50 Cent Reveals That It Doesn't Take Much For Eminem To Take Over A Record

posted Monday January 28 ,2013 at 01:20PM CST | 43 comments

50 Cent Reveals That It Doesn't Take Much For Eminem To Take Over A Record

50 Cent explains why Eminem's verse on "My Life" was so long, says it's pretty easy for the rapper to dominate a record.

While speaking on his forthcoming album, Street King Immortal, Queens rapper 50 Cent revealed to Fuse TV that if an artist allows it their record can easily be taken over by a guest appearance from Eminem.

The Interscope artist shared that that’s pretty close to what happened while he was recording “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine. According to 50 Cent, he left the studio while Eminem was recording his verse and since he wasn’t present to stop the rapper at the 16-bar mark Em went on to record a solid 24 bars.

“It’s important cause it’ll turn into a complete Eminem record if you leave him. He’s gonna make it his regardless. This is how that verse got longer than usual on ‘My Life.’ See, I left the song and I didn’t stay there,” 50 Cent explained. “He would have remembered 16 as a mark to stop if I’d have been there, but because he was going off and into it he just kept going and made it to about 24 bars before he actually stopped rapping and it felt good so there was no reason to edit it.”

On top of “My Life,” Eminem will also appear on the Street King Immortal record “Champion,” which 50 Cent also spoke with Fuse TV about.

“We actually recorded it in Detroit. And it’s one of those songs that Em was set on this record,” said 50 Cent. “Cause he heard it and he was like, ‘This is for me and 50.’ And he wrote his verse on the actual record and I came in and he played it and I was like, ‘Okay, this is cool.’ Let me think of how, you know, I actually wanna approach the record. Then I go into the other studio to record it…and I had to hear it again. Because he made some mentions and I didn’t want to make the same mentions. Cause some of the people he has a lot of respect for [in] music culture were in that actual song and I didn’t want to repeat that.”

Although an official tracklist for Street King Immortal has yet to be revealed, 50 Cent has confirmed a handful of the project's features. Confirmed guest appearances on the album thus far include Chris Brown, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Young Jeezy, and more.

