Honey Cocaine Responds To Backlash From Freddy E.'s Suicide

posted Thursday January 10 ,2013 at 11:30AM CST | 90 comments

Honey Cocaine Responds To Backlash From Freddy E.'s Suicide

After receiving negative feedback in the aftermath of Freddy E.'s suicide, rapper Honey Cocaine clarifies that she and Freddy were just friends.

In the immediate hours following rapper and Internet personality, Freddy E.’s suicide on Saturday, January 5, fans took to various social media sites blaming fellow rapper Honey Cocaine. Prior to his untimely death, Freddy E. sent out a series of cryptic Twitter messages about being heartbroken, being called by God and putting a gun to his head.

“I reacted in a way that I shouldn’t have and wasn’t proud of,” Honey Cocaine told MTV’s Rob Markman in an exclusive report. She originally responded with some tweets of her own assuming Freddy E. was either perpetrating or the victim of a hoax. “Of course I deleted my tweets, of course. It shouldn’t be there. The guy is gone, and that’s my friend.”

Hours later, the Kings County, Washington Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Freddy E. was dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gun wound. Honey Cocaine tweeted screen shots of encouraging text messages she shared with Freddy E, but she was still inundated with tweets blaming her for Freddy’s suicide.

“I just want people to know that we were just friends, and we did everything for each other as friends,” Honey added. “I just feel like he couldn’t handle his problems anymore, and this is someone who had real, deep issues within him, and I didn’t know, I guess his friends didn’t know…I guess he made himself seem happy, but he was really just holding everything inside.”

People with suicidal thoughts, or those that know someone in danger of taking their own life are encouraged to take advantage of resources such as SuicideIsPreventable.org or HalfOfUs.com.

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Comments 90 Posts

  • magmatic123
    she fucked around on him mislead um then put him out there as a bitch after she spent him... yeah she's real, real at being a bitch
  • er
    So nigga got friend zoned and off'd himself?!
  • Anonymous
    the bible saye's when u take your own life you go straight to hell.
    • Ur Lost
      God can have mercy on anyone's soul.
    • Anonymous
      there is no god
  • Anonymous
    rip freddy e gone but never forgotten
    • Anonymous
      no one knows who he is he famous for offing himself after some lame twitter posts better believe he will be forgotten by next week
  • Anonymous
    i blame u dumb azz bitch u now damn well u could of done something lying ass hoe
    • leah james
      it's not her fault he did this. he's a grown man. he made his own choices and decisions.
    • Ur Lost
      how do you know she's responsible?
    • Anonymous
      its not her fault she just wanted to be friends when a bitch puts you in the friend zone its time to move on to the next one
    • Anonymous
      was she supposed to fuck him and pretend she loves him so his emotional frail ass doesnt cut his wrists?
  • Anonymous
    dumb a'f
  • polo hova
    go tell your friends on twitter you cant rap hoe
  • polo hova
    no rappin ass bitch
  • polo hova
    made that man kill hisself ugly ass hoe
  • Damn
    he killed him self over a bitch no love loss only a coward and fool can take there life over something so juvanile and the fact that people are blaming her is stupid if i were her id tell them all to get fucked
  • sam snead
    That's rough to off yourself over a bitch, over 50% of of marriages end in divorce these days and thats when you get married in the first place. Don't ever let a bitch determine your value in life. They come and go and once in awhile you fall for one, an attractive woman that you have lots in common with, that seems like your best friend and after awhile she becomes trife and got you all crazy inside, that's what bitches do. He would have done better with a mail-order bride anyways, we all know where most of the sexy and good women are anyways....in other countries, where women have values, respect for themselves and men, and morals.
    • jack johnson
      u better recognize
    • sam snead
      she looks like a mail order bride anyways, if he would have just went with one of those he would probably be happy and alive.
    • Illmatical
    • Ur Lost
      how do you not know the devil didn't persuade him to do it. He does exist whether or not you believe in it or not.
  • GBtha G
    social media iz pollution.a bitch.
  • ColaCoca
    Bitch is pure garbage.
    • Anonymous
      dont hate
  • Anonymous
    I dont care is she fucked his father and sent him a video of it, it still wouldnt be her fault he killed himself. People stab you in the back all the time, that's life, if you cant handle that maybe you are better off dead because the world is full of untrustworthy people. You have to have a certain amount of emotional detachment and expect things like that. Just worry about yourself, that's the only thing in life you can control, everything else take with a grain of salt.
    • sam snead
  • Heavy Chevy
    Yeah, her name is stupid. It ain't her fault dude killed himself. It's the darkest decision a person can make and one they choose soley on their own. I had a friend put a plastic bag around his head and kill himself a year-and-a-half ago. That nigga had an infant son and a grown son and a wife and stepkids and parents and friends. But he made that eternal choice and I feel bad for all those who were hurt by his death. But it was a decision he chose to make - blaming other people is faulty becuz we all got shitheads in our lives.
    Best press this no name fuck will ever get.
    • Anonymous
      no name? if he was a no name, then why would they make an article about his death? ignorant piece of shit...its also sad that this sad story will get more press then youll ever get in your entire life...grow up buddy and remember, karmas a bitch and the further you get in life, the harder it gets
    • anon
      He's talking about the chick, dumbass.
    • Bronx
      no i think the dude who committed suicide is the no name.cuz i have no idea who the fuck he is. Honey Cocaine however is very dope and she is well known.
    • TruthHurts
      Suicide is a sad situation, but with that being said, both of these people were nobody's. I haven't ever heard of either of them, and the name 'honey cocaine' is so friggin dumb. wtf is a 'honey cocaine'!? Had this dude not killed himself, I can guarantee that 99% of the people on this site would never had heard of either of them
    • Anonymous
      he got more publicity after offing himself after emo twitter posts then he got in his whole life
  • Anonymous
    who is this bitch again?...
    • dontsuckthedeadsdick
      since you cant read. HONEY COCAINE!!! H-O-N-E-Y*SPACE*C-O-C-A-I-N-E more like who the fuck is Freddy E.?
  • acedawon
    You cant blame this PRETTY girl for his death. she didn't put the gun to his head. Suicide means you choose to take your own life. Its sad but its the truth. I guess if she off's her self then we can blame those who blame her cause they made her feel guilty. smh but R.I.P to him.
  • Anonymous
    damn i didnt know this bitch was fine as hell
    • Anonymous
      who gives a fuk? dude killed his self and u talking about u didn't know she was fine ctfo