Chief Keef Sued By Middle Schooler Over Child Support

posted Monday January 21 ,2013 at 02:24PM CST | 34 comments

Chief Keef Sued By Middle Schooler Over Child Support

Chief Keef could face more legal problems over an Illinois law that bars anyone younger than 17 years old from engaging in intercourse.

Though he's currently incarcerated for violating his probation, Chief Keef is facing even more legal problems.

According to TMZ, a middle schooler has sued Keef for child support after conceiving a baby daughter. Filing petition in Chicago, Illinois, the young girl does not state her age in the report but says that she currently attends a middle school in the city, meaning that she was at most in 8th grade when she had the child.

Keef, who is being sued for an undisclosed amount of child support that includes health insurance and other medical expenses, could be in trouble with the State since it is considered a misdemeanor for two people under the age of 17 to have intercourse. People between 9 and 17 who engage in a sexual act commit what is called "criminal sexual abuse."

Keef could face a maximum sentence of one year in jail, though it is unlikely since those types of cases are never prosecuted. The only reason he would go before a judge would be if the girl's parents press charges.

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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Comments 34 Posts

  • Big Dan
    While the girl does need prenatal care that CK should be paying for, its crazy that now they don't even wait for the baby to be born before suing for money. I don't think a judge is going to order sticking a long need to get the baby's DNA, so how does she (or whoever is behind her, since she can't do it on her own legally) plan on proving paternity? CK, the baby might not be yours, but I;m sure you must have slept with her for her to do this. WRAP IT UP FROM NOW ON. Congrats on your first baby mama by 18. I'm sure its not a record, but your ghettoness is beyond crazy son. do oyourself a favor and don't make more unitl you get married. I am sure the last thing you want is a kid, even if you plan on being a d*#& head and completely turning your back. This is not a good way to start the year. Getting knocked, then now this. You have the opportunity to live a good life. Don't eff yourself out of it.
    • truth
      Yes Big Dan, from now on, when he plans on gettin it on with a middle schooler & possibly pre-teenage girl, he needs to wrap it up.
  • Coolin
    -_- Really this Bitch Jus want his money all yall jus 2 damn blind 2 see it lik where was she when he aint have shit o now he got money she comes up Fuck outta here
    • Anonymous
      Do you know Keef or this broad personally? DO YOU KNOW THEM? stfu
  • Chief Snort
    Lyin baby mamas, I DONT LIKE!
  • mike
    This nigga's a fool... He deserves to be kicked out of hip hop till he gets it together...
  • Anonymous
    as chief keefs baby, I need money nigga!
  • KnowEverything
    Worst rapper I have ever seen. FUCK Chief
  • fuck Keef
    i see he's taking after his fellow Chi-town denizen R. Kelly, lol.
  • Life
    KEEF IF YOUR READING THIS..YOUR FUCKIN STUPID NIGGA! hahaha YOUR AN IDIOT..whoever listen to his garbage ass music..KYS lol bang bang..
  • Vigil
    This... kid... is... DONE.
  • Anonymous
    You can't sue a minor for child support, even if he's rich. They'll just end up taking the baby from you ...
    • Judge Dredd
  • dentaldamboy
    This is a non-story. Dude was like 16 and fucked a 13 year old girl. When Jay-Z, Pusha-T, Common and Dream were 16, they were all having sex with other men.
  • Anonymous
    He finna put his baby in the desert like French Goanna.
    • Anonymous
      hahaha damn.
  • That guy
    These bitches be lying lmao. Who remember that 16 year old girl that claimed her and lil wayne had something going on like two years ago? These hoes just be wanting some money. I like keef, he's stupid tho, but I dont think hes stupid enough to fuck a little ass girl.
    • Really?
      What about his life decisions thus far makes you feel he's not dumb enough to smash a underage female? I think this clown might be legally retarded. *waits for the "he makes more money than you one-liners*
  • Anonymous
    Good luck getting any money outta him.
  • He needs
    Just be put in jail for life. For supporting an atmosphere of ill repute. Honestly. Kids are more in gangs, shooting more people, and having sex younger than ever. And he's helping promote it. Im a young dude But COME ON.
    • MELLO
      yea ur right he is bad influence
    • pip-pip
      I do say he visits bawdy houses of ill repute, an upstanding sir simply cannot have it! tally ho.
  • stardeasia
    chief keef is my husband and i bet that aint even his baby so yeah she need to fall back...way back
    • Beazy89
      If you claiming keef as your husband you already failed at life you gutter hoe
  • JJ
    lol he fucked a middle schooler
    • Anonymous
      He was just in middle school himself 3 years ago, so stop reaching.
    • Anonymous
      must have a little p p messing with 7th and 8th graders, but they are his fanbase. LOOOSSSEEERR
  • LucasO11
    Yea good luck wit that law Mr. Governor
  • Anonymous
    This fuckin kid needs to go away already.
    • Anonymous
      this guy should no procreate...
  • Anonymous
    Babies having babies. At least they got the homo rates to keep this baby boom in check son.
  • The Victorious B.O.I.
    • awill
      Women my own age, those the type of n____s that I don't like!
    • T
      yeah cause I'm sure you're a real class act that all the women ( I mean CHILDREN ) want you ha .. Instead of saying you like them " yung " / you should say that you like them immature & clueless because there isn't any intelligent women that will get wit yo triflin azz fo reelz ..