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  • jessica
    Eminem is the best actual rapper alive hes the only rapper that actually keeps stuff real....other rappers just rap about money and all that nasty stuff these days we really can't find a decent rapper like eminem, not only is he decent but he is real not fake and he shows it throught his songs....am i right or am i right? ^.^ not to get anybody on my bad side 50 cent is good too but im saying 50 cent got this good because eminem thought him what he needs to know #nuffsaid :D
    • shittin' on kids these days
      that was pretty ignorant right there.. as much of an em fan as I am he is not what I would consider the REALEST mc... in terms of rapping about murdering his wife and people and shit when clearly he didn't...well at least your not listening to miley cyrus so I guess i'll let you off the hook, you'll grow up and hopefully expand your horizons..there's a lot of good rappers out there who throw their life into their songs constantly. you should check them out..good starting points would be atmosphere, cage, naughty by nature, nas... cheers
    • Sandwich Fixa N199a
      Calm it down, B-Boy Monk a Licious. Stop pretending that you're insight is acute. Quit attempting to vainly make your argument based no your narrowing understanding of, well, anything you talk about. Dunk a lunk out!
    • HUH
      Well said, you are shittin' on kids these days...LOL!!
  • olabiyi
    I want to come visit your company product
  • Disx
    50 doesn't "need" Em for anything but his songs are a whole lot better with em on them so idk what you people are complaining about
  • Anonymous
    To anonymous and Number1 you're both somewhat right, 50 doesn't need Eminem ANYMORE business wise at all as it shows in Forbes and we just know he's everywhere whether it's Vitamin Water to anything else he's doing he's all over. Music wise even with Eminem on the latter half of his career 50 can always use Eminem to help boost single/record sales. Business wise no need for Em, Music wise anyone can use Em.
  • Anonymous
    50 cent Street king immortal - 80k first week
  • Number1KnowItAll
    People hate on 50, because hate follows success. Do some research before you talk shit about something you don't know. Curtis Jackson was in Forbes and countless other business articles ranked at number 5 richest rapper. Eminem is not in the top 5. 50 doens't need Eminem.
    • asd
      Dude what the fuck are you saying. 50 is a businessman, he has other incomes besides music, while Eminem profits only from his music and tours.
  • Anonymous
    fact is 50 needs Marshall to stay relevant 50 cent is a joke (you know im right)
    • Anonymous
      Stop lying to yourself it's bad for your health. U'd be talking about 50 Cent whether or not he was still on Aftermath. Undoubtedly u'd be spewing hate b/c u're a hater but he'd get the same amount of positive attention as well regardless where he signed. U'll see.
  • Anonymous
    50 gets some much hate because you crackers wanted him to be a nice lil nigga under shady records NO fif took his own career and blew it up beyond what anybody thought it could be WANKSTA was a mixtape song Eminem and dre didn't have shit to do with that they just jumped on the g-unit train and took a ride "POWER OF THE DOLLAR" was a classic way before em and dre
  • Anonymous
    50 first number 1 single overseas in his entire career" my life" major distribution is picking up steam on the radio interscope pushing this album harder than they did jesus piece
  • Anonymous
    "guess theres 100mil jeremih fans too cuz" The album sold 18,000 first week. Even a retard like you should realize that You Tube isn't Billboard.
  • Looga
    whats ironic is that 50's first verse on my life was 12 bars.
  • myopinion
    I think this will be an album for 50, similar to Nas'Life is Good: They both were held to high Standards after there Classic Debut LP's. Every "Successful" rapper goes pop, it's part of the Business side because it sells records. At the end of the Day, everybody has to make money, A Rapper's job is to make money of his or her songs, Tours, promotion, etc. The Impact it has is up to the Listener. The problem with hip-hop, Too Much Hate. Love It or Hate it!
    • Anonymous
      yup it could be better than curtis and bisd
  • Anonymous
    "dude the game video has been out for like years man" Let's look at a video from last year then. Pop That has 30 million views. Point is it don't matter. None of it equates to album sales. It just means at least 20 million Em/Adam Levine fans were bored and decided to click on a video link.
    • Anonymous
      guess theres 100mil jeremih fans too cuz thats what down on me did..... nope.
  • asdasd
    Kendrick Lamar is on the album aswell. Go check 50's twitter.
  • Anonymous
    the fate of hip hop is dicided with eminems next move
  • the dude
    ACTUAL ACTUAL ACTUAL damn 50 needs to step his vocabulary up
  • Anonymous
    "25 milion views on youtube? doesnt looks like flop" Game and Wayne had 67 million views on My Life. Plus, how many of those 25 mill are going to actually buy the album whenever it drops? Don't fight the truth. Embrace it.
    • david
      dude the game video has been out for like years man. of course after so long it'll have that many views. give it some time and the 50 video will catch up and probably have more views in the long run.
  • Not Rich And Still Trying
    It just takes a whack nigga like you.
  • perspective
    50 cent is like a 35 year old qb who doesnt know that some things that got you where ur at now probably wont work later in your career...by the time ur 10 years in the league u grow in your profession..yet he tries and tries to hit the deep ball everytime even though its gonna get picked off and still chucks it up year after year..theres no growth to his music or lyrics ..but now adays hes so busy he doesnt have time like he did when he wasnt '50 cent'..well never get another GR ive accepted that after i heard curtis and his 100 other business ventures.. no hate get that money its just as far as raps concerned 50 cents pretty done
  • cody bradshaw
    to say that if it werent for emenim he wouldnt be nobody is a lie.this nigga had every major label and indie trying to sign him and g unit when they came out.u must not remember those mixtapes.plus emenim is the owner of shady records who he is signed to.isnt a boss supposed to put their employees in the best situations to succeed for the company?if 50 wins then em winning.
    • Anonymous
      but without eminem and dr dre, GRODT wouldnt have been the album that it was (the album that propelled 50 to superstardom)
  • Anonymous
    50! Stop being lazy and go back in there and give it 24 bars too!
  • Slick
    50 gotta chill with the pop features like adam and christ brow, atleast Emimen is lyricist and jeezy is grimey as fuck
  • Anonymous
    same old 50 tryin to use em to hype his album
  • no shit..
    especially when the persons track it is raps like hes still on a 4th grade vocabulary..
  • Anonymous
    Sad how Curtis still needs Em to make his latest flop seem like a major event.
    • anonymous
      25 milion views on youtube?doesnt looks like flop
    • Anonymous
      they dont get it. 50 is bigger than rap he is an international superstar. a household name. your mommas all know who the kid 50 cent is but i bet they never heard of william roberts unless they're hoodrats.
  • Anonymous
  • 101
    If it wasn't for em this nigger wouldn't be where he is now
    • Anonymous
      Pretty fucking much.
    • Chi-Ill
      If it wasn't for your mom NOT swallowing that ONE night, you wouldn't have been born! Go home and thank mama for not being a dirty whore that night
    • Anonymous
      And you took that special moment out of your whitey way to come say something about a n*gga. Applause to you.