, so is Mac Miller
    • Anonymous
      I don't know if Rosie O'Donell would agree with that.
  • Anonymous
    Trump screwing girls half his age for years has made him think he is younger than he is. He needs to grow up.
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  • Anonymous
    Get Donald. This fucking average prick. Which dumb fucker listens to this cheap rapper? Probably YMCMB fans and 12 year old kids
  • Anonymous
    "Donald Trump" single wasnt even on Mac's first album......
  • Anonymous
    americans love a lawsuit fucking babies
    • John
      Where are you from then?
    • RealTalk213
      Skin head, dead head Everybody gone bad Situation, speculation Everybody litigation
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      RealTalk213: Skin head, dead head Everybody gone bad Situation, speculation Everybody litigation buy into whatever bullshit u want
    • lol
      As if Ireland's any better! I'm sure your people still love bombing innocent English civilians like they did during the Troubles if you're going to generalise Americans like that? That's like me saying that all Irish support the IRA.
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  • Anonymous
    donald trump is a fat ugly joke, such a fake bastard on front of the cameras just like his faggot family
  • Anonymous
    Donald, please shut the fuck up
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  • dentaldamboy
    Recently, Donald Trump paid YMCMB headquarters a visit. He chatted it up with Birdman, and asked Birdman if any of our artists would be wiling to use his name in a song, maybe even in the title. Drake and Wayne are on tour, but Nicki was down for the cause. Expect a very memorable Trump reference in a song that Nicki will release this summer. Even BAWSES like Trump want to be affiliated with YMCMB.
  • Killer Mike Scarface Lauren Hil
    Dx staff you cracker lovers stop posting news about crackers on hiphop no crackers alloud only niggas.
  • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!
    Donald Trump ripping on wack ass rappers. Man, who would've thought!? Just goes to show you what hip hop has become... one big joke of a music genre.