50 Cent Says G-Unit Reunion Possible & Confirms "Street King Immortal" Release Date

posted Wednesday January 09 ,2013 at 11:05PM CST | 145 comments

50 Cent Says G-Unit Reunion Possible & Confirms

50 Cent says he could get back in the studio with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

Over the past couple of years, 50 Cent has stated repeatedly in interviews that he and other original G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have become distant, often stating that their work ethic left much to be desired.

Despite this, hope for a G-Unit reunion is not lost.

"People grow in different directions," 50 Cent said in an interview with Billboard.biz. "[They] have different agendas about things they want to do and they're sorting themselves out in that way and I'm focused on things that are important to me right now, but there's a strong possibility there will be a G-Unit [collaboration] with the three of us. But right now, I'm focused on my solo project."

During the interview, 50 also confirmed that his next album, Street King Immortal, will hit stores February 26. The album, which has suffered numerous delays, will be his first since 2009, a fact he blamed on the audit process that arose from the project being his last on his current Interscope contract. "I kinda got writer's block until I got paid," he stated.

50 added that the project will have 13-14 tracks, and that he's recorded over 70 for it.

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Comments 145 Posts

  • Anonymous
    It would depend because of the power structure of G-Unit. 50 would have come in first. But differences aside, it would be dope.
  • Anonymous
    "50 sold more records in 1 year than ross has his entire career" That's cause he had heavy backing. If 50 came out today he'd be nickel and diming it too.
  • Anonymous
    50 is done
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous: 13-14 tracks wtf?? uve had like 3 years off bitch just hope its better than the last 2 bs albums u put out cutis and bisd my ass
  • Got Rich And Stopped Trying
    Need I say more??? 50 is a GOAT, period. He ain't gotta do shit anymore.
  • Anonymous
    "just look at buck's last album buck the world, it was off the chain, beats was tight and rhymes was flowin" It was off the chain and in a garbage can. Worst follow up ever.
    • REALHIPHOP1984
      LOL look at all of Game's albums they've all suckd except for The Documentary which 50 wrote half the album for that Gay Male Stripper hahaha that dude got his ass rejected on change of heart probably cause the girl new he really liked dudes...U haters kill me dickridin all these cornballs in todays rap game (Officer Ricky, Game, Lil Wayne) todays generation of fans are sum fags 4real wearin them wrangler lookin skinny jeans, Hip Hop deffinately has gone from Gangster to Wankster hahaha
  • tony y.a.y.o.
    i take it up the ass niggaz, if you wanna holla just page me. i let all my niggaz in the back door. but i know banks and 50 aint gay they pistol whip me if i talk about it. rick ro$$ be suckin me off right now bitches. love to my niggaz and queens love yayo xoxoxoxoxo
    • Rick Ro$$
      BOSS!!! I be sucking your little cock all day. Maybach Music Baby!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo love you too yayo
  • Anonymous
    "how many platinum records does that crew have?" I'd rather go gold than wood like Banks did last time out.
    • hatin ass faggot
      you would like wood you bitch made nigga! banks be a top mc dawg, just wack ass beats and shit producers hinder his career. just look at buck's last album buck the world, shit was off the chain, beats was tight and rhymes was flowin. fuck you hater yayo is a faggot though, hate that ass kissin nigga
  • Anonymous
    "when 50 still sells more records then Rozay" 50 hasn't had an album in stores in a long minute. Add up Ross's two last albums, and two MMG, and he's easily selling more. Plus a million selling single.
  • Anonymous
    "kendrick lamar sold more in 2 months than rick ross has sold in 2 years!" Does KL have 4 million albums sold to date? I didn't think so. Calm yourself down.
    • Anonymous
      50 sold more records in 1 year than ross has his entire career
  • Anonymous
    If 50's album came out today with My Life & Major Distribution as the singles how much would you expect him to sell
    • Anonymous
      75,000 first week
  • Anonymous
    How are 50's singles doing chart & radio play wise
  • Anonymous
    I dont get why he wont put 20 tracks on it if he recorded 70. Give the fans more material!
    • Milehighkid303
      You cats OBVIOUSLY don't understand INTERSCOPE dictates that not him....HENCE why he WANTS out of there.....ERRRRRRR!!!
    • thisis50
      I would rather have a solid 14 track album instead of a watered down 20 track album. What was the last 20 track album that you liked all the way through? (not including an album with skits/interludes)
  • Anonymous
    50 needs to sit down with Game man to man. Buck was never trying to leave because we all heard the phone call, 50 just kicked him out. buck would be down today if 50 gave the green light
    • thisis50
      I agree 100%. a "REAL" G Unit album has the chance to be monumental 50 Game Buck Banks Yayo.... well they do not really need yayo but you could throw him in on a chorus or 2.
  • Anonymous
    I thought he was talking about Young Buck. smh Fuck these niggas, yall was already working together and nobody is going to be missing that shit anytime soon!!! "NIGGAS BE FAKE BREAKING UP JUST TO GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! SMH" HAHAHAHA SIMP-UNIT
  • Ricky Rozay
    Rozay already ended all these niggas careers. 50 just need to release that album to prove his career is over when that shit go triple wood. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      kendrick lamar sold more in 2 months than rick ross has sold in 2 years!
    • Anonymous
      and actually, Game killed 'em with 300 barz. Ross just gets punked by street gangs, Not even Gucci mane backed out of gang theats in jeezy's city
    • dunk
      nicca is you serious?? rozay didnt end shit??bahahaha u dumb fuck.. that fat ass fake ass mother fuckaz gonna go down by his own stupidity, ripping off the real rick ross identity! oh and fuck yayo and banks, game and young buck were the best in g unit.
    • Hip Hop please
      You trolls keep on yelling this for years now, Sooo...after his abum drops, guys like you should shut their mouths Period
    • Big Bang Theory
      How the hell did Rozay end 50 when 50 still sells more records then Rozay
  • Your Name*
    who gives a shit Eminem shits on every rapper dead or alive and thats all that really matters, cant listen to none of this other fake shit
    • Anonymous
      typical Eminem fan comment
    • Big Bang Theory
      Most fans of Eminem are nerds. Dude have been putting out corny music for i don't know how long. Ima say the Eminem show was his last hot album. Recovery was decent but to many corny pop shit. And these geeks still think Eminem got it. Can't wait til he release his next album talking about how he is a priest now. He still nice but its like grow up already. That "hi kids do you like violence, do you want me to stick 9 inch nails in my eye lids," been played out.
    • Big Bang Theory
      No actually its not played out you nerds like that shit. But you can't get in the conversation of top 5 greatest of all time spitting that corny shit. And lets be real, Royce pretty much bodied Em on ever track on "Bad meets Evil."
    • Anonymous
      very true, but u need to kinda grow up
    • Anonymous
      Big Bang Theory: No actually its not played out you nerds like that shit. But you can't get in the conversation of top 5 greatest of all time spitting that corny shit. And lets be real, Royce pretty much bodied Em on ever track on "Bad meets Evil." lol its the other way round every other time though ... clown