The Weeknd's "Trilogy" Certified Platinum

posted Thursday May 23 ,2013 at 01:13PM CDT | 57 comments

The Weeknd's

UPDATE: The Weeknd scores a platinum plaque for "Trilogy."

The Weeknd has earned gold certification for his retail debut Trilogy.

According to a press release, the Canadian crooner has surpassed the 500,000 sales mark since dropping on November 13th. The three-CD set featured his breakout mixtapes - House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence - that were mixed and mastered for the first time, as well as a handful of new tunes.

Additionally, The Weeknd took to Twitter to reveal that a brand new, all-original album, posting a picture of two folders labeled "2013 untitled album" and "2013 art work."

Check the picture below. 


(January 7)

Last November, singer The Weeknd released the retail compilation of his previously-free projects. As Trilogy, the 30-song collection included 2011's House Of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes Of Silence, all previously self-released digital free albums. The songs were re-mastered, compiled and enhanced with three new songs by the Toronto, Ontario native.

Today, Universal Republic Records announced that Trilogy has been certified platinum, just over six months since it's November 7, 2012 release. The album featured involvement by Clams Casino, Juicy J and longtime affiliate Drake.

At present, The Weeknd is at work on Kiss Land, his first studio album since signing with Universal Republic. Last week, he released a song of the same name.

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  • Anonymous
    Shout out to Abel, fuck Drizzy. XO, it's just us #nogayfriends
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  • Frikin Nerds
    hiphop fans think every other music except hiphop sucks broden your horizon nerds
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    Who buys this boring shit?
    • Dolo
      I know right. Dude flat out sucks as a singer. And how is it platinum when it say he sold 500.000 copies? Makes no sense.
    • lol
      Get a couple q-tips, clean out your ears, and LISTEN.
  • Your Father
    Selling multiple CDs in one package = more work ethic which is why each CD counts as a sale. In the words of Thugnificant " QUITE HATIN AND GET MONEY"
  • GUESS WHAT... You're NOT in the industry!
    Funny how people talk like they know the industry. BE a fan or don't be and move on.
  • The REAL YOU
    FACT: The Weeknd's "trash music" has made him more money than any "genius" thing most will remotely accomplished. Bottom line trash or not... being a fake "The Dream" or not... this man's artistic expression has earned him a quality of life that 99.9% of the people commenting could ever fathom. Shot out to any artist that gets anyone to invest in their art. RESPECT THE HUSTLE!
    • Anonymous
      too bad hes probably gonna OD on drugs or slit his wrists when his girlfriend leaves him for a real nigga
    • Big Guwop the realest
      a real nigga like guwop
  • Continetal
    him miguel and the dream should do a collab album if they did it would do at least 300k the first week not to mention the amount of grammys it would win
  • Hip Hop Fan
    Since his release was three separate cd's it counts as three every time his album sold. So technically that platinum status is really around 334,000 sold so far.
  • Anonymous
    most of pac's posthumous albums + all eyez were double cd so his sales had an unfair advantage really. Em would have surpassed his albums sales much sooner when you think about it.
  • Anonymous
    Double cd's count as double the sales and triple cd's count as triple the sales. same happened with all eyez on me and life after death and outkast. double cd's divide by 2, and triple cd's divide by three. congrats either way but very misleading.
  • epitome1986
    he was certified platinum in the states, but not for selling 1 million, nor 500. he sold about 334,000 for a triple disc set to go platinum.
  • Mr. No
    It was certified platinum in Canada? Who cares about Canada, they're nothing but America's hat. I'm surprised those people over there even have internet.
    • Hip Hop Fan
      You do realize that Canada has a better standard of living than America right. Better check up on facts before making dumb remarks
    • Mr. YES
      Co sign.
  • xxjm9999
  • Anonymous
    this dude is trash who the fuck listens to this gabrage?
    • Anonymous
      you can't even spell garbage.. get some education
    • Anonymous
      you know damn well that was a typo. he had all the right letters there
    • HAHAHA
      ^^A spelling error is a spelling error. Quit defending that shit.
  • So Icy Boi!
    the Weekend and Frank Ocean are gay. for real. ral niggaz dont give a fuck about deze fag ass niggaz. wanna hear hard muzik? my naswer is 8 letters YMCMB MMG. where da real art is. swag
    • Burmy
      Yet Drake has collaboed with The Weeknd on NUMEROUS occasions...your response?
    • Anonymous
      wayne kissed more men then both of them
  • Truthspeak
    Fuck this dumbass Ethiopian/Etritrean piece of shit. Go back to Mogadishu and sing your gay ass songs about poppin molly there.
    • Kyle
      Mogadishu is in Somalia you bellend
  • Anonymous
    I didn't buy this shit. In fact I already had the "album" in my library before it was even announced.
  • ...?
    A. Certified platinum in Canada B. Every one sold equals 3 sold = Cheap Plaque.
    • Hip Hop Fan
      Certified platinum in America, but its been stated before its really at 334,000 copies sold. One cd counts as 3 because its a triple cd. But the amazing this is this cd was originally given away as single mixtapes and they repackaged it as an album and it still sold 334,000 so far.
  • OUCH!
    This is such a fraud thing to do. people struggle to get a gold certificate and cause the 1 sale counts as 3 albums these mother fuckers are platinum. Even tho they nice with it its still such a disgrace for the industry
  • Anonymous
    going platinum aint hard if you put out a 3-disc album. Maybe officer Ricky should do a 5-Disc album and finally get that platinum record
  • Anonymous
    I like Weeknd but that album was three mixtapes just slapped together. Cant wait for the new album tho.
  • Anonymous
    He deserves it to be fair
  • C Murda
    Rich off a mixtape, got rich off a mixtape... ahhhh! - my nigga drizzy REAL ARTISTS SELL RECORDS, get it through your underground, fucked up, illogical heads.
  • Anonymous
    ricky ross needs to get up on this scam! if he put out a 4 disc album he might actually go platinum!